We are pleased to announce the 12 year old Katie Vaughan from Horley has been awarded Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.

The trophy rewards effort in improving flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.
Katie has begun competing in regular competitions for the club including taking Bronze in the Floor and Vault Competition in November and Gold on the Beam in the July Competition) and she has shown a determination in her attitude towards training sessions that her coaches really admire.

Katie Vaughan Elite
Katie looking very happy with her trophy!

 Head Coach Plamen has this to say – “Katie thoroughly deserves this award because of her overall performance in class and her attitude has always been very good.”

In both the Elite Class and her Advanced Gymnastics class at Oakwood Sports Centre, Katie works hard individually to improve her own ability level and her self-motivation is evident to other members of the Elite gymnastics class. Fellow Head Coach Georgie had this to say of Kate – ” She always has been great and has sustained her extremely high level of performance and dedication for the last year.”

Even though a quiet member of our classes , Katie clearly enjoys her gymnastics and this a good reason why she continues to just get better and better! She puts 100% into every aspect of her training and the results speak for themselves.

This special class is not advertised by Springfit but provides further hours of training to members through a personal invitation by the Head Coach of the several advanced classes at the club as a means to provide further training in the more difficult skills children can learn.

Everyone at Springfit would like to CONGRATULATE Katie again – keep up the good work!

Between the 14th to 22nd December 2015 we had a record breaking week here at Springfit!!

“Records Week” is an opportunity for gymnasts and trampolinists to challenge their coach (where possible) and hopefully win as well as trying to beat certain moves that other club members have held for the longest, performed the most times, done the highest or furthest.  If there is a certain skill not on the list, members are invited to make up their own record and get their name on the leaderboard.

Club records are a great way of providing alternative options for class members to do when they get ‘stuck’ on certain moves from the Proficiency Awards undertaken in classes.

At the end of the week the records were collated from each venue and the website has been updated to show those who performed the impressive feats best. Click Here to read the full list.


New Gymnastics Records included:

  • Most forward walkovers in 1 minute  set at 18 by Alice Clinton (Jubilee)
  • Most round offs in 1 minute set at 24 by Edward Duff (St Bedes)
  • Longest bridge walk in 1 minute set at 24m by Katherine Bailey (Oakwood)
New Trampolining Records included:
  • Most twists in one jump set at 2.5 by Aimee Bromfield (Oriel)
  • Half turn tables in 1 minute set at 26 by Karmel Bull (St Bedes)
  • Back bounces in 1 minute set at 56 by Aylish Moore (Jubilee)

It is good to see Club Manager Adam Reynolds ‘still has it’ setting his own new record of 7 Front landing half twist to back landings whilst at Oriel on the 19th December 2015….who will beat that record this December?! The challenge is on!



On Saturday 7th November, Springfit held their latest Trampolining Competition at Moor House School in Oxted.

We had an incredible response to the Invitational and members from several local clubs  joined together with the Springfit trampolinists to show off their amazing skills. Even though there were over sixty participants, the friendly and caring atmosphere that Springfit aim to create at all their competitions made sure that they all felt comfortable and welcome and definitely will have calmed any nerves.

Friends and family were out in force to support their children and they are treated to a great view of the competition from the balcony. Looking up for approval from our judges were a wide range of competitors, from six-year olds all the way up to the teenagers from the more advanced classes.

The quality of the performances wowed the judges and it was apparent that the trampolinists from all Clubs are improving with each event. A special mention goes to Abigail Field , who trains with us at our Oakwood location, was awarded the Marie Manhire-Clark trophy for effort, this was her sixth competition and she shows such enthusiasm in her performances and we believed she will continue to get better and better!

There was an almost clean sweep for Anti-Gravity in first half, doing Marie proud as well as new manager; Emily. We would like to congratulate them on such a fine display of trampolining.

In 7 years & under Level I category Lily Murphy (Oakwood, Springfit) and Phoenix Hogan (Oriel, Springfit) took 1st and 2nd place respectively. This was a great performance especially for Phoenix who has improved immensely since previous competitions and deserved her first ever competition medal. Phoenix and Abigail are both trained by Sharley, one of our Head Trampolining Coaches and she is obviously doing a fine job nurturing their talents and helping them build their confidence.

Head Judge Adam Reynolds also commented on how impressed he was with the quality of all the performances and also the support shown to all the trampolinists : “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

Huge congratulations must go to each and every competitor who displayed determination on the apparatus, and enjoyed the event showing great sportsmanship which helped to create such a fun and friendly atmosphere. Pictured below are some of the medal winners – Abigail is at the front proudly showing off her Marie Manhire-Clark trophy for Effort!

Photos by Jeremy Gassman @ www.PhotoViva.co.uk

Medal Winners

Last weekend we hosted our Trampette and Beam competition and we enjoyed a great turn out with lots of Springfit gymnasts from across our four venues in Surrey and Sussex, as well as welcoming a number of competitors from one of our sister Club Startastic Gymnastics in Epsom.

As people have come to expect from the competitions we organise and take part in, the event was a friendly, fun day in a relaxed atmosphere with over 100 spectators coming along to support the children, and lots of proud parents with their photographs of smiling children to commemorate it.

First on the agenda was the Beam Competition, where each gymnasts had put together a routine that comprised eight gymnastic elements including turns, jumps and leaps, balances and tumble moves plus a mount and dismount. Utilising the whole beam and traveling the length of it at least three times – there is a lot for them to do in their 1 1/2 minute routines.

In the intermediate section there were four different age groups and honours were split between Springfit and Startastic gymnasts. It was the same in the advanced sections where the level of skills were higher and very carefully choreographed dance elements impressed the judges, earning bonus points for creativity.

Congratulations to Eloise Budd (12yrs), Katie Trimbell (7yrs) and Jazmine Hogan (10yrs) of Springfit and Rowie Braid (9yrs), Anna Mitchell (8yrs) and Esme Spencer (14yrs) of Startastic who all achieved first place in their respective categories.

In the second half of the competition we moved onto the trampette apparatus where enthusiastic gymnasts performed four different jumps for the judges. The skills they performed in the air were graded on difficulty and the groups were further split by age. Younger and first time competitors enjoyed showing the audience how well they have learned skills in Springfit classes including straddle and pike shaped jumps as well as twists. The older gymnasts from more advanced classes performed impressive somersaults and even drew gasps of delights from the crowd with sky high dive rolls and twisting somersaults.

Springfit gymnasts took a number of the medals in this discipline – Keira Bruce (6yrs), Kieran Hart (12yrs) and Eavan Dunn (11yrs) to name a few gold medal winners.

A full list of the results can be found here. Again a huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU to everyone who took part and helped to make this competition a great success.

Pictured below are the medal winners from both disciplines.

Trampette Winners 19th July 2015 Beam Winners 19 July 2015



We are pleased and excited to announce the first of a new annual event that will be taking place at Springfit this December.

Throughout the week from 16th to 22nd December, all classes at Springfit will have the chance to enjoy the challenge of breaking CLUB RECORDS, as detailed at www.springfit.org/records.

The “records day” will be an opportunity for gymnasts to challenge their coach (where possible) and win prizes, as well as trying to beat certain moves that club members have held for the longest, performed the most times, done the highest, furthest or lowest and even created themselves.

If there is a certain skill not on the list, gymnasts are invited to make up their own record and get their name on the leaderboard.

At the end of the week the records will be collated from each venue and the website will be updated to show those who performed the impressive feats best.

Club records are a great way of providing alternative options for class members to do when they get ‘stuck’ on certain moves from the Proficiency Awards undertaken in classes and can be attempted at any time.

We are all looking forward to Records Week at the club and wish everyone every luck on their day!

 Club records logo

Springfit’s flagship venue at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley is in desperate need of scrubbing the decks.

The school and Sports Centre management have agreed to give the gymnasium a lick of paint if something can be done to seal the bare brickwork which is suffering with a case of damp in the corners.

So far the quotes they have had run into the thousands and the school and Sports Centre are both unwilling or unable to provide the money for this, so instead are choosing to leave the gymnasium in the state it is in, which we consider unacceptable.

As a room we use five days a week for classes for children from age 2 years up to adults, we are embarrassed by the state of the gymnasium, as I’m sure some parents are too, and all our staff at the club have offered our help to get the situation sorted.

The expense is the prohibitive factor, and we are convinced there must be something that can be done to help make the hall look more presentable. It is approximately 21 x 12 meters and 10 metres high.

We have been told advice such as that a coat of PVA will seal the walls sufficiently, plastering or plasterboarding may be an option, a special paint will do the trick, and the source of the damp is easy to fix, but as we are not qualified builders or decorators or plasterers, our suggestions will not be taken on board by the school who own the building and want to make sure at least a semi- proper job is done.

We would like to call upon our members to please get in touch if anyone knows of a builder or decorator that would be willing to provide a competitive quote to Oakwood school / Sports Centre for the sealing of the walls using any suitable method.

We can then get the walls painted and make our gymnasium a much more welcoming place to be.

Of course if anyone is available to lend a hand with the painting then any offer of labour is very welcomed too!


Last weekend we put on a show for all the parents and friends of the club. Our ‘spooky’ themed Club Display, dubbed “Fright night at the gym”, was held at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley – one of four local venues we run activities at, and was attended by over 300 spectators and 250 children!
Every gymnastics class at the club performed a routine to music, which took months of preparation and lots of hard work from their dedicated coaching teams. There were trampoline routines by children of all ages and abilities on show, and a spectacular finale by the coaches which won rapturous applause.

Members of our adult classes took centre stage for a well choreographed routine to War of the World’s theme tune, but the stars of the show were advanced gymnasts from five high level classes at the club who dazzled the audience with back somersaults and other technically superior moves. There was even a demonstration from some of the freestyle participants who flipped and twisted their way around the room on and off the apparatus to much amazement.

With a huge spider web backdrop, lights, lasers, smoke machines and an amazing sound system, it was a massive event with challenges and audience participation that won the hearts of family and friends in attendance. Volunteer helpers ran raffle stalls and helped make sure everyone enjoyed their time at Oakwood. Parents commented on how pleased they were to see the coaches doing the activities and how friendly everyone was throughout the afternoon. It helps inspire the young ones to see the advanced gymnasts doing their sport, and provided a great advertisement for the club which has seen membership grow from strength to strength every month throughout Surrey and Sussex.

Pictured below is Ellie Porter during her routine.

Ellie Porter at the show

Our 2012 Club Display was a massive success with over 300 spectators and nearly 250 gymnasts descending upon Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley on Sunday 21st October. Every gym class from three venues performed routines to music with great enthusiasm and smiles aplenty! There were some fantastic spooky costumes on display and everyone enjoyed the challenges throughout the afternoon. Photos and video to follow.

A huge thanks must go to all the staff and volunteers who helped make the display such a wonderful event. Without the efforts of coaches and parents preparing the hall, moving chairs, directing spectators and many more important roles, we would never have been able to throw such a grand display.


Handyman for the day from the HOUSE OF BUILDING – orange 900 – Liz Clark.
Tea for two at The Goring, London – orange 276 – Hannah McHardie.
SEVEN SINS tattoo voucher – orange 494 – Julie Enderson.
DOMINO’S Pizza vouchers – yellow 441 – Fay Brigden.
MONA VIE discount voucher – orange 76 – Tony Sutton
RIVA Health, Hair & Beauty Day Spa voucher – orange 89 – Roz Creasey.
Dinner for two at Lion D’Or Copthorne Hotel – orange 22 – Danni Bradley.
Two course dinner for two at Cherry Tree restaurant – pink 62 – Zach Love.
Cuddly teddy bear – yellow 148 – Lexi Curry.
Magical world of unicorns book – orange 56 – Lydia Parker.
Springfit t-shirt –

Congratulations to you all!

The PROGRAMME ran as follows:

[spooky stretch]
Fri 5pm Gym OAK Beginners THE FREAKY FRIDAYS
Fri 5.30pm Gym ORIEL Beginners
Mon 6pm Gym ST BEDES Beginners THE ACRO-BATS
Sat 11am Gym ORIEL Beginners
[spooky stretch]
Fri 6pm Gym OAK Improvers
Thu 6.30 Gym OAK BOYS
Fri 7pm Gym OAK Advanced
Thu 7.30pm Gym OAK ADULTS

2pm – [INTERVAL]


Display introduction for second half
[Spooky Stretch]
Sat 11am Gym OAK Beginners
Sun 11am Gym OAK Improvers
Sat 12pm Gym OAK Improvers
[Spooky Stretch]
Fri 6.30pm ORIEL Improvers
Mon 7pm Gym ST BEDES Advanced
Fri 7.30pm Gym ORIEL Advanced
Sat 1pm Gym OAK Advanced

For the Progress medal winners, please CLICK HERE


Our much anticipated 2012 “Fright night” Club Display is nearly upon us!

Members of every gym class will be spooking people with a number of routines to music and trampolinists will be performing some of their own routines and showing off their scary aerial moves. We will also be presenting our bi-annual “progress medals” for one deserving member of each class.

As we build up to the big day, why not join in the fun by joining our fun competition to design your own spooky leotard?

The person who coaches decide has produced the best leotard design will win a refund of a family ticket (4 tickets) worth £20.00 for the display.

CLICK HERE to download a leotard template.

(right-click and select “save link as” or “save target as”)

So get colouring and hand it back to your coaches!

Preparations for our 2012 club display have begun, with all gymnastics classes at St Bede’s, Oriel and Oakwood choreographing routines to spooky music as we plan for Fright Night at the gym on Sunday October 21st.

With some fantastic raffle prizes already sourced, props coming in and costumes being created, the day looks to be a fantastic event, set to top the amazing spectacle that was our 2010 Hollywood and Broadway display.

We are asking for help from all members to provide props and costumes, manpower for the setup of the sports hall at Oakwood, more raffle prizes and any other help that you can thing of to reduce the stress on our coaching and admin team. Please get in touch with Adam if you have any suggestions or free time!

Look out for more information here and in classes as invitation letters go out in a few short weeks. Ticket sales commence shortly afterwards. Exciting times!