The Coaches are amazing!

I let the coaches know that Eleanor wasn’t feeling too well at the start of class. The coaches encouraged her to join in and even held her hand, taking part in the activities with her! Later in the class, Eleanor won a sticker and the coaches let her pick which one she wanted. She was

It’s developed her confidence so much!

Poppy loves trampolining. Coach Matt is excellent with the children. He has helped Poppy develop her skills and it’s helped develop her confidence so much! He also helped her practice and get ready for the competition where she managed to get a bronze medal.  She adores trampolining and Coach Matt really does get the best

Very friendly!

Coach Hannah is brilliant with the kids – she’s very friendly and keeps them all engaged. She also had a huge bag of supplies which came in handy when I realised I’d forgotten a hair band! Rebecca Trampoline classes

New friendships!

Tilly has really enjoyed the new friendships she’s made in class and the activities they do. Especially the inflatable runway (AirTrack) and forward rolls; she is so proud when she can do something. The teams have been fantastic! No one forces her to do anything she doesn’t want to do and sometimes her energy levels

Brilliant with them all!

I just want to give feedback on how great Coach Matt is. It was the first time I’d been able to stay for class as I normally work when classes are running. He’s absolutely brilliant with them all – he’s so patient with all of their chatter-boxing and crazy questions whilst still managing to keep

So good with children!

Keira started FunFit when she was 2 and now she is 8, she still loves her classes at Hazelwick School. HUGE thanks to all the coaches, they are so good with the children. Gemma Preschool Classes and Gymnastics Classes  

Absolutely brilliant!

My kids are LOVING their classes! Coach Harrison and Coach Sam are absolutely brilliant at their jobs. They are always so lovely and polite, have great manners, are so friendly and they are great with children too! Alex Trampoline Classes

I can’t stop smiling!

I have LOVED attending the Adult Combined class on Mondays. I can’t stop smiling! I’ve started doing the Thursday Adult Gymnastics class now too, with the Adult Double-Up Membership! Sophie Adult-Only Classes

I cannot praise the coaches enough!

Springfit is excellent and I have recommended the classes to several parent friends already. I cannot praise the coaches enough, they are brilliant! I have to give a special shout out to Coach Fran who is brilliant with our daughter and all of the children. She really goes above and beyond to help the children

We will be back!

We’re having to take a break for a while and we are gutted to be stopping. We will be back! Our son absolutely loves his Gymnastics classes and hopefully, when we are back, his little sister will be old enough for the preschool classes! Jon Gymnastics