Elite Gymnastics


Duration – 2 Hours

Ages/Suitable For –  Advanced Gymnasts by invitation only

Parents – encouraged to wait outside the hall


Elite Gymnastics classes are by invitation only for selected advanced members that we recommend be taken as an additional class. The Elite classes are 2 hours long and give advanced gymnasts an opportunity to work on high level skills.

Unlike other classes, Elite classes do not work on the proficiency award scheme directly. Instead, tailor-made programmes are used to help develop gymnasts in high-level skills and focus on flexibility and strength conditioning to prepare the body for the higher demands of these moves. Although we retain the focus on FUN in all our classes, we provide highly qualified and experienced coaches who work towards elite-level training performance with individuals based on their own skill sets and ambitions. 


If you are interested in joining the Elite class, you should already be a member of a gymnastics advanced class and need to speak to your Head Coach.