Youth Gymnastics


Duration – 1 hour

Ags/Suitable for – 10 – 19 years

Parents – encouraged to wait outside the hall


Our Youth Gymnastics classes are for children aged between approximately 10 and 19 years old with a fun and engaging approach to teaching a range of skills.


This mixed-ability class is great for those who are introduced to the sport of gymnastics later that the usual age of approximately 5 years old in the majority of our beginner classes.

For those wishing to move to an ability-based class (beginners, improvers, advanced) the Head Coach can advise which level would be most appropriate, so this is a perfect place to start.

Parents or carers are always invited to speak to the Head Coach at the beginning or end of class to get advice on progress, ability or achievements.

We also have the handy Home Portal service where you can check through skills which have been assessed from our proficiency award scheme.

With a range of activities for children and teenagers to enjoy including vault, trampette, beam, air track and even trapeze there is plenty to keep them engaged and learn beneficial skills.