Our trampoline progress medals week took place at the start of December. All coaches in each of our 32 trampoline classes named an individual who they thought had made the most progress in class over the past six months and presented them with a thoroughly deserved gold medal.

When deciding upon a progress medal winner, coaches take various things into consideration such as a trampolinist’s increase in confidence, determination, attentiveness in class, perseverance with a tricky move, improvements in balance and co-ordination, agility, good attendance levels and attention to ‘spotting’ for safety. Progress medals are a great way to boost confidence, to reward those for their hard efforts and to keep the momentum going in class. We even offer progress medals out to members of all of our adult trampoline classes!

Parents are given notice about this special day and invited along to spectate which provides a great, supportive crowd around the trampolines. The children clearly grow in confidence and enjoy showing off their latest skills for parents to see how far they have come in the past six months. Our members always enjoy progress medals week and it is a class event that all look forward to.

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all 32 gymnasts pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.

Lewis Green (6 yrs) – St Bede’s Mon 6pm – Photo to follow

George Flynn (7 yrs) - St Bede's Mon 6.30pm
George Flynn (7 yrs) – St Bede’s Mon 6.30pm

Ella McWilliams (10 yrs)  - St Bede's Mon 7pm
Ella McWilliams (10 yrs) – St Bede’s Mon 7pm
Scarlett Shepherd (10yrs) – St Bede’s Mon 7.30pm – Photo to follow

Stephanie Challis - St Bede's Mon 8.30pm
Stephanie Challis – St Bede’s Mon 8.30pm

Katie Pearson (13yrs) - Jubilee Tues 4pm
Katie Pearson (13yrs) – Jubilee Tues 4pm

Ruby Mulligan (5yrs) - Jubilee Tues 5pm
Ruby Mulligan (5yrs) – Jubilee Tues 5pm

Poppy Newman (6yrs) - Jubilee Tues 6pm
Poppy Newman (6yrs) – Jubilee Tues 6pm

Leah Hamer (10yrs) - Jubilee Tues 7pm
Leah Hamer (10yrs) – Jubilee Tues 7pm

Mikey Quinlan (4 yrs) - St Bede's Weds 6pm
Mikey Quinlan (4 yrs) – St Bede’s Weds 6pm

Lewis Thornhill (10 yrs) - St Bede's Weds 7pm
Lewis Thornhill (10 yrs) – St Bede’s Weds 7pm

Harley Hodges (? yrs) - Oakwood Weds 6.30pm
Harley Hodges (10 yrs) – Oakwood Weds 6.30pm

Joshua Churcher (? yrs) - Oakwood Weds 7.30pm
Joshua Churcher (10 yrs) – Oakwood Weds 7.30pm

Colette Gooding (? yrs) - Oakwood Weds 8.30pm
Colette Gooding – Oakwood Weds 8.30pm

Ella-Louise Bentley (6  yrs) - Oakwood Thurs 4.45pm
Ella-Louise Bentley (6 yrs) – Oakwood Thurs 4.45pm

Aimee Matthews ( yrs) - Oakwood Thurs 5.45pm
Aimee Matthews (9 yrs) – Oakwood Thurs 5.45pm

Ben Faulkner (11 yrs) - Oakwood Thurs 6.45pm
Ben Faulkner (11 yrs) – Oakwood Thurs 6.45pm

Megan Clive (? yrs) - Oakwood Fri 5pm
Megan Clive (9 yrs) – Oakwood Fri 5pm
 Abigail Field (9 yrs) - Oakwood Friday 6pmAbigail Field (9 yrs) – Oakwood Friday 6pm

Bonnie Taylor (5 yrs) - Oakwood Fri 7pm
Bonnie Taylor (5 yrs) – Oakwood Fri 7pm

Jamie Forbes-Whitear (11 yrs) - Oriel Fri 5.30pm
Jamie Forbes-Whitear (11 yrs) – Oriel Fri 5.30pm

Aimée Stepney (9 yrs) - Oriel Fri 6.30pm
Aimée Stepney (9 yrs) – Oriel Fri 6.30pm

Katherine Wheeler (14 yrs) - Oriel Fri 7.30pm
Katherine Wheeler (14 yrs) – Oriel Fri 7.30pm
ORI Fri 8.30 – Sarah Plummer – Photo to follow

William Longstaff (? yrs) - Oakwood Sat 11.00am
William Longstaff (5 yrs) – Oakwood Sat 11.00am

Abigail Cooper (8 yrs) - Oakwood Sat 12.00pm
Abigail Cooper (8 yrs) – Oakwood Sat 12.00pm

Emily Cowell (4 yrs) - Oakwood Sat 1.00pm
Emily Cowell (4 yrs) – Oakwood Sat 1.00pm

Charlie Gillett (7 yrs) -  Oriel Sat 11.00am
Charlie Gillett (7 yrs) – Oriel Sat 11.00am

Matthew Snook (10 yrs) - Oriel Sat 12.00pm
Matthew Snook (10 yrs) – Oriel Sat 12.00pm

Ella Low (7 yrs) - Oakwood Sun 11.00am
Ella Low (7 yrs) – Oakwood Sun 11.00am

Jazmine Hogan definitely has something to smile about. In the last month alone, she has won four medals for competing in various competitions. First was a bronze medal in our trampoline competition along with a gold in the same competition for a synchronized routine that she performed with her partner Scarlett Shepherd. The very same weekend she took part in a competition in Guildford hosted by Flair Gymnastics and came away with a bronze. Her latest medal was a silver in our floor and vault gymnastics competition. Four medals in less than a month, well done Jazmine!

Jazmine said: “I am shocked and amazed that I got 4 medals in 2 weeks. The most exciting was the gold that Scarlett and I got for synchro trampolining because it was the first time we had done it and we were the youngest in the competition. I didn’t expect to get any trampolining medals at all because I hadn’t been in Group G before and it was a bit scary having to do somersaults. In the gymnastics competition I was coming 7th after my floor routine, but my vault was so good that I came 2nd overall. I really enjoy competitions and I’m looking forward to the next ones in March.”


Jazmine Hogan


Sunday 16th November saw us host the largest gymnastics competition we have run to date. Other local clubs and organisations in the Surrey area were invited along to participate in this very friendly competition. With 91 competitors and over 200 parents and supporters cheering the gymnasts on, it was an action packed day with a fabulous, fun and lively atmosphere.

The first half of the day saw 45 competitors from novice Grades 1 and 2 take part in floor routines and jumps over the vault. Despite some nerves, there were some really talented young gymnasts and for many it was their first competition and first time in front of such a large audience. The crowd were brilliant and were really cheering the youngsters on. This kind of friendly competition really does boost a child’s confidence, whether they win or not. It helps boost self esteem and taking part in such a large competition is something they can be really proud of.

The second half of the day saw the slightly older and more experienced gymnasts compete, with more advanced Grades 2 through to 6. Some of the routines that were performed were very impressive and the crowd looked on in amazement at gymnasts somersaulting through the air and springing high over the vault. Quite a large proportion of the gymnasts that performed in this age category have been with us since they were very young and have competed for a number of years, starting in the earlier grades. It was incredible to see such talent and how a gymnast’s ability increases so much with age if they stick with the sport.

Independent judges and officials from other clubs were brought in to help out and 36 bronze, silver and gold medals in total were awarded, along with the “Charlie Clifton award for effort in competition”. This special trophy is in memory of a stalwart of Springfit Club and his enduring dedication to the efforts of gymnasts who enjoy the sport. It was presented to nine year old Maddie Vickers of Pointers Club who overcame tearful nerves to finish her routine with aplomb and an ovation from those watching.

The event was such a friendly affair with competitors looking on encouraging each other and also congratulating each other after each routine and medal presentation had taken place.

A huge well done and congratulations for all those who took part and are looking forward to the next competition in March.


Gym comp 3 - Nov 14
Gym comp 3 – Nov 14

Scarlett Shepherd (10yrs) from Maidenbower attends two of our trampoline classes per week and achieved three Gold medals over the weekend of 8th/9th November. In our very own invitational trampoline competition she topped the level G group, attaining a fantastic score of 18.07 out of a possible 20 to beat 13 others to the podium. She also took part in the impressive “synchro” event where two trampolinists bounce in time to perform a routine of high difficulty and kept perfect time with her partner Jazmine Hogan to come first and walk away with her second medal.

The following day she travelled with some of the trampoline squad from our St Bede’s class, Redhill to Guildford to take part in the Flair Invitational event with dozens of other clubs. There she beat 12 others to the gold medal performing the same routine flawlessly and was overjoyed at achieving her third gold medal of the weekend.


Scarlett said:
“I wouldn’t have won these medals if it wasn’t for Springfit and all the wonderful coaches there, especially Sharley and Adam. I have only been doing trampolining for two years and am already on badge A2.”


Well done Scarlett!!

 Scarlett Shepherd - Triple Gold Medalist

Our six monthly trampoline competition took place on Saturday 8th November at Moor House School, Oxted. We invited several other local clubs, schools and organisations in the Surrey area to participate.

The day commenced with lots of nervous excitement and encouragement from the many parents/family members who stayed to spectate and show their support for the competitors.

The competition was tough and all trampolinists performed two routines, showing amazing displays of talent and determination. The age of those competing ranged from 5 to 15 years. Although this was a friendly competition, young trampolinists were still under pressure to perform their routines with precision and in front of a large crowd with all eyes on them. We believe that competitions like this really do boost children’s confidence. It gives them such a sense of achievement and something to be proud of. Even if they don’t win, performing in front of a crowd does wonders for self esteem.

It was a fantastic day in a fun and friendly atmosphere thanks to the competitors and the supporters. 30 bronze, silver and gold medals in total were awarded in various categories and all competitors received certificates of achievement.

Along with medals for achievement, there was also a trophy awarded for “effort in competition”. This was presented in loving memory of Marie Manhire-Clark who was a judge at our competitions for many years and tragically passed away the week before the event at the age of 29. This will be an ongoing dedication for future events to honour her involvement and encouragement in helping so many people enjoy the pinnacle of their trampoline experience in competition. Fittingly, Eloise North of Marie’s club, Anti-Gravity, won the trophy in the higher categories.

Our next event in March is already highly anticipated with several children moving up to higher ability grades having won gold medals. Watch this space!

A huge well done and congratulations to all those who took part!


Tramp Comp - Nov 14

Trampoline Comp - Nov 14


Since our inception in 2007, Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club has grown from strength to strength, and upon our seventh year anniversary anniversary this September, the club is expected to reach the 1,000 member milestone.

Originating in Horley, the reputation of our hugely popular classes has built steadily over the years, with news of our fun and friendly coaches and welcoming class environment spreading across East Surrey and Sussex, leading to additional venues in Redhill, Crawley and East Grinstead which are now well established.

Keeping up with demand has been a simple key aim for the club, providing classes from pre-school aged children through to now running no less than ten adult classes! The introduction of “youth” gymnastics for late starters and “freestyle” for those teenage boys interested in free-running and parkour has been the latest development, and with members of our ability-based classes staying at the club and showing such improvement, there are currently plans to provide further advanced classes.

We host six “fun and friendly” competitions a year for various clubs and organisations who enjoy the local nature of the events and rave about the relaxed atmosphere. Supporting and encouraging young people in sport and competition is just one part of the club’s ethos, and our steady coach development has put us on the map, with several instructors branching out further to provide the Springfit style of teaching in more schools than most other boroughs.

Club Manager Adam Reynolds said of the milestone “Since I started the club all we have tried to do is offer the benefits of these wonderful sports to the community, and it is great to have been able to remain as inclusive as possible. It is testament to the wonderful coaches we have that so many people enjoy our classes and there has been such positive feedback that it just inspires us to provide more!”

With new discount packages for siblings and those attending more than one class per week, the club is tuned in to the needs of our members and clearly should have no problem attracting the few remaining places needed to push us over the 1000 member mark.

If you would like to join the growing number of people involved in gymnastics and trampolining with Springfit, you can find out details about classes on the website or call 0203 478 0203.


Members of Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club in East Grinstead were treated to a surprise last week as the club unveiled it’s new centre-piece for the hall they run ever-popular classes in.

The 11 metre inflatable has already proved a big hit with the children in ability-based gymnastics classes, and will allow them to further their enjoyment of the sport through more advanced moves and varied coaching techniques.

Usually most helpful in ‘tumbling’, the air track is a versatile piece of equipment that enables gymnasts to get extra bounce or ‘rebound’ when performing a sequence of moves, and provides an additional safety aspect with the very forgiving surface being so flexible. This particular track is very tall, meaning landings can be practiced onto high surfaces too. Games on air tracks are always a popular favourite, and with Easter coming up there will no doubt be some entertaining exercises being devised on the track for members.

This latest purchase for the club means air tracks are now present in all training venues, guaranteeing fun and excitement for all gymnastics classes from Redhill to Horley and Crawley as well as the newest of the Springfit venues in East Grinstead.

As you can see from the photos below, our coaches love the apparatus and will undoubtedly be demonstrating at any opportunity for the equally excited class members!

Jubilee Centre coaches on the new air track
Jubilee Centre coaches on the new air track


The new air track in East Grinstead
The new air track in East Grinstead

Ever wanted to come along to Springfit classes but can’t commit to regular attendance and monthly subscriptions?

We now offer a fantastic alternative option for those who want to join our sessions on an occasional basis.

If you are unable to reserve your place in one of our classes permanently, we are happy to cater for those who work shifts or would like to drop in to classes when they are able to by providing a voucher card worth nine hours worth of lessons. It costs £65.00 and means you are able to come along to any class that has availability.

To check availability please visit www.springfit.org/classes before every class as the information gets updated regularly.

To buy a card please complete the form at www.springfit.org/voucher-card.

You may want to contact us first so we can allocate you a member number if you do not already have one.

Then follow these two simple steps:

1. Visit www.springfit.org/PAYMENTS and make a payment for £65.00.
NB. Under the “Class Venue and Details” section please note the next session you expect to attend and we can have your card ready for you to collect.

2. Visit www.springfit.org/contact-details and supply the contact information.

Your voucher credit will then be recorded at Springfit HQ.

Simply present your card in class and the coach will notify the office who can keep track of the amount of sessions you have used, and you will receive regular updates about your attendance.

Terms & Conditions:
Not transferable. Valid for three months from date of purchase.
Please note this DOES NOT guarantee you a place in a class. If a class is full, priority has to go to existing enrolled members.
You are welcome to turn up to any class that shows spaces available at www.springfit.org/classes.
You are welcome to check how many hours you have left by emailing the club.

Voucher Card

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Annabel Farley BSc Hons as part of the management team at Springfit.

Annabel brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment which will prove to be most beneficial for everyone involved with the club as she settles into her role encompassing coach and parent co-ordinator as well as facilitator of club projects and class development.

Annabel has a degree in Sports Science and is eager to apply her skills to the many ideas and opportunities the club has in its development plan. No doubt our members will notice improvements in all aspects of classes and communication with the office as the future vision of the club begins to take giant leaps forward.

Annabel says “I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about people progressing in classes. Competitions will be especially exciting to be part of, and my first one this November will give me plenty of ideas to work with for beneficial things to do over the next year.”

Look out for her influence in everything from eye-catching displays appearing in every venue to informative posters and emails for parents.

The future is bright at Springfit.