Exclusive offer for Springfit STAR Members!

If you miss a class for any reason, instead of losing out on the money you have paid, we are pleased to offer members the option to “catch up” the session by attending another class!

For STAR Members, this is suitable for ANY missed classes whether it’s through cancellation, absence, illness, injury, holidays, unforeseen circumstances or anything else.

For regular members, we offer catch up sessions only for unexpected closures and any eligible Bank Holidays as detailed at www.springfit.org/prices.


  • This offer only applies to enrolled members on automated monthly subscriptions.
  • Catch up classes should be arranged for suitable classes to match the ability level of the gymnast (trampoline classes are mixed ability).
  • They are only eligible for regular sessions as detailed on our class schedule page (not school holiday drop-in or pre-booked classes).
  • You can attend ANY class that has spaces. Please see www.springfit.org/classes for a list of trampoline and gymnastics classes. Contact the office to check availability or use the Home Portal service. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer attendance in classes that are currently FULL as it would overload them and affect regular paid members.
  • Catch up classes must be attended within two months of the class missed, and no longer than two weeks in advance of any forthcoming absence

At the discretion of the office staff, this may also be extended to be any suitable, regular session during the school holidays, when we expect class numbers to be down with people going away. Ie not just those with spaces during this time. Please contact us for more information.

Please book your Catch Up Class by contacting the office using the details at the top of this page or using your Home Portal, and we will mark it off against your recent absences.

For further information on our “catch up” offer, please contact the office using the details at the top of this page.