WOW! What a fantastic turn-out for our recent Inter-Club beam and trampette competition! The hall at Oakwood Sports Centre was full to bursting with spectators ready to support the children during their performances. 

Phoenix, Lily and Harriet looking proud with their beam medals.

We started off the competition with the Beam and it was great to see all gymnasts putting in so much effort on this tricky piece of equipment. First up was the Intermediate Gymnasts (2005-2008) and Carmen Bulger, who trains with Head Coach Georgie at the Jubilee Community Centre in East Grinstead, put in a solid and confident display to take home Gold ahead of Kate Trimbell from St Bede’s and Eloise Murphy from Oakwood. Eloise’s sister Lily took home the Gold Medal in the Intermediate category for those born between 2009-2011. She held her nerve to put in a strong performance to finish ahead of Phoenix Hogan and Harriet Jones. The final category in the Intermediate section was on the high beam and we only had one entrant – Jazmine Hogan – who performed so well in her last beam performance for Springfit that she scored enough to take home the gold medal.

Eloise and Katie on the Podium.

Moving onto the advanced levels the moves  got even tricker and included cartwheels, back walk-overs and back-flip dismounts! The spectators were highly impressed with all the performances and all the gymnasts showed great determination to complete their routines and even if they did come off they just got back on like nothing had happened like true professionals! Chloe Forward, who trains at Hazelwick with Head Coach Steve, stormed to Gold on the medium beam and Katie Vaughan took Gold on the high beam ahead of Oakwood’s Eloise Saunders who at only 9 years of age showed great maturity in her performance – definitely one to watch in the future! 

Zoe Murphy, Ava Whyton and Zach Wright

After a short break and change of equipment , we moved onto the Trampette ,which is probably our most popular competition equipment! Grade 1 competitors had to complete 4 jumps off the trampette – Straight, Piked, Straddle and Tuck. Eloise Murphy added a Gold to her Bronze from the beam in the 2006-2008 age group ahead of fellow Oakwood gymnasts Abigail Winton and Niamh Lesova. Next up was the 2009 age group and Copthorne gymnast Lola Ryan took Gold ahead of Lily Murphy, who also added to her medal haul, and Faith Lambert from Hazelwick. Copthorne gymnasts took Gold in the next two age groups with Saskia Spencer and Ava Whyton both taking Gold in the 2010 and 2011-2012 categories respectively. A special mention to Zach Wright who is only 4 but took a bronze medal in his first competition, behind Ava and Zoe Murphy in Silver. 

Moving on to the next grade gymnasts had to complete straddle, pike, half and full turn jumps. In the 2005-2007 age group it was very close between Katie Adams (Jubilee) and Erin Wilson (Copthorne) with Katie taking Gold by just 0.1 points! Chloe Forward was another double medalist taking Gold in the Grade 2 2008 age group and in the final Grade 2 age group (2009-2011) Oakwood’s Emily Dobbs, Phoenix Hogan and Thailia Wright (Copthorne) took home Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively. Stepping up to Grade 3 meant another increase in the difficulty of the jumps completed with dive rolls and front somersaults joining the twist jumps. Head Coach Katie was continued to be amazed with the Copthorne gymnasts performances with Rachel Barrington and Erin Finney taking Gold and Bronze with Bobbi Kuhler (Oakwood) taking the Silver in the 2004-2007 age group. Another Copthorne gymnast, Sofia Booker, split twins Emily  (Gold)and Isabel (Bronze) Gouveia Correia (Oakwood) in the Grade 3 2008-2009 age group on the medal podium. Finally Jazmine Hogan and Katie Vaughan took gold in the Grade 4 and 5 respectively where their jumps where even more complex and included tucked and twisting somersaults, piked baranis and  dive rolls!!

Well Done again to everyone that took part and the full results can be found HERE. 

The summer holidays are a great time to spend time with the children but we understand that its great to have some activities pre-planned to keep the kids entertained! Never fear we will be running PRE-BOOKED additional summer holiday sessions at Hazelwick School every THURSDAY throughout the summer holidays. 

Open to members and non-members, it’s a great way to see if children like the activities, or a way to do more training in our fun and friendly classes!

Classes available to book in 2017 as follows:

12pm to 1pm FUNFIT Combined gymnastics and trampoline classes for ages 2+
1pm to 2pm GYMNASTICS For ages 4+
1pm to 2pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 4+
2pm to 3pm GYMNASTICS For ages 6+ or those with experience
2pm to 3pm TRAMPOLINE For ages 6+
Cost is £8.00 per session (Payments are non-refundable.)

We even offer the chance to *bring a friend for half price* if you have a friend or sibling who would like to join the same class as the person you are booking in. Please just add their name in the form – BOOK HERE and add £4.00 per session to your payment. Subject to availability. Only available at the time of booking. To secure the place(s) please then immediately make one payment at:

These extra sessions are offered in addition to the DROP-IN Freestyle gymnastics sessions we run at St Bede’s in Redhill every school holiday on Wednesdays.

Congratulations to all the trampolinists who took part in the Springfit Trampoline Invitational held last week at Moor House School in Oxted. Over 50 trampolinists turned out from 6 clubs from all over Surrey and Sussex and we would like to thank everyone that turned up to support their trampolinists as well the coaches, judges and spotters from all of the clubs – without you all there would not a competition!

Happy Medalists!

The first half of the competition was for the Level I and G competitors and there were great performances from trampolinists from Flite Crew, Anti-Gravity and Epsom and Trampoline Club (EGTC) taking the medals in the first two age groups.

8 year old Ella-Louise Bentley, who trains at Oakwood Sport Centre with Head Coach Georgie , took Springfit’s first medal in the Level I 2007-2008 age group with a well deserved Silver medal. Katherine Bailey, who has recently decided to focus on trampolining but is also one of our Assistant Gymnastics Coaches, took a Bronze medal in the Level G category with a routine full of half and full twists, somersaults and jumps! A special mention to Ellie Buss from EGTC who was awarded the Marie Manhire-Clark award for effort. 

The second half of the competition saw a handful of medals being awarded to Springfit members, starting off with our first Gold medal going to Sophie-Louise Naylor in the Level H – she was over a point clear of her closest rival. Maddie Austin gained another Bronze medal (Level H) to go with the one she won in our November 2016 competition. Mark Dean was competing his first competition and his coach Dani was watching on proudly as he put in two strong performances despite some nerves. Routines full of piked jumps, seat  and back landings saw Lily Murphy take Gold in the final Level H category for 7-9 year old and Max Devulder took a well deserved Silver in his first ever competition. 

We would also like to congratulate Shaye Chubb on putting in routines full of determination as she overcame her nervousness with regards to front landings and also performing in front of a crowd. For the immense effort she put in she was awarded the Marie Manhire-Clark Trophy for effort – Coach Alex is very proud of you. 

b Charlie Claydon with his Gold Medal

The final two categories were our highest grades and the routines were full of baranis, somersaults, straddled and piked jumps! Elite trampolinists Jacob Budd and Charlie Claydon took Gold medals in Level F and E respectively and both coached by Head Coach Adam at St Bedes who was very pleased to see them both put in solid performances. Fellow St Bedes trampolinist Lara Cawkwell took Bronze behind Jacob.

As usual the competition closed with the Synchro routines and sister Eliose and Lily Murphy took Gold ahead of Sophie-Louise Naylor and Lily Woolsey but it was a close competition as there was only 0.1 points between them!

Synchro medalists

Again we would like to congratulate everyone that took part and thank everyone who helped make this event such a resounding success.

Full Results can be found here – RESULTS.

We would like to congratulate all our gymnasts who won the Progress Medal in the gymnastics classes. The Head Coaches have a tough time on deciding who they feel deserve the medals – they take into account many attributes – dedication, determination, attendance and as well as ability! 


Copthorne Monday 3.30pm Copthorne – Scarlett Ackroyd
 Copthorne Monday 4.30pm  – Winner asked not to be named
Copthorne Monday 5.30pm – Ava Whyton
 St Bede’s Monday 6.00pm – Jessica Hossack
St Bede’s Monday 6.30pm – Orla Myers
 St Bede’s Monday 7.00pm –  Izzy Knowles
St Bede’s Monday 8.00pm – Kaitlin Ashby (photo to follow)
 Copthorne Tuesday 3.30pm – Sienna Bolt
 Copthorne Tuesday 4.30pm – Zach Wright
 Copthorne Tuesday 5.30pm – Ava O’Donnell
Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Summer Hill
Jubilee Tuesday 5pm  – Amelia Hayward
Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Amy Coleman
Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Sophie Day
St Bedes Wednesday (Boys) 6pm – Josh Walker
St Bedes Wednesday (Adult) 7pm – Lloyd Taylor (No photo)
Oakwood Wednesday (Youth) 6.30pm  – Ellie Williams  (Photo to follow)
Oakwood Wednesday (Freestyle) 7.30pm –Zak Gardiner(Photo to follow)
Oakwood Wednesday (Freestyle) 8.30pm  – Jamie Scaramanga (Photo to follow)

Copthorne Wednesday 3.30pm – Isabelle Warren 
Copthorne Wednesday 4.30pm – Noah Smith
Oakwood Thursday (Boys) 5pm -Tim Shew  (Photo to follow)
 Oakwood Thursday (Elite) 6pm – Sophie Tilley (Photo to follow)
Oakwood Thursday (GymFit) 8pm – Darren Cole  (Photo to follow)
Oakwood Friday 5pm – Kourtney Peters
Oakwood Friday 6pm – Zoe Murphy
 Oakwood Friday 7pm – Niamh Lesova
 Hazelwick Friday 5.30pm – Lucy Vance
Hazelwick Friday 6.30pm – Amber Frankland
Hazelwick Friday 7.30pm – Lexi Randall  (Photo to follow)
Oakwood Saturday 11am – Indie Fobbester-Balk 
(Photo to follow)
Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Madison James 
(Photo to follow)
Oakwood Saturday 1pm – Jasmine Keane 
(Photo to follow)
Hazelwick Saturday 11am – Lily Burgress
Hazelwick Saturday 12pm – Sophia Khan
Oakwood Sunday 11am -Belle Herrington

As the Club is growing so much – we now have 30 trampoline classes and so we now have separate posts for our Hall of Fame for our Gymnastics and Trampoline Class Progress Medal winners!!

During the 3rd week of May we held special sessions, where parents are invited to watch their children and their classmates show the progress they have made by individually showcasing their ever growing repertoire of skills. The head coach then had to decide on one trampolinist whom they felt had made the most progress over the last six months. This is definitely one of their hardest tasks as a Springfit Head Coach, as everyone seems to be coming on leaps and bounds! Coaches also look at other factors such as attendance level, attentiveness in class – this is particularly important in trampolining where everyone should be ‘spotting’ for the other trampolinists – as well perseverance with a tricky move or improvements in balance and co-ordination. At the end of the class, the chosen trampolinists was awarded a well deserved gold medal for their hard work and determination.

This time medals were awarded to brother and sister Samuele and Valentina Matata. Coach Megan Snow had great praise for them both saying about Valentina ” She has recently come back from a break and with all her effort she has put in she has developed new skills and passed many skills including a front somersault which she would always say no to!  Valentina also never fails to smile and is a star pupil when it comes to setting down as she organises everyone. Well done “. With regards to Samuele  she said “He hasn’t been in the class as long as most of the participants but has shown twice the determination as well as improving so much. He always arrives on time and never fails to complete instructions given. He never gives up and he never allows anyone else to either – he is the class cheerleader. An award well deserved for many reasons.” 

Head Coach Adam also had great praise for some of his trampolinists saying of Madeline Griffin she has made amazing progress passing 8 badges in 6 months and adult class member Christina Bassett has shown great perseverance and dedication to her sport in the classes. 

Megan and her assistant Elise also had high praise for Mikey saying “He never fails to make the class laugh and always brings positive vibes. After a hard battle with him to do skills Mikey finally braved his fears and is now doing front somersaults after being scared to go upside down! We are proud to have him in our class!”

 It always gives us great pleasure in presenting these lovely shiny gold medals to our Springfit members who we feel deserve the recognition. It boosts  confidence, gives them a sense of pride in what they do and offers something to focus on and work towards every six months. In addition, it’s a class event that all our members look forward to and enjoy, as well as the parents and other spectators!

The Springfit team would like to congratulate all the trampolinists pictured below, who achieved this medal for their fantastic progress throughout the last six months.


St Bedes Monday  6pm – 
Carla Doneux
St Bedes Monday 6.30pm – Madeline Griffin
St Bede’s Monday 7pm –Valentina Matata
St Bede’s Monday 7.30pm – Kip Cheema
St Bede’s Monday 8.30pm – Christina Bassett
Jubilee Tuesday 4pm – Maja Ciesielska
Jubilee Tuesday 5pm – Brandon Foley
Jubilee Tuesday 6pm – Poppy Newman
Jubilee Tuesday 7pm – Eloise Bassett
St Bede’s Wednesday 6pm  – Mikey Quinlan

St Bede’s Wednesday 7pm  – 
Samuele Matata
Oakwood Wednesday 6.30pm – Max Devulder
 Oakwood Wednesday 7.30pm – Ella Bentley
Oakwood Wednesday 8.30pm – Kerry Foster
(Awaiting Phot0)

Oakwood Thursday 4.45pm – 
Ella Woolsey

Oakwood Thursday 5.45pm  – 
Owen Juniper

Oakwood Thursday 6.45pm – 
Madison Emsley
Oakwood Thursday 7.45pm – Kerrianne Shute
Oakwood Friday 5pm – Chloe Harrington
Oakwood Friday 6pm – Georgina Barnes
Oakwood Friday 7pm – Leah-May Owen
Hazelwick Friday 5.30pm  – Elliott Hall
Hazelwick Friday 6.30pm – Erin Miller
Hazelwick Friday 7.30pm – Emily Sutton
Oakwood Saturday 11am –Maddie Austin
Oakwood Saturday 12pm – Abigail Kilborn
Oakwood Saturday 1pm –Katie Freeman
Hazelwick Saturday 11am – Oliver Palmer
Hazelwick Saturday 12pm – Mark Dean
 Oakwood Sunday 11am – Jennifer Stern 

On 7th May, Springfit gymnasts were invited to take part in the annual Acrobatic gymnastics competition hosted by our sister club – Pointers in Warlingham. Acrobatic Gymnastics involves partnering with another individual or a team to perform routines consisting of counter-balance moves, lifts, dance and tumbling, all set to music. By learning as a pair or group, gymnasts develop their skills, strength and coordination together. Partnerships are judged on artistry, difficulty of skills and the execution of skills. 

  Our great Springfit Gymnasts ready to perform!

The day was filled with energy and the support from relatives and friends was fantastic – we enjoy these local competitions as much as our gymnasts, they are so friendly and fun! 

Springfit gymnasts took home a bucketful of medals – including in three Springfit pairs in Grade 1 sharing first place with a duo from High Vaultage! Congratulations to Rachel Barrington and Saskia Spencer (Copthorne -coached by Katie), Jasmine Keane and Isabell Ball (Oakwood –coached by Plamen) and Ellie Blackstock and Daisy Maclay (Jubilee – coached by Georgie and Abbie) for holding their nerve and putting in a near perfect performance in this tough category.  Next up twins Amber and Lauren Frankland put in a great performance (see the video kindly shared by their parents) to take Gold in the Grade 1 category (starting value between 10.8-11.8). The twins are coached by Head Coach Steve at our Hazelwick training centre and you can see him proudly watching them in the video! It was a clean sweep for Springfit with Florie Bradstock and Katie Harding (Jubilee) and Ella-Mae Cox and Emily Dobb (Oakwood) taking silver and bronze. The Grade 1 duos were very entertaining with some clever choreography to pieces of music from films like the Pink Panther!  

Grade 2 Pairs meant more medals for our gymnasts with Hazelwick duo Chloe Forward and Lexi Randall taking 2nd closely followed Oakwood’s Amelie Fobbester-Balk and Amy Lee taking 3rd place. 

In Grade 3 Springfit veterans Sammy Scott-Browne and Jazmine Hogan narrowly missed out on silver to take home a bronze medal – they had the added pressure of going live on our Facebook Page with their performance as well! Click here to watch them perform – Sammy and Jazmine . 

In the higher grades the routines got harder and higher and even with an extra person when the trios took to the mats!

Springfit Trios also put in excellent performances – Aimee Jordan along with sibling pair Amy and Daniel Taristano took Gold as did Katie Vaughan, Sammy Scott-Browne and Sophie Tilley in the Grade 3 Trios who all train together in our Elite Squad at Oakwood. 

What a day! We would like to congratulate all the gymnasts that took part – you did yourself, your family and Springfit proud! Full Results can be found here

On Sunday 12th March nearly 50 Springfit gymnasts travelled up to Warlingham to take part in our sister club’s, Pointers, Annual Tumbling Competition and nearly a third of them took home a medal!! The discipline of tumbling is a real pleasure to watch for proud parents and coaches as well as fellow competitors as gymnasts link impressive move after impressive move along a strip of floor matting.

Some of Springfit Tumblers ready for action!

The first half of the competition was jammed packed with Grade 1 and 3 gymnasts completing their 3 runs to the panel of judges.  These more elementary levels had the gymnasts completing sequences compromised of forward and backward rolls, cartwheels and turning jumps. For many gymnasts this was their first competition and so they had not experienced the thrill of competition before but were buoyed by the friendly and welcoming nature of the well-organised afternoon in Warlingham.


Springfit gymnasts who took home medals in the first half were:

Grade 1

  • Lily Owens Bronze (2009)
  • Alexia Gibb Bronze (2010-2011)

    Happy Medal Winners!
  • Harry Osbourne (Boys) Bronze – he missed Silver by only .06 point
  • Eloise Murphy Gold, Carmen Bulger Silver, Sophie Day Bronze in the 2005-2008 category and only 0.3 points separated them. 

Grade 3

  •  Joe Watkins Silver (2001-2006) and was only .06 off Gold followed by Lexi Kane with Bronze
  • Amelia Telfer (2007-09) Bronze

In the most advanced category the judges had their work cut out, trying to distinguish between the quality of moves involving backflips, front somersaults and a highly difficult aerial ‘fly spring’. 

Head Coach Helen Hutson Pope had this to say : “Our lovely Springfit Gymnasts enjoyed a challenging and fun tumbling competition this weekend against some of our sister clubs. We had some worthy medallists amongst a strong line-up, so a big well done to them! And as always the real winners were our wonderful children who showed great determination and sportsmanship, supported by the parents and families. It was a wonderful show of enthusiasm and appreciation for all the competitors.”

In the second half Springfit Gymnasts took home another 5 medals:

Grade 2

  • Chloe Forward(2008-10 ) took Gold  with Eloise Saunders taking Bronze
  • Oilvia Geason-James (2006-07) took Silver and Geogrie Davis took Bronze

Grade 4 

  • Daniel Tarsitano – Silver

The tumbling competition is always a highly anticipated phase of the year, but Springfit gymnasts now have their sights set on the next of the tri-annual events, with acrobatics routines to practice in class ready for the competition in May. 

The full set of results can be found here: Results.


The second weekend in March was busy with the competition calendar kicking off with the first Springfit Trampoline Invitational at Moor House School in Oxted.

We were inundated with entrants from all over Surrey and West Sussex and the competition was as fierce as usual but the fun and friendly atmosphere that everyone has come to know and love about Springfit’s competitions was still there!

The competition was tough and all trampolinists performed two routines, showing amazing displays of talent and determination. The age of those competing ranged from 5 to 15 years. Although this was a friendly competition, young trampolinists were still under pressure to perform their routines with precision and in front of a large crowd with all eyes on them.

Some of our happy medalists!!

In the first half of the competition saw Springfit trampolinists take 4 medals – there was a Gold medal for Ed Collingwood who trains at our Jubilee training centre and only 0.03 points behind was Heather Hall, who trains on a Friday at Hazelwick School with Head Coach Natalie, in the Grade I for those aged 8 and under. The final medals in this section went to our Elite Trampolinists who are coached by Club Manager Adam – Charlie Claydon took Silver in the Level E Grade and Scarlett Shepherd and Jazmine Hogan in the Synchro section took another Gold medal – there is no stopping these girls! 

In support for the brave individuals were plenty of family and friends, who applauded every effort and populated the balcony of the sports centre with vocal support. This vantage point provided some excellent aerial shots of the children showing a fine display of shapes and somersaults in each ten-move routine.  Each showcased their talent to the panel of judges with poise and precision in this tricky sport.

The second half of the competition saw our Grade F-H trampolinists take to the trampoline and another 4 medals for Springfit! In Level H Oakwood Trampolinists 11 year old Demie O’Leary and 10 year old Sophie-Louise Naylor took silver and bronze respectively. Finally sisters Eloise and Lily Murphy narrowly missed gold to take silver in the Level H Synchro. 

The judges were impressed with the quality of performances, which seems to improve with every event, and commended the support of the staff from each local club who came along. Head Judge Adam Reynolds said of the event: “To have so many instructors and staff from all these clubs come along to show support for children who are clearly passionate about trampolining is great. It’s clear that the efforts are appreciated by performers and parents, and this makes it always worthwhile.”

Proud Medalists
Holly with her trophy

Holly Earl from FliteCrew took home the Marie Manhire-Clark trophy for effort as she put in a solid display and her routines were memorable for the judges

We believe that competitions like this really do boost children’s confidence. It gives them such a sense of achievement and something to be proud of. Even if they don’t win, performing in front of a crowd does wonders for self esteem.
Our next event in July is already highly anticipated Watch this space!

A huge well done and congratulations to all those who took part!


Everyone at Springfit would love to congratulate 9 year old Amelie Fobbester-Balk on being awarded the Fay Greene for effort in 2016.

One individual from any of our 35 gymnastics classes (over 600 gymnasts!) can be chosen and it is based on who has shown the most overall progress in the last year. All 5 head coaches at the club discussed and deliberated who deserved the recognition, considering levels of dedication, achievement, competition, attitude and performance among other important skills taught in this hugely beneficial sport.

A surprised but happy Amelie with her trophy!
A surprised but happy Amelie with her trophy!

The trophy was presented to the club back in 1998 by the parents of Fay Greene; a talented gymnast who was so enthusiastic about the sport that her family wanted her passion to live on through the club after Fay’s tragic death at an early age.

It is such a special moment and it was a complete surprise to Amelie but we told her Mum before the class so she was in on the secret!

Proud Head Coach Plamen who coaches Amelie on Saturdays at Oakwood Sports Centre awarded her the trophy at the end of class and had this to say “She never shy’s away from any challenge that we give the gymnasts during the classes, she also has an amazing attitude that she shows every single class, and because of those two, and many more good qualities such as persistence, dedication and positiveness she has improved in leaps and bounds.  She continually shows lots of improvement and picks skills up very quickly, listening to everything coaches teach in class. She participated the floor and vault competition and did very well too.”

Amelie has been training with us since 2013 and started competing in 2014 in our various gymnastics competitions. Amelie joins a lot of great names  already engraved on it from Georgie Donovan to Katie Pidgeon and many who have gone on to train for many hours at a high level.