Springfit provide a safe, structured and progressive proficiency programme to help members enjoy continuous and logical development of our sports, as well as recognise their progress.

A certificate and woven cloth badge are available for the achievement of each grade. You can order these via our shop:

Development scheme wall charts and class check-off sheets are available for reference, free of charge, to download and print from your own device below.
The programme comprises 15 levels or grades; grade 1 is the most elementary and grade 15 is the most advanced. Most mainstream school age children start on grade 4. Please note: The programme and resources are only for use by qualified coaches / teachers / trainers. None of the elements or progressions shown in these sheets should be attempted without qualified tuition and supervision.

Wall Charts for Trampolining:

Trampoline Grade 1
Trampoline Grade 2
Trampoline Grade 3
Trampoline Grade 4
Trampoline Grade 5
Trampoline Grade 6
Trampoline Grade 7
Trampoline Grade 8
Trampoline Grade 9
Trampoline Grade 10
Trampoline Grade 11
Trampoline Grade 12
Trampoline Grade 13
Trampoline Grade 14
Trampoline Grade 15

Wall Charts for Gymnastics:

Gymnastics Level 1
Gymnastics Level 2
Gymnastics Level 3
Gymnastics Level 4
Gymnastics Level 5
Gymnastics Level 6
Gymnastics Level 7
Gymnastics Level 8
Gymnastics Level 9
Gymnastics Level 10
Gymnastics Level 11
Gymnastics Level 12
Gymnastics Level 13
Gymnastics Level 14
Gymnastics Level 15

Trampoline student progress check-off sheets:

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12Level 13Level 14Level 15

Trampoline Awards Summary

Gymnastic student individual progress check-off sheet:

Gymnastics individual progress check off sheet Grades 1-15