As well as running regular competitions, Springfit presents members with awards throughout the year to reward progress and acknowledge proficiency in gymnastics and trampolining.

The club hosts class displays twice a year to showcase the fun and skills that children are learning in their classes. Parents are invited to stay and watch the displays, to see what their children have been learning in class in recent months.

During these displays, a progress medal is awarded to one gymnast in each class whom the coach thinks has shown the most effort, enthusiasm and commitment to progress.

Since Springfit’s inception, the following members have received Progress medals at class displays:

December 2016

Monday 3.30pm Copthorne Gymnastics :Ozzy Dackombe
Monday 4.30pm Copthorne Gymnastics : Maisie Tyrrell
Monday 5:30pm Copthorne Gymnastics : Lola Ryan
Tuesday 3.30pm Copthorne Gymnastics : Sienna Tester
Tuesday 4.30pm Copthorne Gymnastics : Megan Carroll
Tuesday 5:30pm Copthorne Gymnastics : Phoebe Win
Monday 6pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Harriet Jones TRAMPOLINING: Catherine Foster
Monday 7pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Sophie Bellow TRAMPOLINING: Sophie Burstow
Monday 6.30pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Amelie Daly (Freestyle) TRAMPOLINING: Lily Starkie
Monday 8:00pm / 7:30pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Sophie Swann (Freestyle) TRAMPOLINING: Kieran Hart
Monday 8.30pm St Bedes TRAMPOLINING: Jamie King
Wednesday 6pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Daniel Ryan TRAMPOLINING: Eve Adie
Wednesday 7pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Harriet John TRAMPOLINING:Elise Alleyne
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Florrie Water TRAMPOLINING: Molly Neave
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Jasmine Cooper TRAMPOLINING: Heidi Wickington
Tuesday 7pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Olivia Gleason-Smith TRAMPOLINING: Joe Cherrimna
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Hollie Chamberlain TRAMPOLINING: Chloe Platt
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Christoper Miles TRAMPOLINING: Oscar Staple
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Tom Saunders TRAMPOLINING: Poppy Donovan
Thursday 5pm /4.45pmOakwood:GYMNASTICS: Alexandros Woolston TRAMPOLINING: Florence Colin
Thursday 6pm / 5.45pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Sammy Scott Browne TRAMPOLINING: Henry Pattemore
Thursday 8pm / 6.45pm Oakwood: GYMFIT: Jo Dunbar TRAMPOLINING: Emma Burridge
Friday 5pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Amber Daly TRAMPOLINING: Beau Waller
Friday 6pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Charlie Markey TRAMPOLINING: Emily Morris-Jupp
Friday 7pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Melissa Fox TRAMPOLINING: Emma McDonald
Saturday 11am Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Emily Mungham TRAMPOLINING: Abigail Cooper
Saturday 12pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Isabel Ball TRAMPOLINING: Jacob Budd
Saturday 1pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Ella Kola TRAMPOLINING: Nina Cronin
Sunday 11am Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Amy Webster TRAMPOLINING: Zabi Bharmel
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Emily Hemsley TRAMPOLINING: TBC
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Lauren Franklin TRAMPOLINING: TBC
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Logan Candler TRAMPOLINING: Becky Gould
Saturday 11am Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Amber Barnes TRAMPOLINING: Mia Bryant
Saturday 12pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Chloe Dean TRAMPOLINING: Freya Hanies

May 2016 

Monday 6pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Elissa Reynolds  TRAMPOLINING: Jack Davie
Monday 7pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Niamh Graham TRAMPOLINING: Susannah Hobb
Monday 6.30pm St Bedes: TRAMPOLINING: Thomas Moon
Monday 8:00pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Elliot Chambers
Wednesday 6pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Ewan Price TRAMPOLINING: Luca Ferma
Wednesday 7pm St Bedes: GYMNASTICS: Miriam Matata TRAMPOLINING: Stella Rixon
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Jennifer Moore TRAMPOLINING: Maja Ciesielska
Tuesday 5pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Tia Chapman TRAMPOLINING: Lara Paisey
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Georgia Brown TRAMPOLINING: Amy Thomas
Tuesday 7pm Jubilee: GYMNASTICS: Evie Slack  TRAMPOLINING: Abby Wood
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Abi Newton TRAMPOLINING: Emily Isherwood
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS:  Oscar & Isaac Blake TRAMPOLINING: Jessica Miles 
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Matthew Taylor TRAMPOLINING: Catherine Bolton 
Thursday 5pm /4.45pmOakwood:GYMNASTICS: Freddie Love TRAMPOLINING: Kenzie McKinnon
Thursday 6pm / 5.45pm  Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Sophie Moss TRAMPOLINING: Miles Greasley
Thursday 6.45pm  Oakwood: TRAMPOLINING: Emily Morigeon
Friday 5pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Evan Eggleton TRAMPOLINING: Melodie Motshweni
Friday 6pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS:Eloise Saunders TRAMPOLINING: Noah Conlon
Friday 7pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Mollie Lamy TRAMPOLINING: Isobel Murphy
Saturday 11am Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Isla Williams TRAMPOLINING: Shaye Chubb
Saturday 12pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Daisy King TRAMPOLINING: Jacob Budd 
Saturday 1pm Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Ameilie Fobbester-Balk TRAMPOLINING: David Lowe
Sunday 11am Oakwood: GYMNASTICS: Daisy Anderson TRAMPOLINING: Eva Zielke
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Thea Pulfer TRAMPOLINING: Ella Tresham
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Kiera Frankland TRAMPOLINING: Sophia Wiid 
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Joe Watkins TRAMPOLINING: Freddie Sharples
Saturday 11am Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Elsie Tidy TRAMPOLINING: Hazel Bennett 
Saturday 12pm Oriel: GYMNASTICS: Robyn Lewis TRAMPOLINING: Leighton Smith 


November/December ’15 Trampolining

Monday 6pm St Bede’s: Evie Lord
Monday 6.30pm St Bede’s: Oscar Leary
Monday 7pm St Bede’s: Abigail Hobbs
Monday 7.30pm St Bede’s: Eva Campbell
Monday 8.30pm St Bede’s: Mags Marsh
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: Molly Neave
Tuesday 5pm Jubilee: Yuval Ofir
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: Moira Wu
Tuesday 7pm Jubilee: Karolina Smith
Wednesday 6pm St Bede’s: Isabella Trathan
Wednesday 7pm St Bede’s:Deborah Salmon
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: Amy Lopez
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: Ella Spurgoen
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: Karen Bailey
Thursday 4.45pm Oakwood:Casey Ives
Thursday 5.45pm Oakwood: James Humphreys
Thursday 6.45pm Oakwood: Madison Emsley
Friday 5pm Oakwood: Sophie Naylor
Friday 6pm Oakwood: Phoemix Hogan
Friday 7pm Oakwood: Morgan Freear
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: Charlie Foster & Scarlett Bowden
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: Harry Rest
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: Esther Sturch
Saturday 11.00am Oakwood: Sophia Dear
Saturday 12.00pm Oakwood: Anishka Patel
Saturday 1.00pm Oakwood: Lottie Richardson
Saturday 11.00am Oriel: Ciara Fitzsimons
Saturday 12.00pm Oriel: Christian Edwards
Sunday 11.00am Oakwood: Evie Sweetman

October ’15 Gymnastics

Monday 6pm St Bedes: Maisie McKie (11)
Monday 7pm St Bedes: Lauren Townsend (9)
Wednesday 6pm St Bedes: Marley Boxall (13)
Wednesday 7pm St Bedes: Kathy Cassidy (41)
Monday 6.30pm St Bedes: Josh Kenny (9)
Monday 8:00pm St Bedes: Kie Richens (9)
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: Lily McDevitt+ Anna Kashubina
Tuesday 5pm Jubilee: Ellie Kaptian
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: Charlotte O’Leary
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee:  Molly McCarthy
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: Georgia Oliver
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: Solaiman Wescombe
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: Lewis Chapman-Perks
Thursday 5pm Oakwood:  Jamie Ives
Thursday 6pm Oakwood: Katherine Bailey
Friday 5pm Oakwood: Patrick Huggett + Aryaa Omkar-Sastry
Friday 6pm Oakwood: Darcie Olding
Friday 7pm Oakwood: TBC
Saturday 11am Oakwood: Eliana Hart (5)
Saturday 12pm Oakwood: Ella Kola (12)
Saturday 1pm Oakwood: Kieran Hart (12)
Sunday 11am Oakwood: Caitlin Taylor
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: Kira Kazemira
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: Nea Armstrong
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: Eloise Budd (12)
Saturday 11am Oriel: Emma Wallace
Saturday 12pm Oriel: Nicole Bruce (10)

June ’15 Trampolining

Monday 6pm St Bede’s: Zita Catona (10)
Monday 6.30pm St Bede’s: Sophia May (9)
Monday 7pm St Bede’s: Anastasia Brignall (10)
Monday 7.30pm St Bede’s: Jazmine Hogan (10)
Monday 8.30pm St Bede’s: Rosalind Stennet
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: Scarlett Mills (5)
Tuesday 5pm Jubilee: Winners asked not to be named
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: Leah Wood (10)
Tuesday 7pm Jubilee: Rachel Bull (11)
Wednesday 6pm St Bede’s: Isabella Burns (9)
Wednesday 7pm St Bede’s:  Deborah Salmon
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: Milo Frost (7)
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: Vicky Pearce
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: Sophie Lambert
Thursday 4.45pm Oakwood: Lily Woolsey (6)
Thursday 5.45pm Oakwood: Lexi Curry (6)
Thursday 6.45pm Oakwood: Lily-Mae Frost (9)
Friday 5pm Oakwood: Emily Isherwood (8)
Friday 6pm Oakwood: Isabella Elsworthy (4)
Friday 7pm Oakwood: Ursula Furle & Ellen Sarling
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: Yasmine Smith (11)
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: Lauren Monk (13)
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: Grace Woods (8)
Saturday 11.00am Oakwood: Lily Murphy (6)
Saturday 12.00pm Oakwood: Matthew Girling
Saturday 1.00pm Oakwood: Jessica Rockhill (5)
Saturday 11.00am Oriel: Erin Barnes (5)
Saturday 12.00pm Oriel: Alex Edwards (6)
Sunday 11.00am Oakwood: Eva Zielka (7)

March ’15 Gymnastics

Monday 6pm St Bedes: Mia Glendennig (8)
Monday 7pm St Bedes: Elise Alleyne (10)
Wednesday 6pm St Bedes: Alfie Howell (7)
Wednesday 7pm St Bedes: Ben Puttick
Monday 6.30pm St Bedes: Alex Poort (13)
Monday 8:00pm St Bedes: Freddie McArthur (8)
Tuesday 4pm Jubilee: George Bienkowski (6)
Tuesday 5pm Jubilee: Holly Millns (6)
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: Ella Wood (7)
Tuesday 6pm Jubilee: Agatha Joao (10)
Wednesday 6.30pm Oakwood: Sophia Howden (7)
Wednesday 7.30pm Oakwood: Evie Nickson (9)
Wednesday 8.30pm Oakwood: Rory O’Sullivan (13)
Thursday 5pm Oakwood: Samuel Mountain (6)
Thursday 6pm Oakwood: Lucy Pidgeon (14)
Friday 5pm Oakwood: Sky Woods (6)
Friday 6pm Oakwood: Amalie Lock (7)
Friday 7pm Oakwood: Teagan Pearce (11)
Saturday 11am Oakwood: Jasmine Keane (7)
Saturday 12pm Oakwood: Luke Hyde (6)
Saturday 1pm Oakwood: Amelia King (12)
Sunday 11am Oakwood: Rebecca Markan (6)
Friday 5.30pm Oriel: Evita Celeryte (7)
Friday 6.30pm Oriel: Ellie Pattison (7)
Friday 7.30pm Oriel: Amy Tarsitano (10)
Saturday 11am Oriel: Charlotte Lamb (6)
Saturday 12pm Oriel: Abigail Winton (7)

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Fay Greene Trophy.

Springfit Club awards the coveted Fay Greene trophy every February to the gymnast who, in the eyes of the coaches, has made the most progress in the last year. It is not given to necessarily the best gymnast, but rewards those who show great enthusiasm and dedication in class.

The award is made in memory of Fay who was a talented gymnast – and later a coach – with Saturn V.
The trophy was provided by Fay’s family who wanted her name to be forever associated with gymnastics – the sport she loved.

Previous winners are:

1998 – Grace Dimery
1999 – Tamara Hodcroft
2000 – Katie Short
2001 – Mark Palmer
2002 – Mark Palmer
2003 – Lauren Dimery
2004 – Zoe Briscoe
2005 – Georgina Donovan
2006 – Hannah May
2007 – Katie Pidgeon
2008 – Abbie Clifton
2009 – Francesca Bagley
2010 – Hannah Bagley
2011 – Abbie James
2012 – Emilie Marsh
2013 – Lily Edwards
2014 – Daniel Tarsitano
2015 – Chloe Forward
2016 – TBC

Elite class trophy.
The prestigious Elite class trophy is also awarded annually to one gymnast in the club’s Elite gymnastics squad class.
Founded in 2006 by coach Stacey Rodd, the class (originally named “Rodd Squad”) is provided to a select few who wish to improve their floor and vault techniques and train for competitions. The class is by invitation only, and offered in addition to regular training hours at the club.

The Elite gymnastics trophy is awarded in January to the gymnast who, in the eyes of the class coaches has shown the best FLEXIBILITY, STRENGTH, PERFORMANCE AND ATTITUDE (ie all round ability and enthusiasm) in the last year.

Previous winners are:

2007 – Abbie Clifton
2008 – Amber Clifton
2009 – Zara Flint
2010 – Katie Pidgeon
2011 – Rosa Gilham
2012 – Ruby Charlesworth
2013 – Emily Charman
2014 – Lucy Fish
2015 – Abbie James
2016 – TBC