Our Philosophy…

At Springfit we encourage you to work at your own pace. Providing equal opportunities for all participants to enjoy classes without prejudice or belittlement, we operate with a full code of ethics and welfare officers. Rewarding those who show promise and progress with awards and medals throughout the year. For those who do wish to compete, we are able to train gymnasts up to a high level, and hold regular competitions against other local clubs in your local area.

We encourage the competitive spirit but only secondary to enjoying yourself and being safe. Members are encouraged to create their own trampoline routines and gymnastic floor routines, with guidance from coaches. The freedom to express yourself artistically on our equipment is a valuable part of development and learning, and coaches work with those who like to perform, to inspire others and help them strive to expand their knowledge and application of the sport. Using elements from other activities such as Judo, free-running/parkour, aerobics, dance and even playground games(!) helps to create a fun environment for all members, with a clear focus on developing their gymnastic abilities.

Our classes run ALL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, stopping only for the week between Christmas and New Year and over the Easter Weekend.

We aim to provide classes at the most reasonable cost possible and provide the best value for money, with a team of enthusiastic and motivated coaches. See what our members think on our Reviews page.

During school holidays we provide extra classes available to book individually or in bulk for a chance to try out classes for the first time or do extra sessions!

We even run parties!

Contact us to join the Springfit experience, and enjoy the many benefits of gymnastics and trampolining.


Discover where the Springfit story began…


Due to growing popularity of the activities offered, venues in Redhill and Crawley opened, delivering 35 classes a week.


As gymnasts grew up and became coaches, the Club expanded to operate classes at the Jubilee Centre in East Grinstead


We developed a tailor-made syllabus offering visible progress through badges and coaching awards for those who want to teach. Giving people the opportunity to run their own Club was the next logical step for evolving the successful Springfit formula.


Springfit Academy was launched to provide training for teachers and coaches.


Springfit became a Franchised organisation, starting its first Franchised Club at Copthorne Parish Hub.


At the start of its second decade, Springfit was running 89 classes per week, with 1200 regular members.

Club Director Adam has his sights set high: “We are always delighted to hear how our classes have benefited so many people and it inspires us to provide more. By offering a fun learning environment to enrich people’s lives we can help every generation achieve wonderful things. We are very excited for what’s to come”