All of our trampoline and gymnastic classes cost the same across all our venues, unless stated below.

We run classes all year round, closing only for the week between Christmas and New Year and some days over Easter.  We always invite you pay for the first class by itself to check it is suitable and enrolment information will be sent to you via email. Please contact us first to book a place.

Any closures are taken into account for our monthly fees:

Monthly Subscription:£31.25 per month£43.75 per month
Pay As You Go:£8.00£11.00Subject to Terms of our PAYG Policy. Please see
Trial Class:£7.50£10.50Please Contact Us to book
10% Sibling or Multi Class Discount £28.13 per month (saving £37.44 a year)£39.38 per month
(saving £52.44 a year)
**10% Discount per month, per sibling.Applicable to ALL siblings eligible (if they are STAR Members)**
**10% Discount per month, per class. Applicable to ALL classes attended**
If both Sibling and Multi Class Discount apply£25.00 per month
(saving £75 a year)
£35.00 per month
(saving £105 a year)
Elite Gymnastics. Thursdays 6pm-8pm at Oakwood Sports Centre**BY INVITATION ONLY**
If it is your ONLY gymnastics class£62.50 per month
If it is an ADDITIONAL gymnastics class £52.10 per month**Includes a 20% Discount)
Parties Prices (Guideline Only)Please Contact Us to confirm costs 
Trampoline£140 per hourIncludes 1 coach
Gymnastics£175Includes 2 coaches
Combined Gymnastics and Trampoline £220Includes 2 gymnastics coaches and 1 trampoline coach