Floor and Vault Competition.

Springfit are delighted to welcome gymnasts from all our venues and other local clubs and classes to compete in our fun and friendly Floor and Vault gymnastics competitions held in November every year. For future competition dates, please see our Club Calendar page.

Information about forthcoming competitions will appear here six weeks prior to the next event.

Our next floor and vault competition is on SUNDAY 17TH NOVEMBER 2019. 

The event is open to recreational level gymnasts of all abilities and experience aged 6 and above. You can enter at any one of eight different ability based floor routine grades and choose two vault passes to perform.



LIVE SCORES for Floor & Vault Gymnastics Competition on 17th November 2019


Where is the competition: It will be held in the Sports Hall at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley RH6 9AE running from 12:30pm to approximately 5:30m. Individual start times will be confirmed via email and final programme published prior to the event.

Grade 1-3 competitors are likely to start at 12:30pm, with grades 4-6 starting around 3:00pm. This is subject to change dependent on entries received, so please only use this as a guide at this point. Warm up’s will take place around 20 mins prior to the start of the competition rounds.

What to wear: Girls – Club leotard is preferable, though any leotard is ok. Black or matching fitted shorts may also be worn if desired with bare feet. Boys – Club T-shirt  or plain white t-shirt and black or white P.E. shorts. Bare feet.

*** We appreciate leotards can be expensive and have pleasure in offering an affordable alternative for Springfit members. Please click here for details.***

Entry Fee: £14.00 and you must do both floor and vault (scores will be added together to achieve final score). This includes a certificate of achievement for taking part and medals for the first three placings. Please note: Payments are non-refundable, and the closing date is 8th November 2019 or when we receive 100 entries – whichever is first.

Spectators are welcome. We charge £2 per person for adults and £1 for children, payable on the door, not in advance. This helps us be able to fund the event.

Floor Routine – will consist of 10 elements comprising forward, backward and sideways
moves, jumps and balances. You are invited to compete at any one of eight different grades. Please speak to your coach for advice about which grade is most suitable to enter at, but as a guide we recommend:
Grade 1 for those on grades 2-4 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 2 for those on grades 4-6 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 3 for those on grades 6-7 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 4 for those on grades 7-9 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 5 for those on grades 9-11 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 6 for those on grades 10-12 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 7 for those on grades 12-14 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)
Grade 8 for those on grades 13-15 of the Springfit syllabus (or equivalent)

Please note: Springfit competitions are for gymnasts who train up to 3.5 hours per week only.

FLOOR SIZE: 7m x 8m approx. Non-sprung.

Grade 1: Moves must be performed in the specified order, in a straight line with NO MUSIC
Grades 2-8: Moves can be chosen in any order. TIME LIMIT: 1½ minutes. MUSIC: optional (no lyrics)

Where many people enter for one particular level it will be further split into suitable age categories.

Vault: Two of the following to be performed on the horse/box broadways:

Grades 1-3:
Squat on straight jump off   – Tariff 8.00
Squat through                      – Tariff 9.00
Grades 4-5:
Squat through                      – Tariff 9.00
Straddle over                       – Tariff 9.00
Grades 6-8:
Handspring                          – Tariff 10.00
Handspring ½ off                 – Tariff 11.00
Handspring full off               – Tariff 12.00

Box Heights: Grades 1 to 3 (born 2012 and later) – 3 HIGH (75cm), Grades 1 to 3 (born 2011 and earlier) – 4 HIGH (100cm), Grades 4 to 6 (born 2012 and later) – 4 HIGH (100cm), Grades 4 to 8 (born 2011 and earlier) – full 125cm high.

The vaulting horse/box is the ‘layered’ type with several sections making a solid box with suede top.

Two vault attempts are allowed. The best score will be chosen and the other score discarded. Gymnasts can choose which skill is performed right up until the moment they are due to perform (it can be changed at the last minute).

Gymnasts should not attempt too difficult a vault as the deductions for poor execution will more than outweigh the higher tariff.

Vault heights can be adjusted but incur a 0.2 point deduction if lowered. There is no deduction if the vault is made higher.

Other information:

All clubs or organisations competing are required to provide one official per five participants who may be required to help with judging, refreshments, spotting, marshalling, registration or other important aspects of running the event. If you wish to submit a bulk entry of more than five gymnasts, please contact the office using the details at the top of this page to arrange this.

If any parents or adults are available to help out by providing a support role at the event, please get in touch and we should be able waive the entry fee for your child in return for your help.

For further information on judging criteria please contact us and we would be happy to advise.

The competitions are designed to be a fun day with a great atmosphere. There are medal presentations at the end of each round, and every competitor gets a certificate of achievement to take home.

On many occasions a professional photographer will be there offering the chance for parents to take home a memento of their child’s day.

Those who win Gold medals are required to compete at the next grade up in any future competitions. Exceptions can be made if there is only one person in a category.

Previous results and scores can be viewed and downloaded from our competition results page HERE.