Enrol With Monthly Subscriptions

To reserve your place in Springfit classes we operate an automated monthly subscription service.

Subscriptions are managed via Worldpay who are the UK leader in payment services and all transactions are processed via their secure online portal. Springfit does not have access to your payment details.

Payments will run on the date you sign up, or we can help keep the place until a specific date in the month convenient to you if you need them to run on a particular date.

The fees will cover classes for one month from the date the subscription runs. IE a payment made on 2nd January will cover classes from 2nd February to 1st March. A payment made on 16th August will cover classes from 16th August to 15th September and so forth.

Our tuition fees are calculated to take into account closures throughout the year so you pay the same amount each month to guarantee your place on an ongoing basis. It is not on a per-class basis. The fees hold your place in class, regardless of attendance. The option to catch up missed classes is offered for those who upgrade from our standard membership (at no additional cost) to STAR Membership

Your monthly tuition fees are guaranteed to remain the same for a minimum period of one year from September and remain the same regardless of the number of classes each month. For example, you pay the same if there are five classes in a given month, or three.

Initial Payment

When you first enrol, the initial payment covers classes for one month from the date that you sign up, plus a fixed £20.00 administrative fee which covers the cost of enrolment plus provides a courtesy period for holding the place in class should there be a problem with the payment (ie a lost, stolen or re-issued debit card). This is all detailed in the enrolment procedure and the payment terms at the bottom of this page.

You will receive an email from Worldpay each month confirming payments have been successfully processed.

For details on costs please see www.springfit.org/prices.

For payment Terms & Conditions please see www.springfit.org/payment-terms

For details on planned closure dates please see www.springfit.org/club-calendar

For details on upgrading to “STAR Membership” please see www.springfit.org/membership