Combined Gymnastics and Trampoline ``FunFit`` Classes for Ages 2+

Duration – 1 hour

Ages/Suitable for – 2 years old to school starting age

Parents –  encouraged to stay with children


FunFit is our introduction to the world of gymnastics. These adult and child classes are for Preschool children and are focused on FUN!


What makes these classes special is the opportunity to try both gymnastics and trampolining in one class, typically the class will be split into two groups and spend half their time on each activity after a group game and warm up.

This classes follow both the Gymnastics and Trampolining Springfit proficiency award schemes, and will take children through basic movements and skills needed to lead on to each discipline in the future.

Combined classes offer members the opportunity to do both gymnastics and trampolining in one session. After a warm up and group activity classes are typically split into to groups that then spend half their time trampolining and half on gymnastics.

These classes follow both the gymnastics and trampolining Springfit proficiency award schemes.



For ages 2+

We suggest that from the age of two children are usually ready for a more structured class rather than ‘soft play’ type experience, although obviously each individual child develops at a different rate. If you feel your pre-schooler is ready to listen to instructions from coaches, learn turn-taking, patience and other life skills as well as enjoy the physiological aspects of interacting with equipment, then Funfit will likely be a suitable and very enjoyable class for them. We help progress basic proprioceptive skills, and want to ensure children are able to get enough out of the session so that you get value for money.

We always invite children to attend a taster session first, to ensure they enjoy it and the class is suitable, and it’s even possible to book a second if you’re not sure (sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for the children to get involved).

Children are encouraged to work towards the Springfit Proficiency Award Scheme in both gymnastics and trampolining, achieving badges and certificates for performing moves correctly.

They are taught how to gain control on the trampoline, and try doing different shapes in the air or multi-tasking such as jumping and clapping.  Coaches are available to help class members understand how their body positions affect the reaction of the trampoline, and above all, enjoy the sensation!

In gymnastics, equipment such as bean bags and hoops are used in floor exercises to help children build their balance, co-ordination and control, while introducing gymnastic shapes and basic elements such as supported rolls. Class members can work on moves that provide a structured development programme, and allow them to attain awards for completing certain skills in gymnastics.

The gymnastics group will also be introduced to various gymnastic apparatus, such as horse/vault, trampette and beam work, and work through varied exercises in a safe environment. Using assisted techniques to help overcome obstacles and learn how to best achieve results on equipment, each member can build on what they have learned each week to get their jumps bigger, hands placed down more firmly and confidently, and improve balance, strength and agility.

Working in a group environment helps build independence and social skills, and we use this first class to help children get used to the activities with the help of parents. Adults are asked to help with spotting around the trampolines, and are offered the opportunity to take a step back in the gymnastics if it is suitable.

We usually run one introductory class for the younger children and then another straight afterwards, which provides similar activities and techniques, but the moves and elements are of a slightly more developed nature, for the slightly older child.

As an adult and child class, adults are asked to help with spotting around the trampolines for safety and concentration, plus to help children get on and off safely. We provide enough coaches to allow children to enjoy gymnastics without parents or guardians.  Instead, you can observe from the side of the hall, unless you really WANT to or NEED to get involved yourself!