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Coaching is a very rewarding activity. You can make a difference!

Whether you are enthusiastic about coaching and would like to be a volunteer assistant in classes, or are looking for a paid part-time paid coaching role, there are opportunities to get involved with this beneficial side of classes at Springfit.

On-site training is available, with recognised qualifications to be earned and additional in-house training days run every six months to help boost your knowledge and experience. Learn from the very best Head Coaches around as we help you brush up on your skills and get up to date with the latest techniques.

Volunteer assistant gymnastics and trampoline coaches are always welcome in classes to help children have fun and focus on learning. Contact us on the details at the top of this page to find out which classes we currently have places available in.

For those with qualifications in gymnastics and/or trampolining, we have very attractive rates of pay and also pay for set up and set down of equipment! We currently have positions available in the following classes:

Wondering if Springfit is the place for you? Then please read this testimonial from Helen, who is now one of our Head Gymnastics Coaches.

“Hi. My name is Helen Hutson-Pope, and I am a Gymnastics Coach working primarily in Springfit’s St Bedes training centre in Redhill. I am not your typical Coach in that I did not start teaching as a continuation on from doing gymnastics myself. In fact I became interested in Coaching in my late 30’s, after sending my 3 year old daughter to her local club for some physical activity. Up until having my daughter, I had worked in the City for many years. This was so very different. I saw how much fun both children and Coaches were having, how different each session was, as well as everyone getting a regular work-out, and I asked if I could help out.

Volunteering was my first step to understanding the role of Gymnastics Coach, and the rest is history! My daughter is now 12, and I have gone on to forge a wonderful part-time career doing something I love. The job of Coach is quite flexible, and to an extent, you can pick the number of hours you’d like to do, either with pre-school children during the day, school age children in the evenings, or both at weekends, and the kids are of a huge mix of abilities. You are never expected or asked to teach outside your capabilities. I currently do 2 hours of lessons on 3 different evenings spread through the week. This allows me to leave my daughter at home with my husband when I am out, and keeps me free for school runs and so forth during the day. I also do cover work for other Coaches in the local area. Coaches of all levels are in high demand and the work tends to come to you, once you are established.

There are several different routes into coaching, depending on how involved you want to be, and how far you want to go. The first step is usually to become a volunteer at a local Club. This will give you an insight into what the job entails. Volunteering does not necessarily mean you won’t get paid. Of course at first, you need to show your enthusiasm and reliability. But it really comes down to the Club and how valuable you become! There is no pressure as a volunteer to become a qualified Coach, but most new Coaches, once more confident in the gym, feel ready to take the first and most basic qualification, Level 1. How far you go after that is down to you. Time, commitment and costs for gaining qualifications need to be considered. 

On the job training is something you will be given  and I would say, as you start your career, you gain far more here on the ‘shop floor’ than any course can provide. You work alongside the Head Coaches, who help you every step of the way. I found they generally want to share their enthusiasm of the sport, and are keen for you to learn. I know because that’s what happened to me, and now I am that Head Coach!

The role of Coach is many things. The obvious and ultimate one is helping children (and adults) to learn gymnastic skills in a safe and progressive manner. This involves understanding ‘how’ a skill should look, how it should be done, and being able to get that across in a way that is suitable to your audience. It’s a mixture of mental and physical support.  It is also a role which involves leading exercises, organizing groups, dealing with some administration, communicating with parents and children, and working alongside Coaches of all ages too.
All this is taught to you in a gradual and inclusive way, only as and when you feel comfortable and confident to handle it. 

I would say to anyone, if you think you might like working with children; if you are a patient person with a loud voice and an upbeat demeanour, who likes getting stuck in, who gets a big high out of little victories, then this could be a job for you. Don’t be scared, just try it!” 

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