Springfit Club Activity and Events Terms

Please carefully read the terms below by which you/your child participate in our classes.


Last Updated – 14/12/2022


  1. You confirm that the participant is fit and healthy and is able to take part in the activities provided. Should this change you will inform the Club. 
  2. You consider the participant capable of following the instructions of all teaching staff and will abide by the participants responsibility policies detailed at springfit.org/policies.
  3. You have provided the Club with all relevant medical details and in the event of illness/injury you consent for staff to administer suitable treatment, as required.
  4. You understand that as with any sport there is an element of risk involved and while you accept coaches/staff will take precautions and accidents, you accept that coaches/staff may not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to the participant or their belongings.
  5. You understand that Springfit Classes have a no photography policy, anyone taking photographs without expressed permission from the Club will be asked to delete them immediately.
  6. You understand that at Public Events (including but not limited to, fetes, displays and competitions) photographs and video may be taken.
  7. You understand that Springfit will not accept verbal abuse or violent behaviour, anyone found to be acting in this manner can be asked to leave immediately and may not be permitted to return.

Medical Exemptions

All participants, members, parents and guardians confirm that they understand that those with the following medical conditions are unfortunately unable to take part in classes at Springfit.

This is due to the nature of the activities offered and the dangers/risks specific to those with the following:

  • Detaching Retina
  • Rodded Backs/Spinal Rods
  • Brittle Bones
  • Pregnancy
  • Downs Syndrome (risk of atlanto-axial instability – AAI)
  • Achondroplasia (and other forms of Dwarfism)