All Abilities Trampoline Classes

Duration –  1 hour

Ages/Suitable for – 5 years+

Parents –  encouraged to stay to help with “Spotting”

Springfit are pleased to offer a range of trampoline classes at venues which are able to accommodate the large, professional trampolines. As trampolining is an individual sport we can accommodate all ages and abilities at any class. Members will progress at her own pace though our proficiency award syllabus.

It is good to have a mix of abilities in the class as younger children will hopefully be inspired by the older and more experienced members, and the older children can help motivate and encourage younger members, which sometimes leads to a career in coaching! Our age suggestion of 5+ is a guideline to ensure children can get the most out of the professional instruction provided in the classes, however, it may be possible to do a full hour of trampolining a little younger if children have had prior experience, such as in our Funfit classes.

We allow a maximum of one person at a time on the trampolines and have two or three trampolines with a Head Coach leading the class. Members rotate round the trampolines taking turns on both practice trampolines and receiving one-to-one tuition with the Head Coach.

Turns are usually 1.5 minutes each to allow some time to get instruction and support from the coach, then they will have a chance to put the instructions into practice and return to the Head Coaches trampoline for the skills to be assessed and receive more feedback, and so on.

Springfit encourage parents and carers to stay to help with “spotting” where possible. This is standing to the side of the trampolines in order to make sure the member bouncing has the safest environment possible.

Springfit have no more than 5 members per trampoline in order to ensure members have enough turns on the equipment.

We cater for children and adults, with several dedicated adult classes. For parents who which to join a trampoline class with their child we even have some ‘adult and child’ classes where you can both enjoy the sport!