Introducing Springfit Online!

Springfit Online is a Facebook Group for members which provides a collection of useful resources including pictures and videos of fitness exercises, skills, tips, conditioning, workouts, drills, games, craft activities and other related training content. LIVE interactive Zoom sessions and watch-along classes which can be viewed back at your convenience are hosted regularly, allowing members to show us what you are doing from home when it is not possible to attend classes in person.

Our aim is to keep all of our Springfit family active, healthy and engaged!

Who is it for?


Existing members can access this service for FREE as part of their ongoing class subscription. Simply by provide your member ID number when you request to join the group. We will verify you have a current subscription and approve your request.

**Please remember to answer the joining questions so we can check your membership and approve you promptly**


It is also possible to join Springfit Online if you not a member. Great for those on our waiting lists, previous members and people who want to enjoy gymnastics and trampoline content from far and wide around the world. To become a Springfit Online Member you will need to:

  1. Provide contact details (link 1, below). We will create your account and let you know your unique member number.
  2. Set up a £10 per month subscription (link 2, below)
  3. Request to Join the Group (link above). We will verify your account and subscription then approve your request.

How does it work?

Our team of professionally qualified coaches provide regular content including warm up and stretch routines, individual skills with coaching points, demonstrations and tips for improving technique so you can practise safely at home. We will also have quizzes, games and other FUN content!

There are two main areas of the group; “Discussion” and “Units”.

Posts in the “Discussion” area are categorised into different “topics” which include entertaining videos to inspire, relevant links to educate and even challenges for parents! Search for the topic relevant to your level or needs.

The “Units” are defined by your class type (eg beginners gymnastics, advanced gymnastics, trampolining). Here we provide specialist educational content for members to learn and try skills on the Springfit syllabus at home. 

We encourage you to upload videos and comments in response to our posts, showing us the skills you are practising and you will get individual feedback from our expert staff to help improve your technique or provide further skills you can work on to aid progress.

We are even able to update assessments for class-based subscription members, so progress can be logged and you can continue to achieve proficiency awards, even if you can’t make it to class.

Please create or log into your Home Portal account to see what skills members are currently working on in class.

What’s the cost?

To those who already have a monthly subscription for any of our regular in-person classes, the extra content is FREE.

For those who wish to have an online-only subscription, the cost is £10 per month.

It is possible to change your existing class-based membership to online content only. To arrange this, or if you are a new or previous member who would like to join this service, please contact our office team.

What are the benefits?

We believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to protecting against obesity, mental health issues and other adverse effects when people are not fit and active. By providing access to the knowledge and training of our professional coaches, we can ensure everyone benefits from this!

Our Facebook Group allows the sports of gymnastics and trampolining to be accessible to a wider geographical audience at a more affordable cost than in-class lessons. The content is convenient as people can access it at your convenience. Providing online content for Springfit members helps keep athletes positive, focused and connected to teammates and coaches.

Why should I attend classes at Springfit then?

Sport and physical exercise is far more suited to a dedicated and appropriate environment. Interacting with full equipment (ie trapeze/bars) and utilising expert facilities (ie safety matting) can’t be experienced online.
The culture and social aspect is part of the learning environment and builds character and personality through overcoming challenge. Plus, there is no replacement for personal human interaction!
Expert analysis is easier and better provided in person, in 3D. Video quality can vary. Coaches provide hands-on value, reacting to small nuances of movement and teaching dynamic inverted skills. Coach enthusiasm, integrity, professionalism and empathy are key elements for learning when applied on an individual level.

What else will you be doing?

We will be hosting regular live video sessions for members to join, in two different formats. Interactive Zoom sessions allow personal feedback from qualified coaches and follow-along workouts to help build flexibility and strength will be posted live, with the ability to watch back at your convenience. We respond to member feedback to tailor the experience to your needs, so please complete our surveys to let us know what activities are most beneficial! We have lots of other developments planned for this group. Do share the group link with any Springfit members you know!