On Sunday 12th March nearly 50 Springfit gymnasts travelled up to Warlingham to take part in our sister club’s, Pointers, Annual Tumbling Competition and nearly a third of them took home a medal!! The discipline of tumbling is a real pleasure to watch for proud parents and coaches as well as fellow competitors as gymnasts link impressive move after impressive move along a strip of floor matting.

Some of Springfit Tumblers ready for action!

The first half of the competition was jammed packed with Grade 1 and 3 gymnasts completing their 3 runs to the panel of judges.  These more elementary levels had the gymnasts completing sequences compromised of forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and turning jumps. For many gymnasts this was their first competition and so they had not experienced the thrill of competition before but were buoyed by the friendly and welcoming nature of the well-organised afternoon in Warlingham.


Springfit gymnasts who took home medals in the first half were:

Grade 1

  • Lily Owens Bronze (2009)
  • Alexia Gibb Bronze (2010-2011)

    Happy Medal Winners!
  • Harry Osbourne (Boys) Bronze – he missed Silver by only .06 point
  • Eloise Murphy Gold, Carmen Bulger Silver, Sophie Day Bronze in the 2005-2008 category and only 0.3 points separated them. 

Grade 3

  •  Joe Watkins Silver (2001-2006) and was only .06 off Gold followed by Lexi Kane with Bronze
  • Amelia Telfer (2007-09) Bronze

In the most advanced category the judges had their work cut out, trying to distinguish between the quality of moves involving backflips, front somersaults and a highly difficult aerial ‘fly spring’. 

Head Coach Helen Hutson Pope had this to say : “Our lovely Springfit Gymnasts enjoyed a challenging and fun tumbling competition this weekend against some of our sister clubs. We had some worthy medallists amongst a strong line-up, so a big well done to them! And as always the real winners were our wonderful children who showed great determination and sportsmanship, supported by the parents and families. It was a wonderful show of enthusiasm and appreciation for all the competitors.”

In the second half Springfit Gymnasts took home another 5 medals:

Grade 2

  • Chloe Forward(2008-10 ) took Gold  with Eloise Saunders taking Bronze
  • Oilvia Geason-James (2006-07) took Silver and Geogrie Davis took Bronze

Grade 4 

  • Daniel Tarsitano – Silver

The tumbling competition is always a highly anticipated phase of the year, but Springfit gymnasts now have their sights set on the next of the tri-annual events, with acrobatics routines to practice in class ready for the competition in May. 

The full set of results can be found here: Results.


We are pleased to announce the 12 year old Katie Vaughan from Horley has been awarded Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.

The trophy rewards effort in improving flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.
Katie has begun competing in regular competitions for the club including taking Bronze in the Floor and Vault Competition in November and Gold on the Beam in the July Competition) and she has shown a determination in her attitude towards training sessions that her coaches really admire.

Katie Vaughan Elite
Katie looking very happy with her trophy!

 Head Coach Plamen has this to say – “Katie thoroughly deserves this award because of her overall performance in class and her attitude has always been very good.”

In both the Elite Class and her Advanced Gymnastics class at Oakwood Sports Centre, Katie works hard individually to improve her own ability level and her self-motivation is evident to other members of the Elite gymnastics class. Fellow Head Coach Georgie had this to say of Kate – ” She always has been great and has sustained her extremely high level of performance and dedication for the last year.”

Even though a quiet member of our classes , Katie clearly enjoys her gymnastics and this a good reason why she continues to just get better and better! She puts 100% into every aspect of her training and the results speak for themselves.

This special class is not advertised by Springfit but provides further hours of training to members through a personal invitation by the Head Coach of the several advanced classes at the club as a means to provide further training in the more difficult skills children can learn.

Everyone at Springfit would like to CONGRATULATE Katie again – keep up the good work!

Another weekend, another competition for Springfit this November – our gymnasts and trampolinists certainly have been busy! A number of our Elite Trampolinists and Gymnasts were invited along to compete in Flair Gymnastics Club Invitational on Sunday 27th November and we were extremely happy to bring home a number of medals!

Clean Sweep for Springfit Trampolinists!
Clean Sweep for Springfit Trampolinists!

We were so proud that three of our Elite Trampolinists took all the medals in the Trampoline section – Head Gymnastics Coach Katie took a well deserved Gold followed by Scarlett Shepherd and Jazmine Hogan in Silver and Bronze respectively. Jazmine and Scarlett train hard together in our Elite Squad and often perform together in the Synchro section of our trampoline competitions and so we were so pleased that they were together again on the medal podium!

Katie Vaughan and Sophie Tilley, who train with Head Coach Plamen in our Elite Gymnastics Squad, were competing in a very tough gymnastics section and so it was great when Sophie took a well deserved Bronze!

Thank you to Flair for organising a great competition and we can not wait to return next year and hopefully bring back even more medals!

Last weekend saw the final competition of Springfit’s Competition Calendar and what a finish it was! We had over 250 spectators and over 90 competitors so it was very busy afternoon at Oakwood Sport Centre.

In every category , gymnasts were invited to to perform one floor routine and one vault and together the score was combined to give a placing in every grade.

Due to the sheer number of competitors the competition was split into two, the first half was for those in Grade 1/2 and nearly all the medals went to Springfit gymnasts! It was great to see some boys making their way onto the podium – Oliver Liddle who trains with Helen and Sean in our St Bede’s Boys Gymnastics Class took Gold in our Grade 1 section for those aged 8-12 years; Oliver Snowdon , who trains with Katie at Copthorne Parish Hub, took Bronze in Grade 2 (9 years) as did William Parsons in Grade 2 (7 years), who also trains in a Boys Only class at Oakwood Sports Centre with Head Coach Plamen.

Phoenix Hogan had another Gold Medal winning weekend taking the top spot in Grade 1 for those aged 6/7 years. This category had all Springfit Medalists with Chloe Dean (Oriel) and Elena Chater (Jubilee) taking Silver and Bronze respectively. The next category was another all Springfit affair with Zita Katona and Hannah Chizyuka taking Gold and Silver in Grade 2 (9 years) ahead of Oliver.

Gymnastics Competition
Taking it all in at the gymnastics Competition

Spectators and Judges were wowed by staddles and handsprings over the vaults and smooth displays of tumbles, rolls, handstands and more! In the remaining Grade 2 sections, Springfit gymnasts took 2 more medals – Bronze for Sophie Day and Gold for Jasmine Cooper who both train with Georgie at our Jubilee Training Centre.

As we moved into the higher grades, the vaults got more impressive and floor routines more complicated and we were pleased that Kate Trimbell took Silver ahead of Kiera Bruce in Grade 3 and Katie Vaughan, who trains in our Elite Gymnastics Squad, also took Bronze in Grade 6.

Again we would like to thank everyone that came along to take part or support the gymnasts – it was another fantastic competition and embodied what Springfit is all about enjoying gymnastics is an safe and fun environment and also gaining great experience in competing in a friendly and supportive environment.

Full Results can be find here – RESULTS.


During 2016 our Head Coaches and Management Team have been busy behind the scenes working on our own Proficiency Awards scheme and we are happy to announce that it is now being used in all of our classes to assess progress.

Beautiful New Awards ready to be given out!
Beautiful New Awards ready to be given out!

We developed our own system with 15 levels rather than the previous awards systems 10 levels. Now members can achieve their next badge on a more regular basis, we had had feedback that some children were becoming disheartened after passing one badge it could take what seems like a long time before they had achieved all the necessary skills for the next level. We believe that this will help to keep the children motivated and our coaches also love to be award to recognise the achievement of the children (or adults!) within the class! Go to our Awards Page – www.springfit.org/awards  to see the new Awards Structure.

As you know you can now monitor progress via our Home Portal –http://springfit.courseprogress.co.uk – if you have not yet registered then do so now! More information on how to register can be found here – HOME PORTAL.

Next in the firing line for us to get to know a bit better is another one of our Head Gymnastics Coaches – the lovely Helen Hutson-Pope. She teaches at our St Bede’s Training Centre in Redhill – including our Adults Gymnastics on a Wednesday. Helen is an great asset to our Club and has recently taken on the role of Coach Co-Ordinator, assisting our coaches on furthering their education and making sure all their necessary paperwork is up to date.



1 – What does your perfect day look like?

I would love to relive a day in Ibiza last year which was about as perfect as it could get. We had a huge villa for all our friends and their families. We played pool games in the morning, had an in-house chef cook the most amazing BBQ lunch. Then in the afternoon, the dads and kids flew home leaving the ‘girls’ to party on a private yacht on into the evening.

2 – Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

I have been very lucky to have travelled pretty much to everywhere I’ve had on my bucket list. But my husband will laugh because despite him travelling up to Scotland on a regular basis, no matter how much I ask, he’s never taken me with him to Edinburgh!! So that’s where I’d like to go.

3 – What makes you laugh the most?

I do love American sitcoms. They’ve got it nailed.. Big Bang Theory and Frasier never get tired, and Brooklyn 99 is my fave at the moment.

4 – If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


5 – If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

To get to anywhere I want to go with a single blink of my eyes. I hate waiting!

6- What makes you happiest?

Being just in the moment with my close friends; drinking, chatting, laughing, dancing. 

7 – Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

Probably just my cats. I wouldn’t end up killing them ! But I might make a little space under my palm tree for Ian Somerhalder 😉

 8-  How did you get into Gymnastics and what do you love about Springfit ?

I got back into gymnastics when I took my daughter to her first gymnastics classes at the age of 3. I started helping out, and it just snowballed from there. I love Springfit because of the spirit of the Club which values every child (and adult) equally, regardless of ability, and has its focus primarily on fun and fitness, not its trophy cabinet!

We said that there was going to be some new and interesting changes in 2016 and the first phase has been implemented as you may have noticed!

We’ve gone high-tech! You have probably seen your coaches have a tablet with them  – this allows them to take the register and make regular assessments on your child’s development towards their Badge Awards  and all of this information is automatically fed back straight to the office and means no more bits of paper, filling in forms, or digging around for an envelope!

pexels-photo-129208-mediumMore importantly it means you can now see exactly what your child is working on, and how they are progressing towards their Badge Awards. To do this please register your Home Portal account. Visit http://springfit.courseprogress.co.uk and sign up using the full member number which is your four-digit unique identifier with “1000” before it. Ie “10006556” for member 6556. We hope it proves to be a useful and interesting tool and you can do it from your phone, tablet or PC!


Look out for our email notifications of your child passing a badge, or when your subscription payment is due, and simply pay online. Your child will still receive their certificate and badge as usual in class. Let us know if something doesn’t look right as we bed the system in.

Watch this space for more information about our New Awards as well…. a sneak preview will be coming soon!

We are so happy to announce that we’ve  launched a new class on THURSDAYS at 8pm at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley. Classes will be run by our Head Gymnastics Coach Plamen, who is also a qualified Personal Trainer.

It is a fun and exciting new concept of using Gymnastics based equipment for fitness and to improve strength, flexibility, range of movement and balance. Not only that you will make friends and have fun – exercise doesn’t feel like exercise when you are having fun!


At such a good price, it seems silly not to give it a go!

Contact us to find out more or to book your place.

Sunday 10th July saw the Beam and Trampette phase of our annual gymnastics competition program and it was a fantastic day! It was great to see some many parents, grandparents and siblings coming along to support the boys and girls. There was a fantastic atmosphere which embodied what Springfit is all about – we are so glad to have you all as part of our club.

The first half of the competition was for the Beam and we had competitors in both the Intermediate and Advanced Level using both the medium and high beam. There was some nerves but with their coaches Georgie or Plamen close by to offer moral support these were quickly overcome and everyone put in good solid performances.

Ella Kola mid routine watched by Coach Plamen and the judges.

The first Gold Medalist of the day went to Hattie Williams (Jubilee) who after a nervy start nailed the rest of her performance to edge out Ella Kola (Oakwood) who took silver in the Intermediate 10-13 years category. In the 9 year old category Oakwood’s Eloise Murphy took Gold with a great routine ahead of Neve Thornton (Jubilee).

Next up was the 8-10 year olds and only 0.1 of a point separated Kate Timbrell (St Bede’s) and Daisy Maclay (Jubilee) for Gold and Silver respectively.

The final category in the Intermediate Level was 4 girls attempting routines on the high beam and they all put in a magnificent routines and completed some tricky moves. Congratulations to Jazmine Hogan who trains in one of our Advanced Gymnastics classes at Oakwood who took Gold and Meritia who trains in our Youth Gymnastics class took a well deserved Silver.

Finally was the Advanced Section – Elite Gymnastics Katie Vaughan took Gold with an amazing performance full of character and topped off with a front flip dismount on the High Beam followed by Sophia English(Oakwood)  and Olivia Gleason-James (Jubilee) in Silver and Bronze respectively on the medium beam after both completing difficult routines. Picture below are all of our Beam Medalists.

Beam Medalists
Beam Medalists

After a short break and a chance to refuel for those gymnasts taking part in both parts of the competition we moved onto the Trampette section of the competition. It was amazing to see all the gymnasts flying through the air completing various different jumps and moves off the trampette. We had three age groups in the Grade 1 category – in the 9-14 year olds Olivia Gleason-James added a Gold Medal to her earlier bronze by executing her 4 jumps near perfectly. Sienna Excell (Jubilee) got Silver to add to her Bronze from the beam competition. In the 8 year old age group it was another Jubilee gymnast who took Gold – Millie Bassett followed by Oakwood’s Jasmine Keane and Caitlin Taylor in Silver and Bronze respectively. In the Final Grade 1 group (6/7 year olds) Daisy Maclay took Gold closely followed by Oakwood’s William Parsons and Phoenix Hogan respectively.

Very Happy Trampette Medalists!

As we moved up the Grades the jumps and moves got more difficult and it was thrilling to watch the gymnasts show off their skills. For the 10-12 year olds in Grade 2, it was a clean sweep for Oakwood gymnasts with Maya Rogers in Gold, Emma Burridge in Silver and Amy Lee in Bronze. Next up where the 7-9 year olds and we had a tie for the Bronze medal between Jubilee’s Georgie Davis and Elena Chater. Eloise Murphy added to her medal haul with Silver and Joshua Hebert was our first male Gold medalist of the day.

Grade 3 saw another boy take Gold as Oscar Staples (Oriel) completed the following moves – Half Turn Jump, Full Turn Jump, Dive Forward Roll and Front Tucked Somersault with ease. Jazmine Hogan took silver and Lauren Scrivener took Bronze. In Grade 4 and 5 we only had one competitor in each section Katie Vaughan and Ruby Charlesworth respectively – who both dazzled everyone with their Barani’s and Somersaults amongst other moves to close the competition.

Well Done to everyone that took part and it was great to see such a great friendly competition. Full Results are avalaible here: RESULTS! 

From 2016 we decided to run our parent sit in and progress medals sessions for both our gymnastics and trampoline classes during the same week. It means a busy week for our coaches and members but it is a great way for parents to see their children perform in class.

During this special session, parents are invited to watch their children and their classmates show the progress they have made, and sometimes enjoy a group performance choreographed by the coach (in gymnastics) as well as individually showcase their ever growing repertoire of skills. The head coach then had to decide on one gymnast or trampolinists whom they felt had made the most progress over the last six months. This is definitely one of their hardest tasks as a Springfit Head Coach, as everyone seems to be coming on leaps and bounds! Coaches also look at other factors such as attendance level, attentiveness in class – this is particularly important in trampolining where everyone should be ‘spotting’ for the other trampolinists – as well perseverance with a tricky move or improvements in balance and co-ordination. At the end of the class, the chosen gymnast or trampolinist was awarded a well deserved gold medal for their hard work and determination.

It  always gives us great pleasure in presenting these lovely shiny gold medals to our Springfit members who we feel deserve the recognition. It boosts  confidence, gives them a sense of pride in what they do and offers something to focus on and work towards every six months. In addition, it’s a class event that all our members look forward to and enjoy, as well as the parents and other spectators!

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all the gymnasts and trampolinists pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.

                    Trampolining                                                                                                             Gymnastics

Jack Davie STB MON T 1800 6yoSt Bedes Monday 6pm – Jack Davie
Thomas Moon STB MON T 1830 10yoSt Bedes Monday 6.30pm – Thomas Moon
Susannah Hobbs STB MON T 1900 11yoSt Bede’s Monday 7pm – Susannah Hobbs
St Bede’s Monday 7.30pm – N/A
Sophie Rowlands STB MON T 2030 27yoSt Bede’s Monday 8.30pm – Sophie Rowlands
Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Maja Ciesielska 
(Photo to follow)
Jubilee Tuesday 5pm – Lara Paisey 
(Photo to follow)
Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Amy Thomas 
(Photo to follow)
Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Abby Wood 
(Photo to follow)
St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm  – Luca Ferma 
(Photo to follow)
Stella Rixon STB Wednesday 7pmSt Bede’s Wednesday 7pm – Stella Rixon
Emily Isherwood OAK WED T 1830 9yoOakwood Wednesday 6.30pm – Emily Isherwood
Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm – Jessica Miles (No Photo)
Oakwood Wednesday 8.30pm – Catherine Bolton (No Photo)
Kenzie McKinnon OAK THUR T 1645 10yoOakwood Thursday 4.45pm – Kenzie McKinnon
Miles Greasley OAK THUR T 1745 7yoOakwood Thursday 5.45pm  – Miles Greasley
Emily Morigeon OAK THUR T 1845 14yoOakwood Thursday 6.45pm – Emily Morigeon
Melodie Motshweni OAK FRI T 1700 5yoOakwood Friday 5pm – Melodie Motshweni  
Noah Conlon OAK FRI T 1800 7yoOakwood Friday 6pm – Noah Conlon
IMG_4029Oakwood Friday 7pm – Isobel Murphy 
Ella Tresham ORI FRI T 1730 11yoOriel Friday 5.30pm – Ella Tresham
Sophia Wiid ORI FRI T 1830 11yoOriel Friday 6.30pm  – Sophia Wiid
Freddie Sharples ORI FRI T 1930 15yoOriel Friday 7.30pm – Freddie Sharples
Shaye Chubb OAK SAT T 1100 6yoOakwood Saturday 11am – Shaye Chubb
Jacob Budd OAK SAT T 1200Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Jacob Budd
Oakwood Saturday 1pm – David Lowe 
(Photo to follow)
Hazel Bennett ORI SAT T 1100 5yoOriel Saturday 11am – Hazel Bennett 
Leighton Smith ORI SAT T 1200 6yoOriel Saturday 12pm – Leighton Smith 
Oakwood Sunday 11am – Eva Zielke 
(Photo to follow)
6pm Elissia Reynolds STB MON GymSt Bedes Monday 6pm – Elissia Reynolds
St Bedes Monday 6.30pm (Freestyle) – N/A
7pm Niamh Graham STB MON 7pmSt Bede’s Monday 7pm – Niamh Graham
Elliott Chambers STB MON FG 2000 13yoSt Bede’s Monday 8.00pm (Freestyle) – Elliott Chambers
Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Jennifer Moore (Photo to follow)
Tia Chapman JUB TUE G 1700Jubilee Tuesday 5pm  – Tia Chapman
Georgia Brown JUB TUE G 1700 7yoJubilee Tuesday 6pm – Georgia Brown
Evie Slack JUB TUE G 1900 10yoJubilee Tuesday 7pm – Evie Slack 
Ewan Price STB WED T 1800 8yo St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm (Boys) – Ewan Price
Miriam Matata STB WED T 1900 10yoSt Bede’s Wednesday 7pm (Adults) – Miriam Matata
Abi Newton OAK WED G 1830 13yo
Oakwood Wednesday 6.30pm (Youth) – Abi Newton 
Oscar_Isaac Blake OAK WED G 1930 8+6yo Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm (Freestyle) – Oscar & Isaac Blake
Matthew Taylor Oakwood Wednesday 8.30pm (Freestyle) – Matthew Taylor (Photo to follow)
Freddie Love OAK THUR G 1700 3yoOakwood Thursday 5.00pm – Freddie Love
Oakwood Thursday 6.00pm – Sophie Moss  (Photo to follow)
Evan Eggleton OAK FRI G 1700 5yoOakwood Friday 5pm – Evan Eggleton
Eloise Saunders OAK FRI G 1800 7yoOakwood Friday 6pm – Eloise Saunders
Oakwood Friday 7pm – Mollie Lamy (photo to follow)
Thea Pulfer ORI FRI G 1730 4yoOriel Friday 5.30pm – Thea Pulfer
Keira Frankland ORI FRI G 1830 10yoOriel Friday 6.30pm – Kiera Frankland
image-1Oriel Friday 7.30pm – Joe Watkins 

Isla Willams OAK SAT G 1100 6yoOakwood Saturday 11am – Isla Williams
Daisy King OAK SAT G 1200 10yoOakwood Saturday 12pm – Daisy King
Ameilie FobberterBalkOakwood Saturday 1pm – Ameilie Fobbester-Balk
Elsie Tidy ORI SAT G 1100 7yoOriel Saturday 11am  – Elsie Tidy
Robyn Lewis ORI SAT G 1200 7yoOriel Saturday 12pm – Robyn Lewis
Daisy Anderson OAK SUN G 1100 6yoOakwood Sunday 11am – Daisy Anderson