Days for Kids

We happily welcomed the brand new website along to our Saturday 9am Funfit class at Hazelwick School, Crawley. The founder brought her daughter along to try out the class and wasn’t disappointed! There is a lovely blog post on the Days for Kids website about our class explaining what happened in the class, her daughters

Eloise Saunders Wins Fay Greene Trophy

The Fay Greene Trophy is given out every year to the member whom coaches believe has made exceptional progress throughout the year. The member will have shown an outstanding level of dedication to their classes and have a great relationship with both coaches and their fellow gymnasts.   This years deserved winner is 10 year

Children’s Mental Health Week

This week, 4th- 10th February, is Children’s Mental Health Week.   Mental Health in children is a topic which is frightfully overlooked in society. Children’s mental health week aims to change this by creating awareness surrounding mental health in schools and children’s organisations.   Here at Springfit we strive to have every child leaving our

Elite Class Trophy Winner Emily Dobb

We would like to congratulate Emily Dobb on winning our Elite Class Trophy. This is a trophy awarded to a member of our elite class whom the coaches believe has performed outstandingly throughout the last year, displaying determination and great progress. This year’s winner, Emily Dobb, certainly fits this description. Emily’s head coach, Plamen, had

Progress Medals December 2018

Congratulations to all of our Progress Medal winners! Twice a year Springfit host displays to showcase the amazing talent that children have within our classes. Parents are invited to stay and watch these displays to see what their children have been learning in class. At the end of each session, a ‘progress medal’ is rewarded

Prevent Injuries in Gymnastics Training

Each year, over 86,000 gymnastics-related injuries are seen and treated by medical professionals. The sport, being inherently very strenuous (yet equally rewarding) carries its own set of specific risks.   An element of gymnastics that is unique to other sports is the fact that the upper body is used as a weight-bearing joint. Due to

10 Days of Christmas Giveaways!

December is here and we’re starting to hear the sleigh bells at Springfit. To share a dash of our Christmas spirit we are giving away an extremely merry £300 worth of FREE classes between 1st and 10th December. Keep an eye out for our 8am post on each of the first ten days of the