Thirteen year old Springfit gymnast Lucy Pidgeon was on top of the world in April, winning no less than three medals in a recent acrobatic competition.

Showing her versatility in the discipline by performing in two ability levels including the hardest grade possible at the recreational event, Lucy took the plaudits every time she took the floor. Being a supporting ‘base’ gymnast for younger members of her class at Oriel school in Maidenbower, then going on to fly in the air as a ‘top’ for more established members of the class was a tall order for any gymnast. Lucy learnt the routines for all performances flawlessly and managed to help her friends finish in the top spots on all occasions.

Acrobatic gymnastics is an impressive sport where strength, balance and control are key. Traits that Lucy clearly has in abundance. This was evident as the delicately choreographed displays were punctuated by brilliant displays of tumbles being performed in time to music, and balances shared with her partners at regular intervals throughout the performance.

Judges provide extra points for having a positive attitude, confidence and variety in the performances, and Lucy’s routines all scored highly on these aspects. Lucy’s coach, Stacey Rodd said of her performance: “Lucy worked so hard on the moves in her routines, and coped well with the changes required to be both a top and base for different performances. She was over the moon at being in the top three for all her categories, but is modest enough to thank her partners at the same time. That’s one of the things that makes Lucy great to teach each week.”

Pictured below is Lucy with her trio partners for the Grade 1 level performance, and her medals proudly round her neck.

Lucy Pidgeon's triple medal success
Lucy Pidgeon’s triple medal success

Members of Springfit took part in a tumbling gymnastics competition in Warlingham last weekend.

Nine medals were won by Springfit gymnasts in what proved to be a highly competitive and hugely rewarding event. Twenty four children were taking part in the most elementary level sequence, with forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and turning jumps being performed to the best of their ability. Some had not experienced the thrill of competition before but were buoyed by the friendly and welcoming nature of the well-organised afternoon in Warlingham.

Two panels of judges cast their eye over the scores of children taking part from various clubs across Surrey and Sussex, scoring their individual moves that make up the impressive tumbles. In the most advanced category the judges had their work cut out, trying to distinguish between the quality of moves involving backflips, front somersaults and a highly difficult aerial ‘fly spring’. This category was very hotly contested between two former classmates. One pipped the other on the first tumble run and the other won the best score on the third. Ex-Springfit gymnasts Zara Flint eventually won the gold medal with a highly skillful second tumble run and the audience was in rupture for the ability of these recreational level athletes.

A special mention should also go to ten year old Molly McGivern of Springfit’s Horley venue at Oakwood Sports Centre, who won the gold medal for her club against gymnasts from two other centres, taking the top spot with a difference of just 0.2 marks between first and third place. Molly’s Saturday 1pm advanced class coach; Stacey said: “Molly did so well to earn the gold medal in that category. Everyone performed so well and her practice really paid off as she kept her cool against stiff opposition to nail the handspring and all her other moves.”

The tumbling competition is always a highly anticipated phase of the year, but Springfit gymnasts now have their sights set on the next of the tri-annual events, with beam routines to practice in class and some new skills to learn on the trampette before June’s competition.

Pictured below are the medal winners from the first half (top) and second half (below) of the event.

First half winners
First half winners
Second half winners
Second half winners

Members of Horley based Springfit Gym Club took part in a competition this month to demonstrate the highly skillful discipline of acrobatic gymnastics.

Youngsters perform a routine to music in either pairs or trios to demonstrate strength, flexibility and control as they stand on shoulders, counter-balance and tumble around the gymnastics floor.

Acrobatics is one of the most accessible of all the gymnastics disciplines, as there is no real need for equipment when performing. Having been popularised by talent show groups such as Spellbound, there are lots of children aiming to emulate it and training with professional coaching from clubs such as Springfit is a great starting point.

Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to the top scoring partnerships in each of the ability based categories. There were some impressive displays from many varied duos and trios, as children in Springfit classes get to choose their partners for competition. The club’s philosophy is that participants should enjoy the activities, and competition is a rewarding aspect of sport. For this reason, members are not pushed into competition but each advanced class is invited, and it is testament to the fun and local nature of these competitions that so many enter each time!

11 out of the 14 sets of medals were won by Springfit members, the majority of which were in the distinctive black, red and white leotards worn by members of the higher ability classes.

Pictured below are the Novice A category entrants with their certificates of achievement and medals (top).

Inset is the Novice A category medal winners, standing proud in Springfit leotards.

Next is the winners of the “trios” section.

Bottom picture is the Novice B and Grade 1 pairs medal winners, again with a huge Springfit presence.

Well done to everyone that took part!

Click here for the results

Novice A category entrants with their certificates of achievement and medals
Novice A category entrants with their certificates of achievement and medals
Novice A category medal winners
Novice A category medal winners
Trios category winners
Trios category winners
Novice B and Grade 1 pairs medal winners
Novice B and Grade 1 pairs medal winners



More people than ever have been involved in the tri-annual trampoline competitions held by local gym club; Springfit. This month saw over 60 competitors from clubs in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex travel to take part in the fun and friendly event.

Those participating in the novice section during the first half of the competition were thrilled at the inclusion of a display team performing high level moves to finish off the round. There were gasps from many of the children who were competing for the first time as they witnessed multiple twisting somersaults and other advanced skills on the apparatus.

It wasn’t only the novice grade athletes that were inspired by the afternoon’s performances, as the inclusion of new clubs and organisations proved a challenge for the stalwarts of Springfit competitions. Acorns club from Sevenoaks entered a talented collection of youngsters into various ability based categories and took away a few medals to show off to their school teachers and peer groups.

The hordes of spectators, made up of friends and family of the competitors, enjoyed the afternoon in Oxted, with hearty support for the brave trampolinists creating quite an atmosphere in the sports hall. The judging panel also commented afterwards on how impressed they were at the ever increasing ability levels of those taking part, and were responsible for some very tight results in many of the categories. Everyone enjoyed the “synchro” section at the end, where two gymnasts performed exactly the same routines alongside each other on different trampolines. It is quite a spectacle to see!

Competition organiser and Springfit club manager Adam Reynolds said “We are thrilled to see so many people enjoying the benefits of locally organised recreational competitions like ours. It is testament to the fully inclusive nature of the sport that we can host such a successful event and provide further smiles and reward for those children who enjoy trampolining.”

Pictured below are medal winners from the beginners and advanced sections of the competition, from many different clubs including Twizzlers in Thornton Heath, Acorns in Sevenoaks, Anti-Gravity and Pointers in Caterham as well as Springfit in Horley, Redhill, Crawley and East Grinstead.

Beginners section medal winners
Beginners section medal winners
Advanced section medal winners
Advanced section medal winners

The Springfit Invitational floor and vault gymnastics competition was held on the 17th of November at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley. The afternoon was a huge success where many children received gold, silver and bronze medals for their floor routines and vaulting expertise.

The Olympic discipline of gymnastics ‘floor’ involved routines of varied ability and tempo, performed to music ranging from classical numbers to James Bond! The judging panel were thoroughly impressed with the poise and grace of the gymnasts, some competing for their very first time. All of these brave debutants overcame their nerves and found the confidence to perform in front of the large audience.
Seven year old Georgie Dumper from Crawley was one of these who, despite some initial wobbles, found her stride and provided a storming routine and ended up taking first place in her grade 1 category for 7-8 year olds.
This category saw the closest results ever produced at a Springfit competition, with the bronze medal scoring 14.25, silver 14.30 and Georgie’s well deserved gold getting 14.35!

The feedback from parents showed that it was a great day for all those competing and spectating, and the children clearly loved seeing each other’s routines and admiring gymnastics as a great sport to be involved in.

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all who took part and made the day such a success. The results are shown here.

Pictured below is Georgie Dumper mid-performance.

To view the full results click here.

Georgie Dumper mid-performance
Georgie Dumper mid-performance

We held another of our tri-annual trampoline competitions on Saturday 9th November; the very same day that Kat Driscoll wins two gold medals for Great Britain in the World Championships in the sport.

Children from several local venues enjoyed competing in different ability categories, the same format as what was happening in the event taking place 1500 miles away in Sofia, Bulgaria. There, Kat won a gold in her individual routine as well as her synchronised partnership with another British hopeful; Amanda Parker.
On local soil, children aged 4yrs to 19yrs old won gold medals for their individual routines and enjoyed participating alongside their friends and synchro partners at the Springfit event.

The atmosphere at the competition in Oxted was a little more relaxed than at the World Championships, with Springfit staff providing encouragement to many youngsters who were taking part for the first time, and spectators, including many proud parents, providing support for their efforts in this most difficult of disciplines.

A panel of judges scored routines based on difficulty and execution, with everyone receiving a certificate of achievement and many talented performers taking home one or more medals. The moves ranged from shaped jumps in elementary grades up to multiple somersaults in the highest category possible, which understandably drew praise and looks of amazement from those in attendance. In some cases, the margin between first and second place was a small as 0.1 mark!

Pictured below are the medal winners from the Elementary Grades section of the competition.

From top left to bottom right:
Thomas Loveless (9, Twizzlers), Ella Horent (11, Springfit), Sophie Marlow (12, Springfit), Eden Kilgour (9, High Vaultage), Lucy Towner (9, Anti-Gravity), Chloe Davey (7, Anti-Gravity), Jazmine Hogan (8, Springfit), Charlie Gillett (6, Springfit), Lea Gayral (6, Springfit), Gracie Amon (7, High Vaultage) and Mason El-Bishlawi (10, High Vaultage).

tramp comp 9.11.13

Sweltering temperatures brought an extra challenge to the annual Springfit Beam and Trampette gymnastics competition in July.

Over fifty gymnasts turned out to pit themselves against each other in a friendly competition consisting of two very different disciplines.

Members of local club Pointers showed their skill and determination on the extremely difficult beam apparatus, performing jumps, turns and various other moves as they linked together a routine which wowed the crowd.

Following the medal presentation for this, members of several local clubs were split into categories based on difficulty to perform four different jumps on the trampette and tried their hardest to stick the landing completely still to earn the highest points from the judges.

Each jump was judged on various factors such as flight time, contact accuracy and take-off quality. The top three highest scoring individuals were awarded medals in each category and every single person walked away with a certificate of achievement.

Thirteen out of eighteen medals went to Springfit gymnasts, with little seven year-old Isabella Gair earning special mention for her achievement of a gold medal in her very first competition.

There were some fantastic moves on show from basic shaped jumps right the way up to twisting somersaults and everyone clearly tried their hardest.

The afternoon was broken up into different heats at the last minute due to the unbearable heat in the gymnasium, but it didn’t stop those in attendance having a great time whether they were in the audience or taking part!

For a full list of results, please CLICK HERE.

Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!
Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!

Springfit held one of our popular tri-annual trampoline competitions in Oxted last weekend. Schools, sports centres and members of recreational classes from other trampoline clubs were invited along to take part in the event.

The competition proved even more popular than usual, as the format had changed to allow for more inclusiveness and better progression for advanced competitors. This was evidently a good decision as spectators enjoyed the efforts of children as young as three years old take part in the event. For those youngsters who just love the limelight, competitions such as these are a worthwhile addition to their enjoyment of trampolining, and especially if they walk away with a medal!

Parents commented on how relaxed the atmosphere was and how supportive the event is for children’s confidence and maturity. Being a local event is an obvious benefit, as parents don’t have to trek half way round the country for their chance to proudly watch their children perform.

The competition was split into ability-based levels, and then further into age categories. The most basic move performed is a front landing and the higher grades involve spectacular multiple somersaults. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for the highest scores at each level, and everyone takes home a certificate of achievement just for taking part.

Pictured below are the medal winners with age and club they represent. From top left to bottom right:

Jonathan Brown (10, Springfit), Bethany Hobbs (8, Springfit), Megan Forrester (9, Pointers.), Morgan Fisher (8, Pointers), Eloise North (7, Anti-Gravity), Shannon Stack (10, Anti-Gravity), Ellie Johnson (12, Pointers), Ella Horent (10, Springfit), Bea Torre (9, Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah (11, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (11, Anti-Gravity), Gemma Denman (12, Anti-Gravity), Amber Jackson (10, Anti-Gravity), Kayla Briggs (14, Twizzlers) and Tianee Camille (13, Twizzlers).

Tramp comp 15.6.13

Springfit entered several gymnasts into a local acrobatic competition recently, and achieved several medal places in the popular event.

Held at Warlingham School, there were over 30 Acrobatic routines performed with varying degrees of difficulty. In the novice categories, Springfit pair Cameron Neal-Macinnes and Luyanda Sugg (both 9yrs old) from the club’s newest venue in East Grinstead achieved silver medals in their first ever competition.

Veterans Hannah Bagley (13) and Georgie Long (14) also achieved a silver medal in the next grade up performing a routine including balances, lifts and synchronised gymnastics moves. They are from the Redhill branch of the club at St Bede’s school.

In the hardest category was a trio of gymnasts from the Oriel school venue in Maidenbower, who narrowly took the gold medal from other impressive teams from an acro-based club. Their routine included handstands on knees, standing on shoulders, somersaulting from on high and other impressive feats of flexibility and strength that makes this sport such an excellent spectator sport. There is even call for it to be included in the next Olympic games!

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a partner sport involving high degrees of technical precision with the trust and camaraderie of a dedicated partnership, either in pairs or trios. It is performed with the grace and musicality of dance.

Head Judge Sefra Crilly said “It was fantastic to see a lot of new faces and everyone enjoying the day. I was very impressed with the high standard of the gymnasts.”

Congratulations go to all the competitors, but in particular to the medal winners from both sections of the competition, some of who are listed below.

From left to right:-

Georgia Long (Springfit), Francesca Bagley (Springfit), Ellie Grant (Pointers), Emily Charman (Springfit), Millie Gibbins (Pointers), Katie Pidgeon (Springfit), Kirsty Chapman (Springfit), Abbie Clifton (Springfit), Luyanda Sugg (Springfit), Zara Flint (Springfit), Cameron Neal-Macinnes (Springfit), Carina Sosteric (Pointers), Lily Fairhall (Pointers), Sinead Skinner (Twizzlers), Amber Kulinski (Twizzlers), Esmee Allenby-Straker (Pointers) and Eloise North (Pointers).

Acro comp 20.4.2013

Members of Horley based Springfit Gym club took part in a tumbling competition organised by Pointers Gym club in Warlingham last weekend. There were over 100 gymnasts of all ages performing a sequence of moves on a strip of floor called the ‘tumble run’.

Youngsters from different organisations all over Surrey and Sussex came together to enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere, which was very encouraging for all involved. Events such as this are arranged several times a year by Springfit and Pointers to invite members of their classes to a friendly situation which encourages participation in healthy competition.

Two panels of judges scored runs from different ability-based grades ranging from forward and backward rolls right up to front and back somersaults, performed without the aid of any equipment whatsoever!

A crowd favourite is the move where ‘free’ cartwheels are performed with no hands, and the further up the grades the gymnasts went the louder the spectators got, applauding at the ability levels.

Springfit members walked away with three gold medals, four silver medals and four bronze medals in all; a proud result for the recreational club who have branches in Redhill, Horley, Crawley and East Grinstead. Someone from each of these venues was present at the competition and every single one of them enjoyed their time performing in front of a crowd.

Pictured below is six year old Megan Smith who won a gold medal in her first competition with the club.

JUB Tue 6 G M.Smith