The summer holidays are a great time to spend time with the children but we understand that its great to have some activities pre-planned to keep the kids entertained! Never fear we will be running PRE-BOOKED additional summer holiday sessions at Hazelwick School every THURSDAY throughout the summer holidays. 

Open to members and non-members, it’s a great way to see if children like the activities, or a way to do more training in our fun and friendly classes!

Classes available to book in 2017 as follows:

12pm to 1pm FUNFIT Combined gymnastics and trampoline classes for ages 2+
1pm to 2pm GYMNASTICS For ages 4+
1pm to 2pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 4+
2pm to 3pm GYMNASTICS For ages 6+ or those with experience
2pm to 3pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 6+
Cost is £8.00 per session (Payments are non-refundable.)

We even offer the chance to *bring a friend for half price* if you have a friend or sibling who would like to join the same class as the person you are booking in. Please just add their name in the form – BOOK HERE and add £4.00 per session to your payment. Subject to availability. Only available at the time of booking. To secure the place(s) please then immediately make one payment at:

These extra sessions are offered in addition to the DROP-IN Freestyle gymnastics sessions we run at St Bede’s in Redhill every school holiday on Wednesdays.

We are so happy to announce that we’ve  launched a new class on THURSDAYS at 8pm at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley. Classes will be run by our Head Gymnastics Coach Plamen, who is also a qualified Personal Trainer.

It is a fun and exciting new concept of using Gymnastics based equipment for fitness and to improve strength, flexibility, range of movement and balance. Not only that you will make friends and have fun – exercise doesn’t feel like exercise when you are having fun!


At such a good price, it seems silly not to give it a go!

Contact us to find out more or to book your place.

We are really happy to announce that from Monday 6th June we will be running Gymnastics classes from the The Copthorne Parish Hub. 

We will be offering a Preschool ‘Kindergym’ Class at 2pm as well as a Beginners and Improvers Classes at 3.30pm and 4.30pm respectively ­ – a perfect after school activity. We will be offering a ‘Walking Bus’ service from the local Copthorne C of E Junior School to enable the children to join the 3.30pm class straight from school – great service don’t you think?

As mentioned classes will start from Monday 6th June however we are holding FREE Trial Sessions on Monday 16th May and Monday 23rd May ­all you need to do is contact us on either i​​ or 0203 478 0203 to book your space!

Club Manager Adam Reynolds had this to say “ Springfit are so excited to be coming to Copthorne, it is such a friendly and welcoming community and we happy to bring our fun brand of gymnastics to the children of Copthorne. We pride ourselves on making gymnastics accessible to everyone regardless of their ability (and age ­ we run adult classes at our other locations) and we hope everyone will enjoy our classes.”

Additional classes are also being planned for Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well in the future so register your interest NOW!!

We are happy to announce that from Thursday 6th January, we will be running a Freestyle Gymnastics class from 8pm to 9pm at our Oakwood Sports Centre location. The class with be open to anyone aged 10 years or older (yes that include adults!)

The Freestyle Gymnastics classes run in a different manner to the structured ability-based classes as members are left to discover their own style and technique but with the helpful guidance and support of our team of expert coaches.


Here is a little more information about the class:

Classes are VERY relaxed, usually with music. We do not split into groups, participants do not have to point their toes, and encouragement is given by classmates no matter what move you are training for.

We run “open” format sessions where the gym floor and apparatus are open for participants to use in any way they would like (if suitable). There is little structure, other than the usual registration, warm up and stretch, plus a cool down at the end. Usually, coaches will advertise a “move of the day” where a specific skill will be taught in a designated area of the gym, if members choose they would like to learn that particular skill.

The rest is up to you! You can set up equipment how you would like to. Challenge yourself with increasing distances for precision jumps, make obstacles higher, reach farther, and see a speed of progression unparalleled in other sports.

The high rate of progress is especially noticeable in the younger, more energetic boys who love to let off steam in classes. They don’t stop running around, alternating between various pieces of apparatus and feeding of each other’s energy and enthusiasm.

Many parents have commented on the noticeable increase in confidence their children display after just a few weeks of being involved in parkour. It is a truly social class atmosphere, where camaraderie and one-upmanship prove to be useful tools so participants can speedily learn about spatial awareness, balance and co-ordination.

Our qualified coaches will always be on hand to uphold safety, provide constructive feedback and advise when needed, plus offer the odd demonstration, of course!

If you would like to come along then just drop us an email on to book your space!

Due to popular demand, we have added an additional class at The Jubilee Centre, East Grinstead.

We have introduced an advanced Gymnastics class on a Tuesday at 7.00pm. This now means that we are able to offer four ability level classes which is great news for all of our East Grinstead Gymnasts:

Beginners at 4.00-5.00 pm

Improvers 1 at 5.00-6.00pm

Improvers 2 at 6.00-7.00pm

Advanced at 7.00-8.00pm

There are still a few spaces left in this class so if you are interested then please contact us

Our trampolining classes at East Grinstead have also proved extremely popular with waiting lists for all classes. However if you are interested, it is definitely worth adding your name to our waiting list as things change all the time!



We are pleased to announce that we have added another Freestyle gymnastics session to our class schedule, making Springfit a leader in this popular discipline throughout the East Surrey area and bringing the total number of weekly classes to 66!

It runs on Wednesdays from 8:30 to 9:30pm at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley.

The popularity of Freestyle gymnastics is evident not only at the multiple Springfit classes, but also around local parks and public areas where children are testing their physical limits. The sight of more ‘stunts’ and obvious increased agility than perhaps in previous generations has parents worrying what children get up to on the streets. Springfit and other gymnastics clubs provide a safe learning environment for these energetic youngsters who like to let off steam in such a holistic and visually spectacular way.

The sessions are praised by the local police who often direct children who may be seen to be causing a disturbance towards safe and productive activities such as parkour classes. Coaches experience excellent discipline levels though, as the participants energies are directed towards something they are enthusiastic about.

From the non-stop youngsters to older, interested adults who like the freedom of the discipline, Freestyle classes provide an excellent outlet for all ages and abilities. Many of those who enjoy it come from the boys gymnastics classes at the club, and as we look to the future, it seems that throughout the journey from pre-school through to adult classes, the Freestyle discipline is one that will be integral to many people’s enjoyment of gymnastics. With membership levels almost at 1,000 participants, the club will clearly not be slowing down any time soon.


New YOUTH Gymnastics, Freestyle Gymnastics and further trampolining arrives in Horley!

If you’re aged 10 to 19 yrs old and would like to attend a relaxed gymnastics class with children just your age, you can now enjoy a brand new type of class we are calling “Youth” gymnastics. We are able to cater for all abilities withing this session, and have equipment that will suit you. Youth Gymnastics classes are running from 6:30pm to 7:30pm every Wednesday.

Following this, we are pleased to finally be able to introduce our “open” Freestyle Gymnastics classes to Horley members. Since our hugely popular classes at St Bede’s in Redhill on Monday nights have been inundated with people taking to this discipline so well, we have secured the services of two of our Freestyle coaches to run this class; Chris and Nick (pictured below).

For Parkour and Free-running enthusiasts, and popular with teenage boys and very active younger children, the specialist session will be run by highly experienced parkour coaches who will be demonstrating and providing feedback for all those taking part. Unlike our other more structured sessions, this is a chance to set up the gym how you want it and interact with various equipment including our 15 metre air track, trapeze, double vault, trampette and more! There will even be a trampoline to play around on! The Freestyle Gymnastics classes take place from 7:30pm to 8:30pm every Wednesday.

As well as all this, we have added two more trampoline classes at 6:30pm and 7:30pm to make over 30 trampoline sessions running weekly at Springfit! For children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Further trampoline and Freestyle sessions are scheduled to start from 8:30pm in June 2014.

Initial trial class for only £6.00 for one hour, so why not come and try it out?

Book your place in the class now:


Tel: 0203 478 0203

Chris and Nick, Freestyle coaches
Chris and Nick teach our Freestyle classes

Springfit have a bank of over 25 coaches all looking to do one thing – bring you fun and fitness through gymnastics and trampolining!

Many of our members have requested one-to-one sessions, and occasionally an opportunity arises where this is possible on a regular basis.

On Mondays at St Bede’s in Redhill we have just had availability come up for a dedicated trampoline session for one person or more to enjoy the full attention of our fully qualified and insured, not to mention fun and friendly coach Sharley.

The session runs from 8pm to 9pm and costs just £35.00 for the hour whether you have one person or several you would like to bring along to help split the cost. This includes two high performance trampolines to help you learn skills or provide fun exercises to get fit. Your choice!

These opportunities don’t come around often, and the slot is offered on a first come, first served basis so please get in touch if you are interested in booking it for a set period or ongoing indefinitely. Perfect for a family who would like to enjoy trampolining together!

It runs alongside our private booking gymnastics class dubbed “Dave’s class” which still offers the opportunity for people to experience specialised coaching in gymnastics. Only two or three people turn up each week and there is no set cost. Do get in touch if you are interested in either opportunity!

Monday night Premier Gymnastics class activities
Monday night Premier Gymnastics class activities

Springfit’s Monday evening trampoline classes have reached a new high as members are now able to experience greater performance from the apparatus provided.

With two Olympic-quality trampolines already in use and a new bed provided for a third trampoline at the venue this week, the sessions in the Sports Hall at St Bede’s are gaining in popularity.

So much so that a NEW 8:30pm session has been introduced for adults and older children!

Led by coach Laura with supervision from level 4 coach Adam, the 8:30pm class offers the opportunity for high performance moves to be taught as well as a gentle but effective exercise class for those who wish to come along for fun and fitness.

There are still spaces available now, so get in touch if you would like to come along and try it!


Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club have been running Freestyle gym classes at St Bede’s in Redhill every Monday night for the last few months and have experienced a fantastic uptake from children and adults of all walks of life from near and far.

The session is run by four parkour enthusiasts who have attended classes at the club for a number of years and are keen to show the world how their exciting discipline is as good for you as the usual structured gymnastics activities. The boys set up stations around the gym for children to challenge themselves and fly through the air in the most fun session the club has run yet.

Since word has spread about the classes, the club  has experienced an enormous uptake from children young and old. So much so that it has been neccessary to add a later session from 8pm to 9:30pm for older children and adults.

The 8pm class is already building steadily, with dancers who come along to improve flexibility and fearless teenagers who want to let off steam on the equipment.

The club is proud to be adding the sessions to their schedule of over 50 classes in the local area and will soon be rolling out Freestyle gymnastics in other areas such as Horley and East Grinstead.

Keep in touch with us to join our ‘list of interest’ so you can be informed as soon as the new classes start up near you!

Freestyle in action