Freestyle Gymnastics (Parkour)

Duration – 1 hour

Ages/Suitable for – 5 years+

Parents – encouraged to wait outside the hall

Springfit are excited to offer the latest development of gymnastic disciplines by including the popular art of Freestyle Gymnastics. These relaxed classes include elements of parkour, free-running, tricking, aerials and so much more!

Classes run in a very different way to our structured ability-based classes, as members are encouraged to discover their own style and technique, with helpful guidance and support from qualified and experienced coaches, as detailed below.

Our coaches will lead a warm up and a stretch before allowing the members to explore the many ways to interact with various equipment set up which changes each week. Coaches will always remain on hand to uphold safety, provide constructive feedback, support and advise when needed, plus offer the odd demonstration, if requested!



Classes are very relaxed, sometimes with music. We do not split into groups, participants do not have to point their toes or keep straight legs as instructed in traditional gymnastics, and encouragement is given by classmates no matter what move you are training for.

The rest is up to you! You can set up equipment how you would like to. Challenge yourself with increasing distances for precision jumps, make obstacles higher, reach farther, and see a speed of progression unparalleled in other sports.

The high rate of progress is especially noticeable in the younger, more energetic boys who love to let off steam in classes. They don’t stop running around, alternating between various pieces of apparatus and feeding off each other’s energy and enthusiasm.

Many parents have commented on the noticeable increase in confidence their children display after just a few weeks of being involved in parkour. It is a truly social class atmosphere, where camaraderie and one-upmanship prove to be useful tools so participants can speedily learn about spatial awareness, balance and co-ordination.