Throughout the week of Monday 6th to Sunday 12th February we will be inviting all members to come along to classes wearing their PJS or ONESIES to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation and C-R-Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

All funds will be split evenly between the two charities.

Taking part is optional, and we only ask for a minimum donation of £2.00 per member to be handed to the coach at the beginning of the class or visit

These two charities are very much close to our heart as they represent Charlie Clifton and Marie Manhire-Clark (pictured) who were a big part of Springfit and sadly both were taken by heart attacks in recent years.

Photos may be taken for a short article about the event for our website, Facebook page and/or press release, so please feel free to join the valentines fun and help out the good causes.

We look forward to seeing you along!

With thanks, The Springfit team

As the Club is growing so much – we have to create two separate posts for our Hall of Fame for our Gymnastics and Trampoline Class Progress Medal winners.

During this special session, parents are invited to watch their children and their classmates show the progress they have made, and sometimes enjoy a group performance choreographed by the coach (in gymnastics) as well as individually showcase their ever growing repertoire of skills. The head coach then had to decide on one gymnast whom they felt had made the most progress over the last six months. This is definitely one of their hardest tasks as a Springfit Head Coach, as everyone seems to be coming on leaps and bounds! Coaches also look at other factors such as attendance level, attentiveness in class as well perseverance with a tricky move or improvements in balance and co-ordination. At the end of the class, the chosen gymnast was awarded a well deserved gold medal for their hard work and determination.

It  always gives us great pleasure in presenting these lovely shiny gold medals to our Springfit members who we feel deserve the recognition. It boosts  confidence, gives them a sense of pride in what they do and offers something to focus on and work towards every six months. In addition, it’s a class event that all our members look forward to and enjoy, as well as the parents and other spectators!

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all the gymnasts pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.


ozzy-dackcombeCopthorne Monday 3.30pm -Ozzy Dackombe
maisie-tyrellCopthorne Monday 4.30pm -Maisie Tyrrell
Copthorne Monday 5.30pm – Lola Ryan
harriet-jones-stb-mon-g-1800 St Bede’s Monday 6.00pm – Harriet Jones
St Bede’s Monday 6.30pm –  Amelie Daly (Freestyle)
No Photo
sophie-bellew-stb-mon-g-1900-8yrs Bede’s Monday 7.00pm – Sophie Bellow
St Bede’s Monday 8.00pm – Sophie Swain (Freestyle)
No Photo
sienna-tester Copthorne Tuesday 3.30pm – Sienna Tester
megan-carroll Copthorne Tuesday 4.30pm – Megan Carroll
phoebe-winCopthorne Tuesday 5.30pm – Phoebe Win
florie-waters-jub-tue-g-1600Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Florrie Waters
leila-greasley-jub-tue-g-1700-7yrsJubilee Tuesday 5pm – Leila Greasly
Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Jasmine Cooper
Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Olivia Gleason James
St Bedes Wednesday (Boys) 6pm – Daniel Ryan
St Bedes Wednesday (Adult) 7pm – Harriet Johns
Oakwood Wednesday (Youth) 6.30pm  – Hollie Chamberlain
Oakwood Wednesday (Freestyle) 7.30pm  – Christopher Miles
Oakwood Wednesday (Freestyle) 8.30pm  – Tom Saunders
Oakwood Thursday (Boys) 5pm -Alexandros Woolston
sammy2Oakwood Thursday (Elite) 6pm – Sammy Scott-Browne
Oakwood Thursday (GymFit) 8pm – Jo Dunbar
amber-daly Oakwood Friday 5pm – Amber Daly
Oakwood Friday 6pm – Charlie Markey
 Oakwood Friday 7pm – Melissa Fox
emily-hemsley-ori-fri-g-1730-7yrsOriel Friday 5.30pm -Emily Hemsley
lauren-frankland-ori-fri-g-1830-8yrsOriel Friday 6.30pm – Lauren Franklin
Oriel Friday 7.30pm – Logan Candler
Oakwood Saturday 11am – Emily Mungham
Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Isabel Ball
ella-kola-oak-sat-g-1300-13yrsOakwood Saturday 1pm – Ella Kola
amber-barnes-ori-sat-g-1100-5yrsOriel Saturday 11am – Amber Barnes
chloe-dean-ori-sat-g-1200-7yrsOriel Saturday 12pm – Chloe Dean
Oakwood Sunday 11am – Amy Webster

Sorry that it has taken a few days to get this write-up finished but it has been a really busy couple of weeks!

On 24th April, we were invited to take part in the annual Acrobatic Gymnastics competition hosted by our sister club- Pointers in Warlingham. Acrobatic Gymnastics involves partnering with another individual or as part of a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, lifts, dance and tumbling with all set to music.

Acrobatics is one of the most accessible (but also one of the most tricky) of the gymnastics disciplines, as there is no real need for equipment when performing. Also by learning as a pair or group, gymnasts develop their skills, strength and coordination together, so they are learning more than just their gymnastics skills.

The first half of the competition was given over to Grade 1 and 4 Pairs. Sisters Phoenix and Jazmine Hogan performed excellently in the Grade 1 Pairs and came home with a Bronze Medal which so easily could have been Gold as there was onCharlie and Aimee looking Chic!ly .2 points separating first and third place. Also competing in this section were pair Charlie Knowles and Aimee Stapleton from our Monday St Bedes class – they had made their competition day a special occasion with a trip to the hairdresser for matching braids and nails – Very Chic!

Head Gymnastics Coach Helen Hutson-Pope who coaches the girls wants to say ” A special well done to Charlie who after 4 years with us, finally plucked up the courage to compete. You did it Charlie!!”

The second half was given over to the Grade 2 and 3 Pairs and Trios and it was great to see some of our sightly older gymnasts taking their places on the podium after some amazing performances.  The Grade 3 Pairs was another closely contested division with judges finding it hard to fault the performances and it resulted in 4 pairs sharing the Gold Medal! Even better was that two of these pairs were from Springfit – Well Done to Katie Vaughan and Eloise Murphy as well Eloise Budd and Sophia Wiid .

Our final medal of the day went to our Grade 3 girls trio of Sammy Scott-Browne, Katherine Bailey and Freya Mean who put in a dazzling but solid trio routine to take home the silver medal.

We would like to congratulate all the gymnasts that took part – you did yourself, your family and Springfit proud!


Just a quick reminder that classes finish on the 22nd December and will start again on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Everyone at Springfit would like to wish you all a happy holiday and hope that Santa brings you everything you wish you – maybe a new leotard or pair of trampolining shoes?!

Have you ever wanted to give gymnastics a go? Why not take advantage of our summer offer – over the next 6 Thursday we are inviting you to come along to our Adult Gymnastics session between 8-9pm at Oakwood Leisure Centre and it will only cost you £1! Yes you read that right!

Why Gymnastics? Here are just a few health benefits:

• Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health)

• Increases energy and sense of vitality

• Firms and tones the muscles

• Improves concentration and mental focus

Here is what to expect:

Classes start with a pulse raiser and a stretch preparing you for the main bulk of the session which could be anything from:
Floor – working through basic and advanced progressions from forward rolls to backflips.
Beam – allowing you to improve your balance by walking or even cartwheeling along the beam.
Trampette – testing your sprinting and jumping skills getting you to manipulate your body to form straight jumps to somersaults.
Vault – again testing your sprinting and jumping skills forming different shapes up to handsprings over the top of the vault
The classes then finish by testing your mettle in some fairly gruelling conditioning exercises, and a slow paced cool down.

For more information: Click Here.

Three of our 7 year old gymnasts won the hearts of spectators at the annual Acro competition that we take part in. Acrobatic Gymnastics is a difficult discipline as it involves partnering with another individual or a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, balances, lifts, dance and tumbling moves, all set to music.

The 7 year old boys did so well and put on a very brave performance. They had never taken part in any competitions before, in fact one of the boys has only been with the club for 3 months! We are really proud of them. To be only 2.7 marks off their starting tariff was a fantastic effort, and actually equalled the performance of the trio that went on to win Gold!

Diligently practicing at their weekly boys class at Oakwood certainly helped with overcoming nerves on the day, and the boys thank their Head Coach, Georgie who has worked with them every week to build their confidence. She was there when they took the floor in front of all the spectators and was overjoyed to witness a brilliant routine. The crowd’s reaction to the trio proved how much everyone loved it too. The three boys really did steal the show!

The boys from Horley and Crawley, all 7 years old, are pictured below. Aaron Cass, Nathan Head and Alexander Ballard all attend our Thursday 5pm boys gymnastics class at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley.


Boys at acro comp

Boys at Acro 2

Last month we were  invited along to the annual tumbling competition hosted by our sister club Pointers in Warlingham. Gymnasts from five other clubs across Surrey also took part.

The spectacular discipline of tumbling is a pleasure to watch for proud parents, as gymnasts link one impressive move after another, along a strip of floor matting. The more basic levels include moves such as forward rolls, cartwheels and jumps, through to the higher grades that involve back flips, somersaults and handsprings. It’s truly a highlight of many people’s gymnastic calendar.

As people have come to expect (from the competitions we organise and take part in) the event was a friendly, fun day in a relaxed atmosphere with many spectators coming along to support the children, and lots of photographs to commemorate it.

The gymnasts from Springfit did so well and five of them came away with medals for their excellent performances.

Eloise Bassett won a very well deserved gold medal. Jazmine Hogan narrowly missed a gold medal but came away with silver and Eloise Murphy, Mica Harris and Eloise Budd all won bronze. Well done to all of our gymnasts that took part.

Pictured below are the medal winners.


tumbling comp

We recently held our highly anticipated four monthly trampoline competition at Moor House School in Oxted. Gymnasts from four other clubs made their way to Oxted to compete along with 20 members of Springfit.

Many parents and grandparents came along to watch and the gym was full of eager supporters and excited gymnasts by 2pm. The afternoon started with the younger children aged 5-12 years competing in the entry level grades. Any nerves were left at the door as the little ones hopped on to the trampoline and performed two routines (for some it was as though they had done it a million times before in front of so many people!) There were some brave young gymnasts in this category that showcased great coordination, agility and balance, performing tricky moves with ease. Eloise Murphy (age 7) took away a well deserved gold medal for a flawless routine and Madison Emsley (age 10) did really well and won a bronze medal. A great start to hopefully many more competitions for them in the future.

After a short break, the second half commenced with the impressive higher level grades involving many somersaults. Gymnasts aged 7-17 years in five different categories took to the trampoline and once again performed two routines. The second half clearly showed that sticking with the sport from a young age really does pay off as the precision with which routines were performed was fantastic and the competition was really quite tough. Katie Pidgeon (age 17) and Scarlett Shepherd (age 10) both performed impeccably well and wowed the spectators with their high energy routines. Both came away with well deserved gold medals. Lauren Monk (age 14) earned a bronze medal and Charlotte Grainger (age 13) and Rachel Bull (age 12) performed a great synchronized routine together and took away Silver medals.

It was a really fun afternoon in a friendly and relaxed environment as is always the case at any of our competitions.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Below is a photo of all the medal winners from the first half of the competition.


Trampoline Comp Mar 15

Springfit have recently awarded 13 year old Lucy Fish with the prestigious Elite gymnastics trophy. The trophy is one of the highest honours at the Club, awarded on an annual basis for outstanding achievement within the Elite squad over the past 12 months.

Lucy has enjoyed the challenges of the Elite Class for a number of years, and was first invited to one of the limited places by the Head Coach of advanced classes at the Club. Further training hours have clearly helped Lucy progress in the sport and her enjoyment has not waned in all this time. The trophy presentation has spurred her on to achieve more, and another year of exciting classes ahead is beckoning. Lucy herself says “’Springfit is a wonderful place to be, there are good facilities and everyone is so kind and supportive to help you be the best you can. I love it!!!”

Lucy competes regularly and recently won a bronze medal in November’s Floor and Vault competition where over 90 children took part. She has also won medals for her efforts competing in many other competitions in various disciplines over the past six years, showing her ability in all the different types of gymnastics taught at the Club.

Lucy is pictured below after being presented with the trophy by Adam Reynolds.


Lucy Fish - Elite Trophy
Lucy Fish – Elite Trophy

Seven year old Daniel Tarsitano has been selected from nearly 500 gymnasts here at Springfit to be rewarded with a coveted annual trophy for his progress throughout 2014.

Daniel attends two classes a week along with his older sister, Amy, and the pair have even earned an invite to join the exclusive Elite squad class in recent months, impressing the coaches in each of their classes with their determination and positive attitude towards the sport.

Our Head Coaches got together and unanimously decided that Daniel has come on leaps and bounds in the last year, progressing through the proficiency award scheme run in classes and regularly practising at home to achieve exceptional levels of skill in gymnastics.

The trophy is an annual award, presented to the gymnast who, in the coaches opinion, has made the biggest improvement in their gymnastic skills over the past 12 months. The trophy was first given to the club in 1998 in loving memory of a young girl named Fay Greene who was passionate about gymnastics and attended classes at Springfit regularly. Daniel’s name has now been engraved on to the trophy along with the 16 other talented gymnasts who have won this in previous years.

Pictured below is Daniel receiving the trophy in our Friday evening advanced class, proudly enjoying his moment as one of the youngest recipients of the award.


Daniel Tarsitano - Fay Greene Trophy
Daniel Tarsitano