Winter Trampoline Competition!

Are you READY?

The Springfit Winter Trampoline Competition 2023 is now LIVE in the Springfit Shop to enter and we cannot wait to see what you can do!


A summary of the details is below, including the date, time* and place.

For the full information, check out our Trampoline Competitions page, where the judging criteria and routines for all the different levels are listed!

Who, What, Where, When & How!

Who can enter the competition?

Any members aged 6 years and older.


If you have a child who is thinking of entering, have a chat with your Head Coach about which levels is most suitable. As the classes are all mixed abilities, there could be a mix of different routines being practised in the same class!

What does the competition involve?

Each competitor will showcase a 10-bounce routine and perform twice.

All of the different Competition Levels and associated routines are detailed on the Trampoline Competition Page.

There are Solo entries and Synchronised entries. Those wanting to do a Synchronised entry will need to also practise a solo routine. If you purchase a Synchronised entry, this comes with the solo entry already!


What should be worn for competing?

While a leotard may be the best thing to wear to show form and movement as clearly as possible, we understand that not everyone likes wearing a leotard. So, shorts or leggings and a plain T-shirt are also absolutely fine to wear. Just avoid wearing anything baggy as the judges may not be able to see how well you are doing!

Where is the competition held?

Moor House School,

Mill Lane




When is the competition?

The all-important date of the competition is Sunday 5th November 2023!

The deadline to enter the competition is Friday 27th October at 12pm. Entry won’t be possible after this date and entries may close sooner if the competition reaches capacity… so be quick to avoid missing out!


*The time of the competition will be from 1pm and is likely to finish before 6pm. The more precise timings of the competition will be confirmed the week before the competition so that all entrants and their supporters can plan their day accordingly!

How do we get involved?

Now that you know the who, the where and the when, i’s time to get involved!

To enter the competition, you just need to head over to the Springfit Shop and purchase the Trampoline Competition Entry. 

If you are new to Springfit Trampoline Competitions and want a bit more info, you can head over to the Trampoline Competitions Page where ALL of the latest information is available, including judging criteria and the routines for the different levels!