As a club, our priority is to provide our members with classes which are excellent value for money. We always invite you to pay for the first ‘trial’ class to check it is suitable and you find it enjoyable. If you choose to continue, enrolment information will be sent to you via email soon after your class.

Our classes operate all year round, only taking a break over the Easter, Christmas and New Year Period.

Any closures are taken into account for our monthly fees:

Pricing (all classes)1 Hour Class1.5 Hour Class
Trial Class Fee£8.00£11.00
Pay-Per-Class Fee£8.50£11.50
Monthly Fee (per month)£33.75£47.25

Please use our Contact Form if you would like to book and pay for any one of our classes.

The ‘Pay-Per-Class Fee’ is subject to our PAYG Policy.

Star Membership1 Hour Class1.5 Hour Class
Sibling or Multi-Class Discount£30.38 pm
(10% discount,
saving £40.44 a year)
£42.53 pm
(10% discount,
saving £56.64 a year)
Sibling & Multi-Class Discount£27.00 pm
(10% discount,
£81.00 saving per year)
(10% discount,
£113.49 saving per year)

10% discount (per month, per sibling). Applicable to ALL siblings eligible (STAR members ONLY)

10% discount (per month, per class). Applicable to ALL classes attended.

Elite Gymnastics Class: 2 hour session of top level training
If it is your ONLY gymnastics class£67.50 (per month)
If it is an ADDITIONAL gymnastics class £54.00 (per month)

An automatic 20% discount has been applied. Please note: the ‘Elite’ classes are invite-only.

Parties Prices: (Guideline) 
Trampolining£140 per hourIncludes: 1 x coach
Gymnastics£175 per hourIncludes: 2 x coaches
Combined Gymnastics and Trampoline £220 per hourIncludes: 2 x gymnastics coaches and 1 x trampoline coach

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*STAR Members get 10% discount!*