I absolutely loved the classes, I was saying to the instructors when I went how welcoming they made us feel and catered exactly to our levels and abilities with regressions and progressions to all the moves. I had some pretty bad experiences at another adult gymnastics session where they are not interested if you are not amazing at back flips or cannot do a full round off handspring!! I went to the Springfit class and had a brilliant time. Nailed my handstands and even did a somersault last night!!

Tamara C – 5 *****

Both of my boys participated in trampolining and more recently Parkour for many years and learnt a lot over the time they attended. We are very thankful to all of the Springfit staff for the time they have spent training them in classes. It is a very successful Club and I’m sure will be even more popular in future.

Rob E.

Francesca is lovely and friendly and great with the children. She is very good at showing them what they need to do and helping them individually when needed. Thomas always responds well to Francesca and will do as she shows him.

Parents of Thomas – 5*****

Thomas has hugely enjoyed the Springfit classes. I am very grateful for the time he spent with the club, and feel it kept his fitness up and pushed his boundaries in what he felt capable of doing. Thank you!

Parents of Thomas – 5*****
My son is Autistic and the staff have been absolutely brilliant with him. They were all so helpful and kind and we never felt like we were being rushed.
Parents of Sammy – 5*****

Since we have had Dani as a coach, Poppy has made such wonderful progress. She is such a positive person and always tries to come up with a way to help the child. She ALWAYS pays attention to what the children are doing and is tireless in her formative feedback. Such a wonderful lady.

Parents of Poppy 5*****
The classes we have attended have been excellent and the coaches are great at getting the kids moving, especially Laura and Plamen who clearly really “get” kids.
Parents of Penny – 5*****

This is Milo’s first ever sporty group/lessons he has been to. He is quite shy and usually struggles with joining in with group activities so I was a little bit worried at first about how he would get on. But Springfit has really helped his confidence massively (in and outside of gymnastics) and I have been so impressed with how the coaches find time to work with Milo and really encourage him to join in! That alone has made Milo love and feel more confident about coming to gymnastics each week. He is like a different boy in his class and I love watching him enjoy himself and learn new things. I’m so glad we chose these classes – well done Springfit!

Parents of Milo – 5*****

He has been with Springfit since October 2013 when he started a trampoline class.  He moved on from that to Parkour in January 2015 and has loved it.

Parents of Matthew – 5*****

Krystal has been greatly benefiting from gymnastics and she has truly enjoyed herself. You are all creating such warm and positive atmosphere that a child is so willing and eager to participate in your classes. Krystal’s self esteem and confidence have improved and she has developed a strong spirit ethic with your support. I wish for all all the best. Trainers Steve and Plamen are great and Krystal will miss them.

Parents of Krystal – 5*****

I am very happy at the progress made by both my girls. They really enjoy their classes and I feel they are continuously being developed.

Parents of Darcey and Florence – 5*****

Five stars for Springfit!

We are still quite new to SpringFit, but it is something Zia looks forward to every week! It’s given her such confidence in her physical abilities, in such a short period of time, and the coaches are so kind and friendly. Never expected to as pleased with a class as I am – you all exceed my expectations, every week! Thank you for all that you do!


Parent of Zia G – 5*****

Ten out of ten. Very impressed by the commitment and care the team show towards members of the class. They are very patient and understanding – always appear keen to show and encourage different skills. My son loves coming on Wednesdays and thinks the whole team are brilliant. Thank you for providing these opportunities to have safe active fun.

Parent of William – 5 *****

Thank you for all that your team have done with the boys, they thoroughly enjoy the classes & make great progress in terms of developing the fundamentals of balance, coordination & strength. Your coaches were all brilliant with the little ones & Sharley in particular is a real asset to the squad. 

Parent of William and Ethan R – 5 *****

Both my kids enjoy their gymnastics very much, Springfit have got very lovely coaches

Parent of Tomiris – 5 *****

Laura is an excellent trampolining coach. She keeps Thomas engaged and on track and gets involved to help him know what he needs to do.

Parent of Thomas – 5*****

Teagan really likes the classes and finds it fun to do. In regards to Covid, everything feels safe and well thought out. It is great to be able to return to classes.!

Parent of Teagan A – 5*****

The Freestyle session has continuously improved since we started. All the coaches have been very good and pro active with all the kids and you can see the kids love that kind of interaction with them. The layout is also good with the equipment providing a choice of things they can do. Thank you all the staff for doing a good job.

Parent of Steven – 5 *****

The girls are all absolutely brilliant with the children and Lucy absolutely LOVES Funfit! Springfit is an excellent organisation. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Parent of Lucy E – 5 *****

Everyone we met on our first day at Springfit were amazing! The coaches were very patient with my five year-old, and used various techniques to help her overcome her shyness of the new environment. Coaches kept popping over to reassure her that there was nothing to worry about, and everyone was so kind and patient and I can’t thank them enough. Children need to be shown how to do everything at this age. I was so impressed to see Chris was actually doing hand stands and cartwheel demonstrations for the class. In seeing this I trusted him, and joined Springfit to find out that’s how all your coaches teach your classes! Georgie was demonstrating on the trampoline and Chris and Ella were actually doing gymnastics, wow! This give children clear instruction as well as something to aspire to be able to do. Finally the energy was great, Shannon and her little sister loved the music in the background and I have searched high and low for a good, fun but structured club and now think I have found it!

Parent of Shannon G – 5 *****

My daughter has loved every minute at Springfit Gymnastics, the coaches are amazing and she has had so much fun. She really has loved it and learnt lots too. It’s a great club.

Parent of Scarlett, 5*****

Scarlett has grown in confidence since starting Georgie’s class. I never thought I’d see the day she would want to enter competitions. Georgie is a fabulous coach, she handles everyone’s individual needs perfectly. I’m thrilled my daughter loves Springfit, her class and the coaching team so much.
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Parent of Scarlett – 5*****

“I have been very impressed with the standard of the coaches. They are wonderful with the kids and also hold high expectations of behaviour and discipline, as well as teaching in what seems to be a very knowledgeable and competent way.”

Parent of Sazzy – 5*****

All the coaching staff have supported Sam and helped him to develop to the high level he has reached. You have a very dedicated and welcoming team, who focus on the individual making sessions fun and challenging. Many thanks for your help with classes over the past 2 1/2 years, you have been very accommodating.

Parent of Sam B – 5 *****

The parents sit-in session recently was fantastic ! Everyone was on task, engaged and active all the time. It was a pleasure to see. So a big ‘Thank you’ to the instructors. Both Sam and Joe are still loving their gymnastics and look forward to going each week. Long may it continue!!!

Parent of Sam and Joseph M – 5 *****

Sarah is very friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic and has a great way with the kids.


Parent of Rhys M – 5*****

My daughter has been attending Springfit classes for over two years and started when she was just 2 years old. She was such an active toddler, I thought if she was going to roll around and jump I’d like her to learn how to do so correctly! The staff at the club are very good with the young ones and help each child to achieve their own best. She absolutely loved the Funfit classes with half the class trampolining and the other half working on gymnastic skills and I think this made a noticeable difference to her physical development. Her balance, strength and co-ordination was much improved and her independence and listening got better too. After working steadily through the Grades she chose to carry on with Gymnastics classes and was recently proud to be chosen for a progress medal. She really enjoys attending each week and has come a long way in the time since she’s been attending.

Parent of Rhia O- 5 *****

Both my girls absolutely love the lessons and get so much out of it, the best physical activity class we ever signed them on!! Its managed and run very well and all we have is positive experiences.

Parent of Rebecca and Isabelle O- 5 *****

Since we have had Dani as a coach, Poppy has made such wonderful progress. She is such a positive person and always tries to come up with a way to help the child. She ALWAYS pays attention to what the children are doing and is tireless in her formative feedback. Such a wonderful lady.

Parent of Poppy

I would just like to say how impressed I am with all the coaches, including those that cover classes. We find, even with their different teaching techniques, they are all friendly, supportive and bring the best out of all the children participating.


Parent of Phoebe P – 5*****

The coaches at the class my son attends are absolutely wonderful. My son loves it. The gymnastics class is really helping his coordination and general ability to listen to and interpret instructions. Both the coaches and I can see definite and significant improvement to his achievement, and as a result to his overall self-esteem. I can’t express fully how exhilarated Patrick was to receive hands-on help to manoeuvre his body into the right position for a few times until he gets the hang of it. It was such a confidence boost for him. The coaches are so upbeat and relaxed, Patrick always enjoys attending classes. I know Patrick will continue to benefit from his class and perhaps most importantly that he will continue to have a great deal of fun there.

Parent of Patrick H – 5 *****

The coach has been absolutly brilliant with Owen and has helped him to push through even when he thought he would never be able to do a particular move.”


Parent Of Owen J

The class is fantastic value for money, the instructors are excellent with the little ones. Strict but fair and kind. The class is constant which is paramount with two lively boys. There is very little or no waiting around time for children to get bored. 5 stars all round.

Parent of Oliver W- 5 *****

I was really impressed with how my son got on and how helpful everyone is. Thank you for making a 5 year old very happy!! In Oliver’s words: “That was totally awesome!” He had a big cheesy grin for the whole hour and asked me in the car if we could drive back from holiday so he could go next week! So I think he liked it 😉

Parent of Oliver W – 5 *****

Niamh absolutely adores her gymnastics. The coaches have built up a fantastic relationship with her and are fully aware of her strengths and areas for development. I am hugely impressed with how well the class is differentiated by both age and ability and how everyone is seen as an individual. I have complete trust in Georgie, Danni and Katie and would like to thank them for their continued and relentless enthusiasm and commitment

Parent of Niamh L- 5 *****

We are very happy with the service and the staff. This is Molly’s favourite club and she always looks forward to your classes on Tuesdays, I hope you are able to open more centres soon. 

Parent of Molly N – 5 *****

Its been great to have Alex back, Matilda thinks she is wonderful and cant wait to go trampolining every week

Parent of Matilda – 5*****

Maisie loves her class and her coaches. She feels very comfortable with them. They are very encouraging and Maisie learns every week. They push her without pushing too much, keeping it fun as a 4-year-old likes. Keep up the good work and we will keep making the one-hour round trip.”


Parent of Maisie M -4

Best Gym Club Ever!  She has gained so much confidence and we think that your set up is amazing and all the staff are friendly, professional and dedicated.

Parent of Madison M – 5*****

My daughter loves to see progress and awarding badges really helps so she can visually see she is doing well. The trampoline coach has a natural way with my daughter and really takes the time to teach Madison. Madison really has started to listen and take on board what she is being taught and needs to learn and at home. She is striving to reach these goals in order to show her coach the following week. Visually seeing she is achieving moves for skills she has been practicing has helped hugely. The coaches are very patient with all the children and bring the fun element into the class and I can’t praise them enough.

Parent of Madison J -5 *****

Gymnastics is very good for Maddie both physically and socially, and she thoroughly enjoys her time at Springfit. Both myself and Maddie have always found the staff exceptional, I would absolutely recommend Springfit and have a younger daughter who at some time in the future will be joining.

Parent of Maddie A – 5 *****

The girls are all absolutely brilliant with the children and Lucy absolutely LOVES funfit! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Parent of Lucy S – 5 *****
The Funfit class is fantastic with brilliant coaches. Lucy loves going and looks forward to it every week.”


Parent of Lucy L

Lucia says ‘I love going to my class at Springfit on a Tuesday evening! The teachers are very friendly and encouraging and I feel as if I am learning a lot from them. I really enjoyed the competition too in Horley. It was very motivating to get the chance to compete against other gymnasts and everything was so well organized.’ We are very happy to see that Lucia is so happy with her lessons and appreciate all the encouragement she is getting from your coaches who do a great job. A very important positive is that you provide an excellent ratio of coach to pupil. In Lucia’s last session there were four coaches for around 16-18 gymnasts. This allows for a lot of individual attention and help. We were also extremely impressed with the whole organization of the competition. Everybody seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

Parent of Lucia OR – 5 *****

Management at the club are very efficient and we are very happy with the way Springfit operates. Louis enjoys classes so very much. The coaches are professional and enthusiastic.

Parent of Louis – 5 *****

Lily loves gymnastics and is very dedicated. I think all that the club has done for her is fantastic and we have become a true advocate for Springfit.

Parent of Lily E- 5 *****

The children both really enjoy the class and I can see great improvement in their agility and confidence. Thank you!

Parent of Leon & Tabitha A – 5 *****

My kids love these sessions!


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Parent of Laura B – 5*****

My child has such a good time every week and has a lot more confidence now.  He has learnt a lot in the short time he has been there thanks to all the coaches. Everyone gives so much to each lesson and I’m sure my son will be going for a long time to come. 

Parent of Joshua P – 5 *****

The Freestyle classes are the greatest thing my child has ever done. We have noticed a significant improvement in his general confidence, and doing the activities has really helped his cricket training too! We are hoping to get all the family involved and I will certainly be investigating the adult classes to try and get on board with this most beneficial sport.

Parent of Joshua – 5 *****

Five stars for Springfit!

My daughter enjoys every gymnastic session. Helen, the main coach is amazing: friendly and professional.  Her team is fantastic and they make sure all gymnasts practise moves correctly and get enough attention. Sessions are structured but fun!
Good venue too as it is easy to park.
Springfit customer service is outstanding, very fast replies and nothing is a problem.


Parent of Jessica R – 5*****

Jazmine has thoroughly enjoyed her time with Sharley and the team at the Jubilee Centre and I have great thanks for all they have taught her and the fun times she had with them and the rest of the class.

Parent of Jazmine H- 5 *****

My son has been going to trampolining classes for 3 years now, and he has never not wanted to go! He really loves the class, and it is a good way for him to keep active without even realising it. The instructors are fantastic, very patient and make the classes really fun. They are very knowledgeable and safety is always a priority. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending the club to anyone.

Parent of Jason R– 5 *****

Jack also does Trampoline with Katie who we love to bits she is fantastic with the class.

Parent of Jack – 5*****

Harry is a talented footballer but I really believe a lot of his general fitness, flexibility and stamina has come from his gymnastics at Springfit and the class has helped him excel in other sports. 

Parent of Harry E- 5 *****

George has been thoroughly enjoying his trampolining sessions and I’ve been really impressed with how well he has followed instructions given his age. I think trampolining is very good for him

Parent of George B- 5 *****

Super friendly and excellent coaching staff, perfect focus on ‘just have fun but learn too’, very very good service on the telephone when booking / changing classes, and overall a great experience for our daughter. Well done !!

Parent of Evie – 5*****

My daughter is having fun and progressing well so she is happy 🙂

Parent of Evangeline N – 5*****

Alex is so good with the children, and Ethan thoroughly enjoyed his trampolining competition. I will recommend this class to Ethans friends and family.

Parent of Ethan K- 5 *****

I was only talking about the classes to another parent this morning. We were saying how professional the classes were – very fun and well run. All of the staff are friendly and enthusiastic and Erin loves going to her class

Parent of Erin L – 5 *****

I think it is a very professional and well run club, with enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors. Emily has learnt stacks from Springfit

Parent of Emily M – 5 *****

The highlight of my youngest daughter’s half term was joining in her sister’s Funfit class! Hannah and Monty absolutely LOVE funfit and are big fans of Ella and Georgie too, who are just fabulous! They are both brilliant coaches and super with the children. Hannah has learnt so much already and is very proud of her badges

Parent of Emily & Hannah C – 5 *****

“Elsie really enjoys her Funfit classes. The coaches are brilliant both in gymnastics and on the trampolines.” 


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Parent of Elsie I

Elliott absolutely loves the Funfit classes, his confidence has really grown. All the staff are very friendly and enthusiastic.

Parent of Elliott H – 5*****

Great staff. I work within the fitness industry as a Pilates teacher, and for kids especially, the coaching interaction for children is so often ‘monosyllabic’. Ella is loving her trampolining sessions with Sharley. So encouraging and motivating at a kids level! You guys really have it sussed from beginning to end, it’s so inspiring to see!

Parent of Ella G – 5 *****

Dexter seems to do really well with the trampolining side of things and managed to complete his grade 6 last week with much praise and encouragement, which is fantastic. We also noticed how they were progressing and are delighted that they are happy, with good memories of their time there with many badges and certificates to prove how they have benefited and enjoyed the past 8 months with you all at Funfit.
I have nothing but praise for what you offer and would like to say a huge huge thank you the office staff and all of the Funfit coaching team; Stacey, Ashleigh, Alex, Danni, Emily, Lucy, and everyone else that have helped both Dexter and Darcie achieve what they have so far. This won’t be the last you will see of us and will be in touch in due course with regards to the summer sessions.

Parent of Dexter & Darcie A – 5 *****

Connor enjoys the classes. They are very well organised and the coaches do an excellent job.

Parent of Connor A- 5 *****

Colbie has progressed hugely from where she started (not even wanting to stand on the trampoline!), and with the encouragement from Sharley and Ashleigh she’s gone past our expectations. Her strength from the floor work and ability to balance has grown a lot – her physio told us gymnastics would help, and Springfit was the perfect choice for her. We are very grateful for every bit of help and encouragement the coaches have shown to Colbie over the year. It has not gone unnoticed. I would not hesitate to recommend Springfit for any parent of a hypermobile child to see an obvious improvement in their confidence and abilities.

Parent of Colbie P – 5 *****

Charlotte only started the class a few weeks ago so it’s still very early days for her but she is absolutely loving it and I’m extremely happy with how well she’s doing in the class.

Parent of Charlotte O – 5 *****

Springfit is great value for money, all the staff are wonderful with the children and encourage them all to try new things, and are so encouraging and full of praise when they achieve something for the first time, but don’t put the children under pressure to try things that they can’t or don’t want to do. The fact that the club has some structure encourages listening and turn taking, without them realising, and in a very fun way. All the children are so proud of themselves when they receive certificates and badges when they achieve certain competencies, and love getting the stickers at the end of each session. I feel that this is the best activity club that I have taken my daughter to, both in value for money and fun, it has improved her listening skills and has increased her confidence, and allows her to jump around in a safe and fun environment, In short she loves it!!!!
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Parent of Caitlin M – 5 *****

“Thank you to the coaches who are always very patient, understanding and kind to the children.”


 Parent of Autumn K

All the coaches are excellent and have great attitudes for working with children. Each lesson is great for the child’s physically development. The environment you provide is well equipped and safe. We have certainly bragged about it to friends. My 7 year old boy particularly likes the air track. It’s his favourite!!

Parent of Anraaj & Kishan – 5 *****

My daughter Anna has only been coming to classes for a few weeks but I have been really impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of all the coaches. So much so that my older daughter wants to join!


Parent of Anna S – 5*****

My daughter has only been going for a few weeks and already loves her gymnastics class. All the coaches have been fantastic and have really helped to build my daughters confidence and master some gymnastics moves. Thank you.

Parent of Amy W- 5*****

The Coaches are very friendly and approachable. Very encouraging yet firm with the children. Communication with club is excellent and queries and issues are responded to promptly. Springfit also ran the best birthday party we have ever had for any if our 3 children. My kids love Springfit and look forward to their classes . They have both made excellent progress this year and for Alfie in particular it has been brilliant for raising his self esteem. Thank you!

Parent of Alfie and Harry S – 5 *****

“Thank you for your help and a big thank you to all the team, Alex loved every minute of his classes, he made friends and is very proud of all of his achievements. The coaches are amazing!”

Parent of Alex – 5*****

Fantastic and enthusiastic coaches where every child is valued regardless of ability.

Parent of Aimee and Megan M – 5 *****

Just to say how much Abigail loves coming thank you Spring fit! X

Parent of Abigail S – 5*****

Thank you very much for all the fun and activity you and the other Funfit coaches have given Abigail since she joined you in October 2009. She has really, really enjoyed the classes and I know her confidence and self-esteem have benefited from all the certificates and badges which are displayed on her bedroom wall! I am certain we will be back for another long-term course of classes or for some of your holiday sessions. I think your club is great and I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone!

Parent of Abigail F – 5 *****

As you know, she has really, really enjoyed her many years with Springfit and, as a child who is not keen on ball sports, it has given her a way of getting some fantastic exercise while having fun. She has developed a fantastic, healthy muscle mass and she has done better than I think she ever imagined and she has had a terrific time. We were utterly gobsmacked the first time we saw Abi take part in a competition. I think she was only about eight and only on badge seven, but she was been able to overcome any nerves and do her best on competition day. She has repeated that time and again and I am sure the confidence she has taken from this has helped her excel at drama (something she is now doing with huge enthusiasm at the Archway Theatre, with the West End as her target!). Down the years I have recommended Springfit to many people and I will continue to do so. The coaches have, without exception, been marvellous and it has been a particular pleasure to see Sharley go from being a shy, young teenager acting as an assistant coach at Funfit to a confident and excellent senior coach

Parent of Abigail F – 5 *****

Both my girls are really enjoying the Monday sessions and the care and attention from your two instructors. I am very happy with all aspects of the club. I was particularly impressed when the club contacted me as places had become available for my children. Adam was able to answer all my questions and he made my decision to join very easy. The club also provides good communication and has an easy and efficient method for paying each term’s fees.

Parent of Abigail and Suzanna H – 5 *****

Coach Laura has been brilliant with Abbie and her concerns over the competition. She acted very professionally, patient and friendly and made Abbie so much more confident in giving it a go. Abbie loves gym and I think her passion for it would have wavered slightly had it not been for all the coaches she has who have pushed her to her potential and made the classes fun. They are very enthusiastic in all the classes she has and as she doesn’t go to school with any of the other children this has helped give her confidence within the class.

Parent of Abbie J – 5 *****

My young daughter absolutely loved her first trampolining session tonight!

She was a little apprehensive at first, but watching her I could see that she was comfortable with and engaged well with Alan. I could see real improvement in her technique even in the one session she had with him. Please pass on my thanks.

Mother of Evalyn

I love my class and enjoy progressing each week. I find the coaching staff motivating and kind in their approach. Everything I’ve come across with Springfit has been professional and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Mags M – 5 *****
“Thanks so much for the competition on Sunday! I was really impressed with how efficiently it ran and how quickly you got through all the routines and vaults.
Your kind words of encouragement really helps her confidence. She was a bit sad to not win a medal but I reminded her there were lots of positives to take away – she achieved a new vault and learnt lots of new skills on floor! She loved seeing her backward roll to handstand in the YouTube video as she only mastered that a few days before the competition. She also choreographed her whole routine by herself this year and worked really hard with the little ones in the class she volunteers in, helping them to learn their routines too. She is working on her confidence and to believe in herself a bit more thanks to all that Springfit does for her 🙂

Kerry parent of Sophie D

I can’t praise Springfit highly enough, their trampolining is the only form of exercise I look forward to doing. All the staff I have been in contact with are very friendly and enthusiastic. I have just convinced my husband to try the class as well!

Katie – 5 *****

I joined Springfit after the only trampoline club for adults in my home town (Brighton) stopped. I have been very impressed how Springfit have made it possible for people of any age or ability get into gymnastics or trampolining. I have learnt a lot in the classes and it’s a great to enjoy keeping fit so much. I only had Adam as a coach for one class and he was excellent. Sharley runs most of my classes and she is very friendly and professional.

Joanne D – 5 *****

My current coach is brilliant and I have also been coached occasionally by two others who were both excellent too. Coming back to trampolining after a 20 year break has been one of the best things I have ever done, and the quality of coaching and club atmosphere have contributed enormously. Thank you!

Jennie M – 5 *****

I can’t speak highly enough about the way the club is run. All the coaches I’ve had have been brilliant and I thoroughly enjoy everything I’ve done in both gymnastics and trampolining. I’ve definitely fallen in love with the sport and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Springfit to anyone who wants to try gymnastics.

Helen – 5 *****

I have been to numerous gymnastics classes both as a child and as an adult, and also used to teach sports acro myself many years ago. Helen and her teams coaching and ideas for progression to teach certain moves is the best I have ever experienced, I have learnt more in the few months with Helen than I have done in years at other clubs. Thanks you to everyone for making exercise fun and for supporting my mid life crisis and my ambition to be a back flipping 40 year old 😉

Hazel S – 5 *****

I joined Springfit wanting to do the splits. I quickly learnt that age and flexibility do not go well together, but with experienced and dynamic coaching and a wide range of equipment, I have moved well beyond my original expectations. If it weren’t for the complete trust I had in the two inspiring and impressive coaches, Sean and David (my personal perfect coaching combo!) – who somehow believe on your behalf that you can achieve great things – I would not have been able to push my personal limits and try. Thank you also to Adam whose vision to keep the adult gymnastics alive and make it fun has provided a social outlet and a distraction from our busy lives. As with any journey, you start from your beginning, find encouragement along the way and gain and grow from the shared experience. It’s been AMAZING!

Caroline S.

Grateful member awards coaches!

Just writing to let you know that Lucienne absolutely adores her trampolining and looks forward to attending lessons every week.   Her coaches have been amazing and very patient.
Lucienne has mild cerebral palsy and finds it difficult with any form of physical activity, but since attending her lessons there has been a noticeable difference to her physical development. Her balance strength and co-ordination has much improved.
We are truly grateful of the lessons she receives and the fantastic coaches.

Dr and Mrs Middleditch

We enjoy excellent feedback and advice from coaches, an excellent level of challenge and support in class as well as fun and varied activities and warm ups

Amy – 5 *****