How to stay safe on garden trampoline

Garden trampolines are a great way for children to get fit and get some fresh air. If you are considering buying a trampoline for your children to use at home, it is really important that you consider the safety aspects.
There are many ways that you can make sure your garden trampoline is as safe as possible:

Trampoline Enclosures

Most trampolines on the market can be fitted with a tent or enclosure, which helps give you peace of mind that your children are safe while having fun.
Not only do enclosed trampolines provide a safe experience for young trampoline users, but they also aid those who may be inexperienced on the devices. After all jumping up and down at great heights is not for everyone, and it’s perfectly natural to be nervous at first. They also prevent jumpers from accidentally bouncing off the trampoline or hurting themselves through an ‘enthusiastic dismount.’

Trampoline Skirts

As the name suggests – it’s a wrap around material that covers the legs of the trampoline. The jumping mats of each size of trampoline vary in height off the ground; most can be as low as 18 inches or as high as 36 inches. If you look at the 36 inch (approx 914cm) high ones, most children up to the age of 4 are less than this in height. It can be a temptation for them to toddle under the trampoline set and an older brother or sister bouncing on the trampoline could easily impact the little one by accident. Dogs the size of a labrador could be looking for shade on a hot sunny day under the trampoline and would be in similar danger. Neither a toddler nor a pet would have the danger awareness needed to avoid the situation.
Peace of mind for the parents can easily be achieved through the purchase of a safety skirt. It’s an easy to install item and most of them come with inbuilt shoe pockets. These can be used to keep shoes out of the mud on a wet day or a useful place to store a wallet or phone while you are bouncing. If you keep the trampoline in the same place all the time, grass will grow patchily underneath and a skirt can also hide its unsightly nature.

Trampoline Location

To ensure safe usage of a trampoline, it is also important that trampolines are placed on a safe and level part of your garden, clear from trees, hedges, fences, washing lines, poles or other equipment. There should be ideally 2.5metres around the trampoline allocated as a ‘safe fall zone’, which is kept clear just in case your child does fall off the trampoline.
You should place your trampoline on a soft, energy absorbing ground – never on a hard surface such as concrete or hard packed mud.

Have lessons

Trampolining lessons help children make the most out of the trampoline, teaching them how to bounce safely, as well as having fun and maybe even learning to take part in competitions. Most towns and cities have trampoline clubs, often associated with the local school. Trampolining in a club is a great way to keep fit and learn the sport from professional instructors that are normally British Gymnastics qualified. The clubs have all the necessary trampoline safety and learning equipment for children to really let themselves loose on the trampoline and release their full Trampolining potential. For a full list of clubs visit

And Finally…

– Only 1 person should be on the trampoline at the any time
– Tie down your trampoline with an anchor kit
– Buy safety pads to ensure no one is injured by the springs, hooks or frame
– Have fun!

This article was supplied by Atlantic Trampolines, a leading UK supplier of trampolines and trampoline accessories.