Sorry that it has taken a few days to get this write-up finished but it has been a really busy couple of weeks!

On 24th April, we were invited to take part in the annual Acrobatic Gymnastics competition hosted by our sister club- Pointers in Warlingham. Acrobatic Gymnastics involves partnering with another individual or as part of a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, lifts, dance and tumbling with all set to music.

Acrobatics is one of the most accessible (but also one of the most tricky) of the gymnastics disciplines, as there is no real need for equipment when performing. Also by learning as a pair or group, gymnasts develop their skills, strength and coordination together, so they are learning more than just their gymnastics skills.

The first half of the competition was given over to Grade 1 and 4 Pairs. Sisters Phoenix and Jazmine Hogan performed excellently in the Grade 1 Pairs and came home with a Bronze Medal which so easily could have been Gold as there was onCharlie and Aimee looking Chic!ly .2 points separating first and third place. Also competing in this section were pair Charlie Knowles and Aimee Stapleton from our Monday St Bedes class – they had made their competition day a special occasion with a trip to the hairdresser for matching braids and nails – Very Chic!

Head Gymnastics Coach Helen Hutson-Pope who coaches the girls wants to say ” A special well done to Charlie who after 4 years with us, finally plucked up the courage to compete. You did it Charlie!!”

The second half was given over to the Grade 2 and 3 Pairs and Trios and it was great to see some of our sightly older gymnasts taking their places on the podium after some amazing performances.  The Grade 3 Pairs was another closely contested division with judges finding it hard to fault the performances and it resulted in 4 pairs sharing the Gold Medal! Even better was that two of these pairs were from Springfit – Well Done to Katie Vaughan and Eloise Murphy as well Eloise Budd and Sophia Wiid .

Our final medal of the day went to our Grade 3 girls trio of Sammy Scott-Browne, Katherine Bailey and Freya Mean who put in a dazzling but solid trio routine to take home the silver medal.

We would like to congratulate all the gymnasts that took part – you did yourself, your family and Springfit proud!