At Springfit we value each and every one of our members, on this page we have made accessible all our current policies which are reviewed and updated annually so that we can provide the best service possible.

Established in 2007, Springfit is a sports activity provider, primarily in the areas of Gymnastics and Trampolining, that is dedicated to providing an inclusive, recreational and progressive experience.

We are passionate about developing the skills of everyone in their chosen sport, no matter their ability, background or age. Our classes start from age 2 and run all the way up to adults. 

It is our belief that a focus on fun and play is by far the best setting for enthusiastic learning. When learning skills in class, our members progress through our bespoke curriculums, and through Head Coach assessments can achieve grades and are awarded certificates. Parents and members can view their progress through an online portal to see exactly what has been taught and achieved in class.

We acknowledge the competitive spirit found in many sports but only as secondary to enjoying yourself and being safe. Members are encouraged to create their own trampoline routines and gymnastic floor routines with guidance from coaches. The freedom to express yourself artistically on our equipment is a valuable part of development and learning, and coaches work with those who like to perform, to inspire others and help them strive to expand their knowledge and application of the sport.

For those who do wish to compete, we are able to train gymnasts up to a high level, and hold regular internal competitions between Springfit Clubs.

Our recent developments in Franchising has led us to a point where we are able to provide a career pathway in Coaching from Volunteer and Assistant Coaches to Head Coaches, then ultimately to Club Managers owning their own Franchised Springfit business. We want talented coaches with the drive to succeed to thrive in their sports and get as many people involved in sport as possible!