The summer holidays are a great time to spend time with the children but we understand that its great to have some activities pre-planned to keep the kids entertained! Never fear we will be running PRE-BOOKED additional summer holiday sessions at Hazelwick School every THURSDAY throughout the summer holidays. 

Open to members and non-members, it’s a great way to see if children like the activities, or a way to do more training in our fun and friendly classes!

Classes available to book in 2017 as follows:

12pm to 1pm FUNFIT Combined gymnastics and trampoline classes for ages 2+
1pm to 2pm GYMNASTICS For ages 4+
1pm to 2pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 4+
2pm to 3pm GYMNASTICS For ages 6+ or those with experience
2pm to 3pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 6+
Cost is £8.00 per session (Payments are non-refundable.)

We even offer the chance to *bring a friend for half price* if you have a friend or sibling who would like to join the same class as the person you are booking in. Please just add their name in the form – BOOK HERE and add £4.00 per session to your payment. Subject to availability. Only available at the time of booking. To secure the place(s) please then immediately make one payment at:

These extra sessions are offered in addition to the DROP-IN Freestyle gymnastics sessions we run at St Bede’s in Redhill every school holiday on Wednesdays.

As the Club is growing so much – we now have 30 trampoline classes and so we now have separate posts for our Hall of Fame for our Gymnastics and Trampoline Class Progress Medal winners!!

During the 3rd week of May we held special sessions, where parents are invited to watch their children and their classmates show the progress they have made by individually showcasing their ever growing repertoire of skills. The head coach then had to decide on one trampolinist whom they felt had made the most progress over the last six months. This is definitely one of their hardest tasks as a Springfit Head Coach, as everyone seems to be coming on leaps and bounds! Coaches also look at other factors such as attendance level, attentiveness in class – this is particularly important in trampolining where everyone should be ‘spotting’ for the other trampolinists – as well perseverance with a tricky move or improvements in balance and co-ordination. At the end of the class, the chosen trampolinists was awarded a well deserved gold medal for their hard work and determination.

This time medals were awarded to brother and sister Samuele and Valentina Matata. Coach Megan Snow had great praise for them both saying about Valentina ” She has recently come back from a break and with all her effort she has put in she has developed new skills and passed many skills including a front somersault which she would always say no to!  Valentina also never fails to smile and is a star pupil when it comes to setting down as she organises everyone. Well done “. With regards to Samuele  she said “He hasn’t been in the class as long as most of the participants but has shown twice the determination as well as improving so much. He always arrives on time and never fails to complete instructions given. He never gives up and he never allows anyone else to either – he is the class cheerleader. An award well deserved for many reasons.” 

Head Coach Adam also had great praise for some of his trampolinists saying of Madeline Griffin she has made amazing progress passing 8 badges in 6 months and adult class member Christina Bassett has shown great perseverance and dedication to her sport in the classes. 

Megan and her assistant Elise also had high praise for Mikey saying “He never fails to make the class laugh and always brings positive vibes. After a hard battle with him to do skills Mikey finally braved his fears and is now doing front somersaults after being scared to go upside down! We are proud to have him in our class!”

 It always gives us great pleasure in presenting these lovely shiny gold medals to our Springfit members who we feel deserve the recognition. It boosts  confidence, gives them a sense of pride in what they do and offers something to focus on and work towards every six months. In addition, it’s a class event that all our members look forward to and enjoy, as well as the parents and other spectators!

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all the trampolinists pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.


St Bedes Monday  6pm – 
Carla Doneux
St Bedes Monday 6.30pm – Madeline Griffin
St Bede’s Monday 7pm –Valentina Matata
St Bede’s Monday 7.30pm – Kip Cheema
St Bede’s Monday 8.30pm – Christina Bassett
Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Maja Ciesielska
Jubilee Tuesday 5pm – Brandon Foley
Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Poppy Newman
Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Eloise Bassett
St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm  – Mikey Quinlan

St Bede’s Wednesday 7pm  – 
Samuele Matata
Oakwood Wednesday 6.30pm – Max Devulder
 Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm – Ella Bentley
Oakwood Wednesday 8.30pm – Kerry Foster
(Awaiting Phot0)

Oakwood Thursday 4.45pm – 
Ella Woolsey

Oakwood Thursday 5.45pm  – 
Owen Juniper

Oakwood Thursday 6.45pm – 
Madison Emsley
Oakwood Thursday 7.45pm – Kerrianne Shute
Oakwood Friday 5pm – Chloe Harrington
Oakwood Friday 6pm – Georgina Barnes
Oakwood Friday 7pm – Leah-May Owen
Hazelwick Friday 5.30pm  – Elliott Hall
Hazelwick Friday 6.30pm – Erin Miller
Hazelwick Friday 7.30pm – Emily Sutton
Oakwood Saturday 11am –Maddie Austin
Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Abigail Kilborn
Oakwood Saturday 1pm –Katie Freeman
Hazelwick Saturday 11am – Oliver Palmer
Hazelwick Saturday 12pm – Mark Dean
 Oakwood Sunday 11am – Jennifer Stern 

We are so happy to announce that we’ve  launched a new class on THURSDAYS at 8pm at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley. Classes will be run by our Head Gymnastics Coach Plamen, who is also a qualified Personal Trainer.

It is a fun and exciting new concept of using Gymnastics based equipment for fitness and to improve strength, flexibility, range of movement and balance. Not only that you will make friends and have fun – exercise doesn’t feel like exercise when you are having fun!


At such a good price, it seems silly not to give it a go!

Contact us to find out more or to book your place.

Between the 14th to 22nd December 2015 we had a record breaking week here at Springfit!!

“Records Week” is an opportunity for gymnasts and trampolinists to challenge their coach (where possible) and hopefully win as well as trying to beat certain moves that other club members have held for the longest, performed the most times, done the highest or furthest.  If there is a certain skill not on the list, members are invited to make up their own record and get their name on the leaderboard.

Club records are a great way of providing alternative options for class members to do when they get ‘stuck’ on certain moves from the Proficiency Awards undertaken in classes.

At the end of the week the records were collated from each venue and the website has been updated to show those who performed the impressive feats best. Click Here to read the full list.


New Gymnastics Records included:

  • Most forward walkovers in 1 minute  set at 18 by Alice Clinton (Jubilee)
  • Most round offs in 1 minute set at 24 by Edward Duff (St Bedes)
  • Longest bridge walk in 1 minute set at 24m by Katherine Bailey (Oakwood)
New Trampolining Records included:
  • Most twists in one jump set at 2.5 by Aimee Bromfield (Oriel)
  • Half turn tables in 1 minute set at 26 by Karmel Bull (St Bedes)
  • Back bounces in 1 minute set at 56 by Aylish Moore (Jubilee)

It is good to see Club Manager Adam Reynolds ‘still has it’ setting his own new record of 7 Front landing half twist to back landings whilst at Oriel on the 19th December 2015….who will beat that record this December?! The challenge is on!



Many of you will know Sharley as she is one of our Head Trampoline Coaches who coaches at our Oakwood, Oriel and Jubilee training centres. She is also ready to greet you with a big HELLO and a warm smile even at 9am on a Sunday morning (my daughter attends FunFit with her there). She also has the patience of a saint when ‘independent minded’ 2.5 year olds don’t listen (my daughter again!). We put a few questions to her to help you get to know her a little bit better.


What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day! Perfection is very impossible to come by. However, I have had a few very memorable days that come close to perfection. So to wake up surrounded by new found friends in a beautiful foreign country, to take part in an extreme sport activity (sky diving, for example) and to enjoy some really super good vegetarian food with my favourite people around me… That sounds pretty perfect. Making memories that last a lifetime comes close to perfection, I think.

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

Oh this is a very appropriate question for me! This summer I travelled the whole of Europe, hence the previous answer. So I was going to say somewhere other than Europe. However, I’ve had my heart set on seeing the Aurora Lights, so right now, Iceland is my top choice. To see the lights, and to bathe in the Blue Lagoon. Not to shop for frozen food.

What animal best represents you and why?

I’d say a bird of some sort. But a bird that can fly, birds that can’t fly must be really sad and jealous of flying birds. I’d like to be a bird for the freedom of flight, and because I love heights.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

In Hungary I had an amazing dinner and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It was a tofu dish, with a sweet honey sauce, jasmine rice and salad. I’d happily eat that. Always. Or chocolate, does that count as a meal?

What makes you happiest?

These questions are so difficult! So many things make me happy. But choosing one thing that makes me the happiest… That’s difficult. I can’t choose! But my happy things in a short condensed list are – travelling and adventures, my friends at home, my friends in other countries, my crazy younger sister, being around nature, good food, beautiful weather..

How did you get into Trampolining/Gymnastics and what do love about Springfit ?

I started taking part in trampolining classes when I was 5 years old. I love the people at Springfit. My colleagues are hilarious, wonderful, brilliant, uplifting people to be around. The gymnasts and parents never fail to make me smile. The people at Springfit make it the club that is it today.

When most people think of gymnastics classes, they think of children but here at Springfit we run classes for adults as well! We have mentioned before that gymnastics has numerous health benefits for those young and ‘old’! 

If you follow us on Facebook or visit our website, you will know that twice a year we hand out progress medals to students in our classes to reward them for the hard work, determination and effort that they put into the classes. Again you may think these are just for the children? Wrong!!!  We believe that everyone deserve the chance to be recognised for their hard work and so we also hand these medals out in our adult classes.

Kathy trains with us on a Wednesday at our St Bedes location and she earned herself a well deserved Progress Medal in our last round of Gymnastics Progress Medals back in late October 2015.  We put a few questions to her about why she does gymnastics.

How and Why did you get into gymnastics in the first place?

“It’s something I’ve always been in awe of. I’ve literally never done anything gymnastics-wise before, I didn’t do anything as a child and have always been envious of people doing cartwheels and handstands without a second thought. It’s always been top on my list of things I’d love to be able to do, and finally decided after watching my daughter at Springfit that maybe I too could have a go.”

Kathy Cassidy Adults 7pm Wednesday St Bedes
Kathy Cassidy looking happy with her medal!

What do you like about training with Springfit?

“I go to Wednesday’s adult gymnastics class run by Helen, who is amazingly supportive. She always welcomes everyone regardless of ability (or lack of in my case!) and makes sure there is something appropriate for all levels to work on. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she recognised and celebrates every achievement, no matter how small. There’s a good group of coaches, Sean, Josh and Daisy (as well as some “guest” coach appearances!) who are also really supportive. I also have Star Membership, which is amazing for me. I have two young children and a husband who travels abroad a lot, which means I can’t make every week. So the ability to catch up classes without losing money every time I can’t go is ideal for me. But I love going so much that I usually try and rope one of my very kind friends into babysitting so I can still get to come! I also do adult trampoline with coach Sharley, which is ideal for beginners as everyone works at their own pace. I like the fact that Springfit have a sibling discount, which counts for parents, not just brothers and sisters.”

What is your favourite apparatus and why?

“I like the beam, as I’m not bad at balancing! I also love the air track, as it gives you an extra bounce to practise moves on. I feel I can throw myself around a little more on there as its so cushioned.”

What move can you do that you didn’t think you would be able to do?

“To be honest, there’s still so much I can’t yet do. But the important thing is I recognise how much further I am than when I started. My attempts at cartwheels are now beginning to look a bit like them, and although I can’t kick up to handstand yet, I can actually hold myself up against the wall nice and strongly, which I never actually imagined I would be able to do. There are people that walk on on their first session and can do more than me, but it doesn’t concern me, as I know I am making progress at my own level. I try and have a go at most things, but sometimes my mind just won’t let me. But I am always really pleased with myself when I overcome a fear of something and actually manage to attempt it.”

What benefits do you feel you are getting from the class?

“I get a huge sense of achievement from knowing I am facing my fears and overcoming a history of being teased as a child for being the “wrong physique” shall we say! It took immense courage to walk in that door the first time, but I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I made. Also from a health perspective, I am definitely more flexible in the stretches now and it is a fun way to keep fit.” 

My one piece of advice for anyone who has ever thought of going is to be brave and take that first step – You won’t regret it! 

Many of us make New Years Resolutions – ones which are often made include to ‘Eat Less, Drink Less and Get Fitter’. How often do we break one or more of these? The first hurdle we often fall at is getting fitter as we get bored with the mundane routine of going to a gym or ‘following the leader’ in an aerobics class.

Here at Springfit we can provide you with a solution – why not join one of our Adult Only Gymnastics or Trampolining Classes, join in at our immensely popular ‘Freestyle Gymnastics’ classes or get fit with your child at a Adult and Child Trampolining Class? Not only will you be having fun but you will be getting fit at the same time and no class is ever exactly the same so boredom will not set in.

What are the benefits that you could be enjoying?

Gymnastics is widely renowned as a sport that can improve overall fitness, strength, balance and body control (Harrell, 2003), as well as helping to improve athletic performance in any other sport. What most people do not realise is that it also provides many psychological benefits such as improved mental focus and concentration and discipline.

The most persuasive benefit of gymnastics is that it really GOOD FUN! Learning how to tumble, flip, swing, and come as close to self powered flight as is possible anything but boring. There is always another step to learn; it is possible to learn something new every single class you attend. Of course a regular workout also releases ‘ happy hormones’ (endorphins)  that improve mood long after the class has finished! There are also many diverse and wide-reaching disciplines involved within the sport that it is accessible to all ages and abilities.

Want to read more about the benefits of gymnastics  Click here to find out more.

There are so many benefits to trampolining as well  it is hard to believe why everyone is not bouncing their way to getting fit!

One of the lesser known but more popular facts is that studies have shown that the activity of trampolining is one of the most beneficial methods to genuinely reduce cellulite – yes you heard me right REDUCES CELLULITE!

With trampolining, the springs take away all the impact of the road (that you would get from running), and so as  a result, the activity has been shown in tests to be 3 times more beneficial to you than running  – so a ten minute bounce is the same as a half hour run. Other benefits include improvements in your sense of balance, cardiovascular health and firming and toning of your muscles.

Again most of all  you will laugh smile and laugh your way through the class as it is such good fun!

Want to read more about the benefits of trampolining  Click here to find out more.

If you are interested in one of these class them do not hesitate to drop us an email – or call us on 0203 478 0203!