At Springfit competitions we ask that boys come dressed in a plain white t-shirt, white or black shorts and suitable footwear.

Girls are required to wear a leotard to help the judges see correct form in the moves performed. Many children want to wear the official club leotard which can be viewed at

We appreciate that even the most basic leotard design can be expensive for parents, and want to help the children feel professional while in keeping with the club identity, and are happy to offer an affordable solution.

We have made available a bespoke diamante iron-on transfer design that can be added to any leotard to make it a Springfit leotard!

Yours for only £3.50, this transfer design comes with full instructions and is perfect for adding to a lycra leotard from a bargain rail in many stores.

To order, please make a payment for £3.50 at and simply enter “TRANSFER ONLY” in the Club/Event Details box and choose the competition it is for.

Springfit Leotard logo
Springfit Leotard logo