On Saturday 12th March Springfit held the first of their triannual trampoline competitions of 2016 at Moor House School in Hurst Green.

Members from several local clubs joined together to show off their amazing talent on the trampolines and try to win medals in various ability categories. There were over sixty keen children taking part and it was great to see lots of people turning out to support all the competitors.

The younger competitors showed fantastic spirit in their determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel. In both entry-level grades and advanced levels, the spectacular moves were met with gasps of admiration from the spectators and feelings of pride by proud coaches. The medal ceremonies saw some delighted winners enjoying the surprise of winning a medal.

The judges were equally impressed with the quality of performances, which seems to get better and better with every event. Head Judge Adam Reynolds said of the event: “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

As usual the synchronised section completed the event – two trampolinists perform the same routine in time with each other.  This is always a great spectacle and a favourite with those who love the sport of trampolining.

Huge congratulations must go to each and every competitor who displayed determination on the apparatus, and enjoyed the event showing great sportsmanship which helped to create such a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Springfit Gold medals winners were: Scarlett Shepherd, adding to her collection this time in Level E, Charlie Claydon who performed an almost flawless routine in Level F and Maisie May Scrannage who was overwhelmingly delighted at achieving the top spot in her first ever competition at Level I. There were also Bronze Medals for Ella Tresham at Level H and Jazmine Hogan in Level F.

Along with medals for achievement, there is also a trophy awarded for “effort in competition”. This was presented in loving memory of Marie Manhire-Clark who was a judge at our competitions for many years and tragically passed away at the age of 29. This award is to honour her involvement and encouragement in helping so many people enjoy the sport and enabling them to be able to perform in competitions. Lily Murphy who trains at Oakwood with us on a Friday was the well deserving winner of this trophy at this competition, as she bravely took to the trampolines for her second routine after nerves interrupted her first performance. She celebrates her seventh birthday this month and was full of smiles along with so many others who enjoyed the day.

The full set of results can be found here: Results. 

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Proud Medal Winners
Showing off their Medals and Trophys


As you are all aware last month we hosted another extremely successful Gymnastics Competition and our gymnasts were able to show off their skills in both the Floor and Vault disciplines this time. Springfit had an extremely successful first half of the competition with our gymnasts taking a CLEAN SWEEP of ALL the medals over the two age groups in Grade 1. We also performed extremely well in Grade 2 as well claiming 5 medals out of the 12 on offer.

More amazingly 6 of medals winners all train in the same class with Georgie Donovan, one of our Head Gymnastics Coaches and Katie Pidgeon at our Oriel High School training centre on a Saturday morning at 12pm! Georgie had this to say “To have so many gymnasts in one class to all win medals is amazing especially seeing that they are so young and for most of them,  it was their first Competition! I’m so proud of them all!”

It is not only credit to the hard work in class by the gymnasts but also to the coaches for nurturing the talents of not only these gymnasts but all their gymnasts in a caring and supportive manner.

In a mini roll of honour,

Keira Bruce (Grade 2, 7 years) and Callie Goodbourne (Grade 1, 6 years) took GOLD medals.

Madison David ( Grade 1, 7 years) , Jasmin Byrne (Grade 1, 6 years) and Chloe Forward (Grade 2, 7 years) took SILVER medals.

Niamh Lesova (Grade 1, 7 years) took a BRONZE medal.

As you can see from the photo below, both the coaches look extremely proud of their gymnasts. Keep up the good work all of you!

Georgie, Katie and their medal winning gymnasts
Georgie, Katie and their medal winning gymnasts

From Left to Right Front Row: Niamh Lesova , Jasmine Bryne, Madison David, Kiera Bruce, Callie Goodbourne, Chloe Forward. 

From Left to Right Back Row: Katie Pidgeon, Georgie Donovan

Sunday 15th November saw us playing host to another one of our ever popular Gymnastics Competitions – this time it was the turn of the Floor and Vault disciplines to take centre stage. Competitors from Springfit and other local clubs in the Surrey area were invited to participate, thus allowing the young gymnasts to gain great experience in competing in a friendly and supportive environment. 

The first half of the afternoon was when the gymnasts from Grades 1 and 2 were able to execute their floor routines and showcase their vaulting expertise. Springfit gymnastics took a clean sweep of ALL the medals in the two age groups :

In the 7 year old category it was Gold for Ellie Blackstock, Silver for Madison David and Bronze for Niamh Lesova and Omar Ceesay . In the 6 year old category Gold went to Callie Goodbourne, Silver to Jasmin Byrne and Bronze to Grace Read. Amazingly Ellie has only been training with us for a couple of months and 4 of these gymnasts all train in the same class with Georgie, one of our Head Gymnastics Coaches.

In Grade 2, Springfit gymnasts also performed well and in the Grade 2 category for those born 2007 enjoyed the closest results we have ever seen – only 0.05 marks separated first, second and third places. Our medal winners:  Gold for Kiera Bruce (6yrs); Silvers for Isabelle Knowles (10yrs), Eloise Murphy (8yrs)  and Chloe Forward (7yrs) and Bronze for Elise Alleyne (11yrs).

A special mention for Ella Russell as well who was our youngest competitor at just 5 years of age, who had a couple of great performances.

The second half of the afternoon was set aside for Grades 3-6 and the older gymnasts . Spectators were treated to some really impressive somersaulting through the air (in particular from the Grade 6 gymnasts) and some high performance vaults. In the Grade 3 category (2006-2008) SIX medals were handed out and there was less than 2 and a half marks separating all 12 competitors. The judges said “We could barely separate the efforts of the talented youngsters who all performed exceptionally well.” Well Done to Ruby Charlesworth (12yrs) for her Silver Medal and also to Bronze medal winner Katharine Bailey (12yrs).

Below are photos of all the happy but tired gymnasts who won medals. Well Done again and we are looking forward to another great gymnastics competition in 2016!

Click here for the FULL RESULTS. 

Happy Medal Winners
Happy Medal Winners!
More Happy Medal Winners
More Happy Medal Winners


On Saturday 7th November, Springfit held their latest Trampolining Competition at Moor House School in Oxted.

We had an incredible response to the Invitational and members from several local clubs  joined together with the Springfit trampolinists to show off their amazing skills. Even though there were over sixty participants, the friendly and caring atmosphere that Springfit aim to create at all their competitions made sure that they all felt comfortable and welcome and definitely will have calmed any nerves.

Friends and family were out in force to support their children and they are treated to a great view of the competition from the balcony. Looking up for approval from our judges were a wide range of competitors, from six-year olds all the way up to the teenagers from the more advanced classes.

The quality of the performances wowed the judges and it was apparent that the trampolinists from all Clubs are improving with each event. A special mention goes to Abigail Field , who trains with us at our Oakwood location, was awarded the Marie Manhire-Clark trophy for effort, this was her sixth competition and she shows such enthusiasm in her performances and we believed she will continue to get better and better!

There was an almost clean sweep for Anti-Gravity in first half, doing Marie proud as well as new manager; Emily. We would like to congratulate them on such a fine display of trampolining.

In 7 years & under Level I category Lily Murphy (Oakwood, Springfit) and Phoenix Hogan (Oriel, Springfit) took 1st and 2nd place respectively. This was a great performance especially for Phoenix who has improved immensely since previous competitions and deserved her first ever competition medal. Phoenix and Abigail are both trained by Sharley, one of our Head Trampolining Coaches and she is obviously doing a fine job nurturing their talents and helping them build their confidence.

Head Judge Adam Reynolds also commented on how impressed he was with the quality of all the performances and also the support shown to all the trampolinists : “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

Huge congratulations must go to each and every competitor who displayed determination on the apparatus, and enjoyed the event showing great sportsmanship which helped to create such a fun and friendly atmosphere. Pictured below are some of the medal winners – Abigail is at the front proudly showing off her Marie Manhire-Clark trophy for Effort!

Photos by Jeremy Gassman @ www.PhotoViva.co.uk

Medal Winners

Last weekend we hosted our Trampette and Beam competition and we enjoyed a great turn out with lots of Springfit gymnasts from across our four venues in Surrey and Sussex, as well as welcoming a number of competitors from one of our sister Club Startastic Gymnastics in Epsom.

As people have come to expect from the competitions we organise and take part in, the event was a friendly, fun day in a relaxed atmosphere with over 100 spectators coming along to support the children, and lots of proud parents with their photographs of smiling children to commemorate it.

First on the agenda was the Beam Competition, where each gymnasts had put together a routine that comprised eight gymnastic elements including turns, jumps and leaps, balances and tumble moves plus a mount and dismount. Utilising the whole beam and traveling the length of it at least three times – there is a lot for them to do in their 1 1/2 minute routines.

In the intermediate section there were four different age groups and honours were split between Springfit and Startastic gymnasts. It was the same in the advanced sections where the level of skills were higher and very carefully choreographed dance elements impressed the judges, earning bonus points for creativity.

Congratulations to Eloise Budd (12yrs), Katie Trimbell (7yrs) and Jazmine Hogan (10yrs) of Springfit and Rowie Braid (9yrs), Anna Mitchell (8yrs) and Esme Spencer (14yrs) of Startastic who all achieved first place in their respective categories.

In the second half of the competition we moved onto the trampette apparatus where enthusiastic gymnasts performed four different jumps for the judges. The skills they performed in the air were graded on difficulty and the groups were further split by age. Younger and first time competitors enjoyed showing the audience how well they have learned skills in Springfit classes including straddle and pike shaped jumps as well as twists. The older gymnasts from more advanced classes performed impressive somersaults and even drew gasps of delights from the crowd with sky high dive rolls and twisting somersaults.

Springfit gymnasts took a number of the medals in this discipline – Keira Bruce (6yrs), Kieran Hart (12yrs) and Eavan Dunn (11yrs) to name a few gold medal winners.

A full list of the results can be found here. Again a huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU to everyone who took part and helped to make this competition a great success.

Pictured below are the medal winners from both disciplines.

Trampette Winners 19th July 2015 Beam Winners 19 July 2015



On 12th April, we were invited to take part in the annual Acrobatic gymnastics competition hosted by our sister club; Pointers in Warlingham. Acrobatic Gymnastics involves partnering with another individual or a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, lifts, dance and tumbling, all set to music. By learning as a pair or group, gymnasts develop their skills, strength and coordination together. Partnerships are judged on artistry, difficulty of skills and the execution of skills.

The day was filled with energy and the support from relatives and friends was fantastic. The event started with the lower grades (Grades 1&2 pairs), where our gymnasts performed their routines with a high degree of skill and managed to pick up a full set of gold, silver and bronze medals in the first half. Amy Tarsitano (10 yrs) and brother Daniel Tarsitano (7 yrs) who each do 3 classes won Gold medals, followed by sisters Rebecca (11yrs) and Isabelle (10 yrs) Ogston in second place and finally Eloise Bassett (11 yrs) and Erin Thompson (9 yrs) took bronze. Eloise Murphy (7yrs) and Sophia English (8yrs) also won bronze medals at Grade 1. They all performed excellent routines to take the top spots from 12 competitors who represented different clubs from across Surrey and Sussex.

The second half of the competition saw higher grade partnerships and trios perform in grades 3 & 4. Our mainstay gymnasts Kirsty Chapman (13 yrs) and Lucy Pidgeon (14 yrs) picked up yet more Gold medals for an impeccable performance in the highest grade pair routine, as well as teaming up with classmate Zoe Duffell (10 yrs) to stand atop the podium for a dazzling trio routine in the highest grade available there too. It was a fantastic way to close off the day with spectators wowed by moves such as somersaulting off shoulders of their partners, and received a huge round of applause..

What a day! Well done to all those who participated and an extra pat on the back to our medal winners.

Pictured below are the medal winners and our coaches.


Coaches and winner Acro comp 2015

On Saturday 14th June Springfit held their latest trampoline competition in the sports hall of Moor House School in Hurst Green.

Members from several local clubs and sports centres joined together to show off their amazing talent on the trampolines and try to win medals in various ability categories. There were over sixty keen children taking part, many of whom have never before competed, but the friendly atmosphere of the competition made them feel very welcome and helped calm any nerves.

In support for the brave individuals were plenty of family and friends, who applauded every effort and populated the balcony of the sports centre with vocal support. This vantage point provided some excellent aerial shots of the children showing a fine display of shapes and somersaults in each ten-move routine. Looking up for approval were a wide range of competitors, from four-year olds out of Springfit’s Funfit classes all the way up to the teenagers of the elite classes, and there was even an adult section for those heralding from the many mature trampoline sessions. Each showcased their talent to the panel of judges with poise and precision in this tricky sport.

The judges were impressed with the quality of performances, which seems to improve with every event, and commended the support of the staff from each local club who came along. Head Judge Adam Reynolds said of the event: “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

Huge congratulations must go to each and every competitor who displayed determination on the apparatus, and enjoyed the event showing great sportsmanship which helped to create such a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Pictured below are some of the medal winners from the higher grades who performed in the second half of the event.

Trampoline competition second half winners 14.6.14
Trampoline competition second half winners 14.6.14

On the 15th of June, we hosted a unique competition for the highly spectacular discipline of trampette. The mini-trampoline equipment propels people high into the air where they can perform complex and impressive aerial maneuvers.

With a selection of ability-based grades from basic shaped jumps and half turns up to multiple-twisting somersaults, members from several local clubs showcased their talent at the event held at Oakwood sports centre.

The gymnasts and their families all took a great deal from the competition, which enjoyed an unprecedented level of inclusion with judges taking time to explain how the jumps are scored across various criteria, and answering any questions spectators had. This allowed for a great atmosphere in the gymnasium, including many Dads who commented on their joy at being there to see their child compete on Fathers Day.

From the youngest participants challenging for medals in Grade 1 through to the more experienced ones at Grade 6, each performed four jumps for the judges and tried their best to control the landing, much like their idols from the Olympics. Displaying important elements in each such as control, height, power and strength, the excitement was palpable as the scores were read out. Proudest of all was Jessica Ford who won a well deserved gold medal on her eighth birthday, amongst some stiff competition.

Jessica is pictured front and centre below, along with other proud medal winners from the various categories, all of whom will no doubt step up to the next category when the event comes around next year.

Trampette competition winners 15.6.14
Trampette competition winners 15.6.14

Thirteen year old Springfit gymnast Lucy Pidgeon was on top of the world in April, winning no less than three medals in a recent acrobatic competition.

Showing her versatility in the discipline by performing in two ability levels including the hardest grade possible at the recreational event, Lucy took the plaudits every time she took the floor. Being a supporting ‘base’ gymnast for younger members of her class at Oriel school in Maidenbower, then going on to fly in the air as a ‘top’ for more established members of the class was a tall order for any gymnast. Lucy learnt the routines for all performances flawlessly and managed to help her friends finish in the top spots on all occasions.

Acrobatic gymnastics is an impressive sport where strength, balance and control are key. Traits that Lucy clearly has in abundance. This was evident as the delicately choreographed displays were punctuated by brilliant displays of tumbles being performed in time to music, and balances shared with her partners at regular intervals throughout the performance.

Judges provide extra points for having a positive attitude, confidence and variety in the performances, and Lucy’s routines all scored highly on these aspects. Lucy’s coach, Stacey Rodd said of her performance: “Lucy worked so hard on the moves in her routines, and coped well with the changes required to be both a top and base for different performances. She was over the moon at being in the top three for all her categories, but is modest enough to thank her partners at the same time. That’s one of the things that makes Lucy great to teach each week.”

Pictured below is Lucy with her trio partners for the Grade 1 level performance, and her medals proudly round her neck.

Lucy Pidgeon's triple medal success
Lucy Pidgeon’s triple medal success

Members of Springfit took part in a tumbling gymnastics competition in Warlingham last weekend.

Nine medals were won by Springfit gymnasts in what proved to be a highly competitive and hugely rewarding event. Twenty four children were taking part in the most elementary level sequence, with forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and turning jumps being performed to the best of their ability. Some had not experienced the thrill of competition before but were buoyed by the friendly and welcoming nature of the well-organised afternoon in Warlingham.

Two panels of judges cast their eye over the scores of children taking part from various clubs across Surrey and Sussex, scoring their individual moves that make up the impressive tumbles. In the most advanced category the judges had their work cut out, trying to distinguish between the quality of moves involving backflips, front somersaults and a highly difficult aerial ‘fly spring’. This category was very hotly contested between two former classmates. One pipped the other on the first tumble run and the other won the best score on the third. Ex-Springfit gymnasts Zara Flint eventually won the gold medal with a highly skillful second tumble run and the audience was in rupture for the ability of these recreational level athletes.

A special mention should also go to ten year old Molly McGivern of Springfit’s Horley venue at Oakwood Sports Centre, who won the gold medal for her club against gymnasts from two other centres, taking the top spot with a difference of just 0.2 marks between first and third place. Molly’s Saturday 1pm advanced class coach; Stacey said: “Molly did so well to earn the gold medal in that category. Everyone performed so well and her practice really paid off as she kept her cool against stiff opposition to nail the handspring and all her other moves.”

The tumbling competition is always a highly anticipated phase of the year, but Springfit gymnasts now have their sights set on the next of the tri-annual events, with beam routines to practice in class and some new skills to learn on the trampette before June’s competition.

Pictured below are the medal winners from the first half (top) and second half (below) of the event.

First half winners
First half winners
Second half winners
Second half winners