Children of all ages and abilities are invited to enter our regular fun and friendly recreational trampoline competitions which take place three times a year in March, July and November. For future competition dates, please see our Club Calendar page.

Competitions are open to anyone in a recreational class who trains for no longer than four hours a week to make it a fair and balanced competition. Please get in touch before applying if you train for longer.

We recommend that those aged six and up, currently on Grade 6 or above of the Springfit Syllabus will have the minimum skills requirement (front landing) to take part.


Our next trampoline competition is on Sunday 6th November 2022.

It will be held in the Sports Hall at Moor House School, Oxted from approximately 2pm to 6pm

Start times and running orders will be confirmed via email one week before the event and the live scores button below will be activated shortly before the event.

The deadline for entries is Friday 28th October 2022 or when we receive 60 entrants, whichever is sooner. We are unable to accept late entries. Payments are non-refundable.

Please scroll down for the full venue address and more information.




What to wear:

The Judges need to be able to see the correct form when assessing skills, so the clothing worn can really help with this!

Leotards are best and we have these available through our online store. You can also wear your own! If you aren’t comfortable in a Leotard, we recommend a t-shirt and shorts that aren’t baggy. Plain colours will be better, such as plain white or plain black.

Socks must be worn when competing. Trampoline shoes are also acceptable!

*** We appreciate leotards can be expensive and have pleasure in offering an affordable alternative for Springfit members. Please click here for details.***


The price is £18.00 per participant for individual routines. £25.00 if doing a synchro routine as well. Payments are to be made online only and are non-refundable.

Spectators are welcome to come along and support you! The charge is £2 per person for adults and £1 for children, payable at the door, and cannot be made in advance.


We provide two 77a (schools size) trampolines, one with a 2-string bed and another with 13mm bed, plus one Continental competition-size trampoline with a 6mm bed. Competitors are able to choose which trampoline they would like to do their warm-up on and also which one they would like to compete on.


Entering the Competition:

Individual entry grades range from Level I (recommended for those on grades 6-8 of the Springfit proficiency awards) to Level D (hardest).

Two routines will be performed and the scores added together to provide the final score.
Grades I and H are in “set, repeat” formats, where the same compulsory routine is repeated.
Grades G to D have a choice of either Set 1 or Set 2 compulsory routine, followed by a 10-contact voluntary routine that can be created by the performer in conjunction with their coach. The Voluntary routine can be a repeat of the set routine if desired. If a different routine is chosen, the tariff (difficulty score) must be at least equal to the set routine (see below for tariff information).

In grades G to D, the tariff will be added to the two routine scores.

All voluntary routines must be provided in writing, along with the tariff scores, to the judges before the start of the competition. Doing a voluntary routine? CLICK HERE to download our guide to creating a voluntary routine and information on tariffing.

A synchronised section is also available where a 10 contact routine is performed with a partner who must be eligible to compete at the same level. If there is a difference in level between two performers wishing to do a synchro routine, the higher grade must be chosen.


Want to know what grade to compete at?

The simplest thing you can do? Speak to your Head Coach about which level they believe you should enter at. You can choose which level you would like to enter and should practice that routine in classes before entering.

If you win a Gold medal at your level (excluding level D) and there are more than three in the category, you MUST move up to the next level when you compete next time.

If there are lots of people entering for one particular level it will be further split into suitable age categories.

Previous results and scores can be viewed and downloaded from our competition results page HERE.


More information:

Warm-ups will take place 15 mins prior to the start of the competition rounds.

The competitions really are a fun day with a great atmosphere. There are medal presentations at the end of each round, and every competitor gets a certificate of achievement to take home.

On many occasions, a professional photographer will be there offering the chance for parents to take home a memento of their child’s day.

If we receive four or more entries from adults, we will make an adults section.

Adult and Synchro sections will be marked on form and synchronisation only (not difficulty).

In categories with fewer than 5 competitors, there may be fewer podium placings for fairness and a minimum score of 14.0 must be achieved to earn a winners medal.

Those who win Gold medals are required to compete at the next grade up in any future competitions. Exceptions can be made if there is only one person in a category.

Judges score deductions as follows:
Faults:                               0.1 to 0.5
Final landing fault:             0.1 to 1.0   Click here for further details.
Extra bounces or moves:  0.1 for Level I, 0.2 for Level H. Level G and above: FIG rules.

All routines are ten moves long and begin when the first skill is completed. Competitors are allowed an “out-bounce” at the end without further deduction, to bring the final landing under control.

Venue: Sports hall at Moor House School, Mill Lane, Hurst Green, Oxted RH8 9AQ 

If you are not sure at which level you should enter or need help with voluntary routines, please ask your coach for advice.

If you have any further questions or for more information please contact Springfit Head Office.