Did you know Springfit provide Gymnastics and Trampoline birthday parties?

You can enjoy structured games and activities in trampolining, gymnastics, or both! Available at all our venues, using the equipment available.


Gymnastics: Two enthusiastic and fun coaches are provided to guide children from 4yrs and up. Choose from various activities and equipment which differs across venues, but can include the trapeze, trampette, beam, vaulting, parachute, air track, rope swing, floor skills with obstacles, supervised free time and more!

Trampoline: Maximum  numbers depend on how many trampolines are available, with 3 at Oakwood in Horley and 2 at all other venues. We suggest five per trampoline to ensure they get enough time bouncing.

 Choose from games for younger children, including the “Tuck-jump Challenge” (team game where individuals perform the most amount of tuck jumps they can on a mat in one minute),  Parachute (draped over the apparatus provides sensory and fun bouncing experience), “Crack the egg” (where children hold onto their toes and get bounced), Bouncing musical statues and “The train” (where children sit in a line on the trampoline and get bounced).

Or for older children, including Dodgeball (a favourite individual one-on-one game where children perform seat-landings, avoiding soft balls on the trampoline), Bean-bag grab challenge (who can pluck the most amount of bean bags from the air following one seat-drop), Balloon-popping (using seat landings), “Back-bounce challenge” and more….!

The birthday girl/boy often chooses what games to do.

Our most popular parties are the combined gymnastics and trampoline sessions, typically for 20/30 children (depending on trampolines). This includes hire of the whole hall with 3 coaches (2 gym, 1 trampoline).

Parties are available at all venues. At Oakwood we host parties on Saturdays from 2:30pm or Sundays from 12:30pm, after our regular classes.

To book, please contact the Springfit office on 0203 478 0203 or Contact Us or more information and prices.

Simply provide your preferred venue, date, time and duration and well as how many guests you would like to bring, and we will do the rest!