Springfit are delighted to announce that our 2012 calendars are now on sale at the club for £10 each.

There is a limited supply of 250 calendars in stock at the office, and once they are sold out we will not have any more available.
As the last fundraising event of 2011, we are hoping to raise another £900 to buy equipment from our targets list if we sell them all.
You can buy yours directly from coaches at the club, or by making a £10 payment online here [click].

Featuring photos from all classes at our three main venues; St Bedes, Oakwood and Oriel, the calendars have been superbly designed and produced by our friends at Pinksheep printing.
With thanks to our photographers Dan Shaw, Abbie Fairhead and Anne Everitt, and to all those who were involved in the photos.

Please remember that ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY BACK INTO YOUR CLUB – All sales will help us buy new equipment for classes.

Thank you for supporting your club.

Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club recently held class displays for the parents of each of their nine ability-based gymnastics classes.

All members performed moves on various apparatus to show off what they have learnt in recent months, and one lucky gymnast in each class was awarded a gold medal for attainment.  This progress medal is handed out in recognition of the effort and dedication shown by the young athletes since the last display. Chosen by the coaching teams who run classes, the decision is often a close one, with many showcasing new moves and highlighting improved strength and flexibility.
The parents in attendance commented on the amount of individual development they were enjoying seeing from their children, and were vocal in their support for the entertaining moves and demonstrations on offer. The gymnasts performed skilfully timed display runs to leap over vaults and fly through the air from trampettes, which engaged and delighted the crowd. The sessions help children get used to performing for an audience, and provide parents with a great sense of pride at watching them enjoy their sport.

Each and every child was congratulated for their excellent progress made in the last six months, and joined in the appreciation and joy for the selected winner whom their coaches considered to have excelled themselves the most.
Pictured here from left to right are all the March progress medal winners at Springfit club:

From Wednesday 6pm boys class: Daniel Brigden (7), Thursday 6:30pm boys class: Keiran Hart (7), Friday 5pm beginners:  Paarth Nagpal (6), Friday 6pm improvers: Hannah McHardie (8), Friday 7pm advanced:  Alice Tustian (13), Saturday 11am beginners:  Alice Lawrence (5), Saturday 12pm improvers:  Ruby Charlesworth (8), Saturday 1pm advanced: Chloe Lamy (10) and Sunday 11am beginners: Isabella Gair (5).

Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline club are proud to bring their popular and unique style of gymnastics coaching to Meath Green Infant school, Horley .

Following on from the success of Manorfield Infant school’s pre-school sessions for 2yrs up, the team will provide ‘breakfast club’ sessions for pupils.  This extends the reach of the club to more people in Horley, and is another step in the steady development of the club throughout the area.

With classes planned in Crawley and more in Redhill, parents are delighted at the opportunity for children to build on balance and co-ordination as well as confidence and social interaction.
With demand growing for more of the hugely popular “Funfit” classes, the club is proud to be a leader in the field of pre-school gymnastics sessions.

Springfit manager Adam Reynolds said of the new project; “We have been inundated with organisations begging us to bring our style of coaching to children in their area, and are pleased to be able to offer additional classes.  It is important that children are introduced to these activities early as it builds on basic life skills, and the testimonials on our website are proof of that.”
Pre-school sessions at Manorfield and Funfit classes at Oakwood are open to the public to join at a very reasonable price. For further information contact us on 0203 478 0203 or email info@springfit.org

Gymnasts tumbled into action at the Pointers’ gym club Invitational Tumbling and Acrobatic competition on Sunday 13th March. Members of Horley-based Springfit gym club travelled to de Stafford Sports Centre, Caterham to take part in the annual event, and came away with most of the medals.

There was a large turnout of gymnasts along with friends and families who waited excitedly for their child to perform. The competition consisted of two disciplines, first being tumbling runs, starting with novice grades involving forward rolls and jumps, through to the advanced grades of front somersaults and no-handed cartwheels. Then spectators enjoyed some very diverse and well performed acrobatic performances to finish off the competition. Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of each other to balance, catch, dance and flip around the floor area. Routines are performed to music with entertaining moves linking each element.

The audience were delighted to see the efforts of the gymnasts who took part and the judges were very impressed with the steady progression of strength and flexibility the gymnasts showed. Tumbles were strong for the complex moves involved, and the acrobatic pair and trio routines were choreographed by the children themselves.

Pictured below are the acrobatic medal winners (from top left to bottom right):

Emily Charman (14, Springfit), Cydnie-May Aldridge (13, Springfit), Maxine Coldrey (10, Springfit), Abbie Clifton (12, Springfit), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Amber Clifton (15, Springfit), Shai Holland (14, Springfit), Lauren Aldridge (11, Springfit), Eleanor Cox (12, Springfit), Hayley Walmsley (11, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (12, Pointers), Hannah Bagley (10, Springfit), Lucy Fish (9, Springfit), Francesca Bagley (12, Springfit), Sofia Sgambellone (10, Springfit), Lucy Parker (9, Springfit), Stacey Connor (10, Springfit), Zoe Smallman (10, Springfit) and Kirsty Chapman (9, Springfit)

And Tumbling medal winners (from top left to bottom right):
Emily Charman (14, Springfit), Hayley Walmsley (11, Springfit), Shai Holland (14, Springfit), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Abbie Clifton (12, Springfit), Daisy Roadnight (12, Pointers), Lucy Phipps (12, Pointers), Francesca Bagley (12, Springfit), Sarah Charman (10, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (12, Pointers), Kieran Hart (7, Springfit), Liam Arnold (7, Springfit), Kaitlyn Galvin (10, Pointers), Zara Coen (10, Pointers) and Becky Barker (9, Pointers)

Calling all members and friends.

Our trampoline coach, Kim Christmas, who has been a member of the Springfit team for many years, is going to be running the London marathon for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.  Please sponsor her at:

www.justgiving.com/Kimberley-Christmas or you can fill in the form she has, and she can collect once she has run.

Kim says of her ambitious feat:

“I am trying to raise £2000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, to help to keep the hospital at the leading edge of cancer treatment, research and care. 40,000 people every year use the Royal Marsden Hospital to try and beat cancer and I hope, with the funds I raise, I will help some people spend more time with family and friends and less time in hospital. Someone very close to me had their life extended by 9 years because of the research and hard work that goes into investigating new cures, types of care and innovative surgeries. For this I am forever grateful.
I am running the 26 (very long) miles through London on 17th April (just over a month away, eek) and would appreciate any support and anything that you can give towards the Royal Marsden will be hugely appreciated.
Please pledge your support for her atwww.justgiving.com/Kimberley-Christmas or find her to fll in on the form.
With thanks.
Kim Christmas

Would you please note, the gym club will be closed for Easter on

Good Friday 22nd April & Easter Sunday 24th April

(but we ARE open on Saturday 23rd)

We are also closed for Bank Holiday Monday 25th April at Manorfield and Royal Bank holiday Friday 29th April at Oakwood.

For full details please see our club calendar page.

The latest Springfit Invitational trampoline competition brought joy to many children and their parents on Saturday 5th March at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from various local clubs and schools throughout Surrey compete for medals in various age and ability categories, with their friends and family enjoying the spectacle from the viewing balcony.

There were a record number of first-time competitors entering at Grade 8 of the Winstrada proficiency scheme, and organisers extended the duration of the event to accommodate those keen children. The youngsters showed great spirit and determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel, and overcame any nerves they had by enjoying the friendly spirit of the event. Proud parents witnessed a medal ceremony to remember, with some surprised and delighted winners taking the podium places.

The advanced section followed, with routines involving multiple somersaults from older gymnasts who have previously competed at the lower levels. There were some spectacular moves on display, and a good spirit amongst the competitors. The synchronised section where two gymnasts perform a routine at the same time as each other was a delight to watch, and the results were very close.

Pictured below are the medal winners of the earlier grades and advanced sections.
From top left to bottom right of the entry-level grades:

Alex Noone (10, Pointers), (Becca Morris 8, Anti-Gravity), Megan Balcombe (9, Pointers), Eleanor Lewis (13, Anti-Gravity), Annabelle Palmer (9, Pointers), Katie Sweeney (9, Pointers), Ella Price (8, Anti-Gravity), Jemma Belton (6, Anti-Gravity), Louise Corrance (7, Anti-Gravity), Emily Marsh (10, Springfit), Amy Hodgetts (8, Anti-Gravity) and Piya Shah (9, Anti-Gravity).

And of advanced:
James Crowley (16, Pointers), Rosie Fuller (14, Pointers), Leila Mani-Lundie (15, Pointers), Katie Pidgeon (13, Springfit), Abigail Ferguson (12, Springfit), Amber Jackson (8, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (8, Anti-Gravity) and Breeze Maclean-Hewlett (11, Anti-Gravity).

The long awaited professionally made DVDs of the Springfit 2010 ‘Hollywood’ Club Display are now available to buy!

The FlairFilmsUK team have done an excellent job of editing it all together, and you can get your full-length copy for just £8.00!!

To place your order, please send Adam an email or fill in an order form – available to collect at Oakwood gym.
All profit goes straight back into the club, so we can try and afford bars for our gymnasts to train with!

Club Display DVD box design

Preview clip of some of the action:

10 year old Hannah Bagley from Redhill has been awarded the coveted “Fay Greene Award for Progress in Gymnastics” trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.
The trophy is awarded annually by Springfit Gymnastics and Trampolining club to the gymnast who, in the opinion of the coaches, has made the most progress in the previous 12 months.
The award has been well deserved for Hannah who has shown great enthusiasm for the sport, and worked hard to improve her overall ability in the last year. She is often seen training hard to perfect a move, using self-motivation and determination to achieve a new move or increase her flexibility and strength. It didn’t go unnoticed by her proud coaches, who hailed her as “a fitting representative of the Elite squad who always strives to reach the next goal.” She embodies the

Hannah is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers in the Friday 7pm gym class.

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Thirteen year old Katie Pidgeon from Horley has been awarded Springfit Gym Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.
The trophy rewards effort in improving individuals’ flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.
Katie has competed in regular competitions for the club winning numerous medals, and has shown a determination in her attitude towards training sessions that has won the respect of her coaches.
She is a key figure in the Elite gymnastics class, which provides further hours of training to members through invitation by the Head Coach of advanced classes at the club.
She has even begun to help coach the younger gymnasts at the weekend, and clearly enjoys every aspect of the sport. Her enthusiasm for gymnastics is evident in every class she attends, and rubs off on those she helps.
Katie said upon receiving the award: “I am very happy and extremely grateful to be awarded the trophy. I feel lucky to be part of Springfit and thanks for everything they’ve done for me.”
Katie is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers during the Thursday Elite class.

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