Springfit Trampoline classes are suitable for children aged approximately 4 and for complete beginners to advanced level.

Trampolining is a great way to keep fit, and build essential life skills such as balance and co-ordination. These skills come in useful throughout all your life, on a day-to-day basis.

Every child loves to bounce. It stems from an early childhood instinct to jump, and never leaves you. Which adult can honestly say they’ve never been tempted to climb on a garden trampoline to have a go? By gaining knowledge of spatial awareness, children and adults will find they are able to better understand and feel safer about the many varied situations encountered in the world. The typically adult facet of fear is challenged on the trampoline, and as you get to better understand the reactions of your environment, you understand how your own small movements affect that reaction. Of course, it’s impossible not to smile when bouncing. It takes you right back to the days of jumping on your parents bed… only we allow you to do it! To read about the benefits of trampolining click here.


Whatever your level of experience, our classes are able to cater to your needs. Our classes are based loosely on age and ability (which tend to correlate, depending on length of involvement in the sport).

The earlier classes introduce children from age 4 to trampolining, with improvers classes for slightly older children following it. We even have Adult classes.

ALL new members with no previous experience are first introduced to the Springfit Progress and Development Syllabus from the beginning, whereby members will learn basic co-ordination skills, achieve controlled ‘straight jumps’ and learn to stop. Progressing onto skills such as star jumps, tuck jumps and half turns on Grade 3 helps members to familiarize themselves with the trampoline. We focus on individuals’ balance and co-ordination to ensure all moves, no matter how advanced, are always performed in the centre of the trampoline.

Each individual will progress at a different rate, and coaches will work to tailor moves to suitable ability levels. Some will achieve somersaults early, and require more control on some of the more basic moves, whereas others like to perfect the simpler moves and slowly build to confident somersaults.

You can see the skills on our progress syllabus here.

All classes have members with varied abilities, which in many cases helps to motivate new starters, and encourage them to develop their skills to a high standard.

For class days and times please see our CLASS SCHEDULE page.

We run regular trampoline competitions against other Saturn V clubs in the local area for those who are keen to compete. See our Club Calendar page for details on our next event.

What Happens in a Springfit Trampolining Class?