Springfit kicked off Olympic year with another fantastic trampoline competition for children and adults from all over the county on Saturday. The tri-annual event attracted over 100 spectators and supporters this time round, with around seventy proud competitors taking part at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.

The superb venue welcomed trampolinists from various local clubs and schools throughout Surrey to compete in various age and ability categories, and provided many happy children with winners medals. Not only children either, as the event was extended to offer keen adults the chance to compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere for the first time. With over fifteen adult classes offered by the various clubs involved in the competition, the popularity of this section is expected to grow as more grown-ups realise how good trampolining is for you!

The younger competitors also showed fantastic spirit in their determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel. In both entry-level grades and advanced levels, the spectacular moves were met with smiles of confidence and pride by those taking part as well as the watching parents and proud coaches. The medal ceremonies saw some delighted winners enjoying the surprise of winning a medal. Everyone took home a certificate of achievement too.

Head judge Adam Reynolds said of the competition “It’s great to see the event getting more popular and the winners coming from all over. Not just our staple clubs in Caterham, Oxted and Horley, but from K2 in Crawley right up to Thornton Heath. Well done to everyone who took part!”

Pictured below are some of the medal winners from the earlier grades and advanced sections.
From left to right of the entry-level grades:
Clarity Kennedy (9, High Vaultage), Millie Grice (8, High Vaultage), Jack Barnard (11, Springfit), Sam Wilcock (11, Springfit), Lewis Thornhill (8, Springfit) and Jovita Bodamer-Macgregor (7, Thornton Heath).

And of the advanced competitors from top left to bottom right:
Lauren Monk (10, Springfit), Rachel Bound, (Springfit), Jessica Butler (Springfit), Isobel Ferguson (Springfit), Erin Macdonald (K2), Clare McKee, (Springfit), Gemma Hodsdon (Springfit), Lucas Bibb (11, Anti-Gravity), Amy Hodgetts (11, Anti-Gravity), Liam Chenery (Anti-Gravity), Ellie Clements (11, Anti-Gravity), Rebecca Morris (9, Anti-Gravity), Amber Jackson (9, Anti-Gravity), Ella Price (9, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah, (10, Anti-Gravity), Danielle Ford (13, Springfit) and Abigail Moore (9, Anti-Gravity).

Ten year old Rosa Gilham from Horley has been awarded Springfit Gym Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.

The trophy rewards effort in improving flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.Rosa has begun competing in regular competitions for the club and has shown a determination in her attitude towards training sessions that her coaches admire. She is an inspiration to other members of the Elite gymnastics class, which provides further hours of training to members through invitation by the Head Coach of advanced classes at the club.
Rosa clearly enjoys the sport, and believes this is the reason she has managed to progress so well in recent months. Her enthusiasm for gymnastics is evident in every class she attends, and every move she performs. Even the extra conditioning required to improve her range of movement and provide extra power is fun for Rosa, and her coaches have noticed her hunger to learn new skills and achieve perfection. Head Coach Chris Bower said of Rosa: “She always rises to the challenges and fitted into the Elite class so well it looks like she has always been there. With her commitment I am sure she will achieve anything she sets her mind to.”
Rosa is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers during the Thursday Elite class.

Nine year old Abbie James from Horley has been awarded the coveted “Fay Greene Award for Progress in Gymnastics” trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.
The trophy is awarded annually by Springfit Gymnastics and Trampolining club in memory of a talented youngster who sadly died at the age of 14 in 1998. Provided by her parents, it is presented to the gymnast who, in the opinion of the coaches, has made the most progress in the previous 12 months.

The award came as a pleasant surprise to Abbie who has been with the club since December 2010 and after having no gymnastics background has progressed from an improvers class to advanced, and was even invited into Springfit’s “Elite squad” at their Oakwood Sports Centre training venue last year.

Although there was significant debate over the shortlist by Head Coaches at the club, the achievement was obviously well deserved for Abbie who has improved steadily every month. She has shown a great enthusiasm for the sport, practicing all the time at home and working hard in class to improve her overall ability. Abbie is always out in the garden during summer months perfecting her skills and using self-motivation to increase her flexibility and strength. The extra practice didn’t go unnoticed by her proud coaches, who consider Abbie to be “a fantastic role model for all gymnasts in her determination and enjoyment of the sport.”

Abbie is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers in the Saturday 1pm advanced gym class at Springfit.

Springfit are delighted to announce that we will be running another 24 hour bounceathon fundraiser in association with Oakwood school and Oakwood Sports Cetnre.

The event will take place at Oakwood School Sports Centre from 9am on Wednesday 15th February to 9am Thursday 16th February 2012.


Teams of 5 bouncers are invited to apply to Oakwood school (or can be through your coach at Springfit) to join us for this extra special event to raise funds for trampoline safety end-decks for use in classes.



Wear something red to celebrate Valentines Day! Suitable attire for trampolining only. No jewellery & hair tied back.

You need to stay for your allocated time slot. Parents/carers will need to pick you up if you are staying between the hours of 6pm and 9am for safety reasons. Time slots are: 9am-12pm, 12pm-6pm, 6pm-12am, 12am-6am, 6am-9am.

Sleeping / Night Time: The left hand gym will be open for those who are doing their bounce session overnight 12am-6am. Staff will be present to supervise the gym. Please bring a sleeping bag.

If you are doing a session that ends at 6pm, midnight or 6am you will need a parent/carer to pick you up.

All participants must have a consent form completed and returned to Adam Reynolds if you participating on behalf of Springfit or Mrs James if you are participating on behalf of Oakwood School. No Consent form = No Participation!

Entry Fee: £2 per participant – therefore £10 per team.

There will be a prize for the highest amount raised in sponsorship for one student per year group!


An exciting opportunity for adults has arrived at our St Bede’s venue on Monday nights.
Springfit legend Dave Mizon (star of the 2012 calendar and pommel video from earlier this year) has booked a private gymnastics class with use of two trampolines and the whole gym on Mondays between 8pm and 9pm at St Bede’s in Redhill. It will be known as “Dave’s class”.

With a fully qualified coach present to instruct and support moves, the session is open to ANYONE over 18 who would like to come and join in. Maximum cost would be £10 for this exclusive, almost one-to-one coaching session, but the more people that join in, the cheaper it gets for everyone! If ten people take part, it will cost you less than £5!

Invite your friends and settle fees on the day with Dave directly, the fun and friendly face of the newest and most exciting class from your fun and friendly club; Springfit.

Please call us on 0203 478 0203 for more info.

Adults enjoying gym classes

We are pleased to be able to offer new classes at St Bede’s school in Redhill on Monday nights from the New Year. Adding to our provision of boys and adults classes on Wednesday nights, the new sessions will be able to accommodate mixed general gymnastics classes for children aged 4 and up, and well as two more children’s trampoline classes. There will also be more opportunities for adults to join the highly beneficial fitness activities, as the club grows to put on eight adult classes.

The gymnasium at the school is ideal for all kinds of activities, including being the base for Springfit’s popular parkour and freestyle classes. With more equipment arriving and further fundraising activities taking place, the club is pleased to be expanding. Manager Adam Reynolds said of the latest news: “We are happy to be able to work with such supportive venues to help fulfil the increasing demand we have been experiencing for our classes. The staff at St Bede’s have been very helpful as we encourage members of the local community to come and enjoy our uniquely fun and energetic sessions”.

Our Gymnasium at St Bedes

On Sunday 6th November, members of several local gym clubs competed in a two-part gymnastics competition at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley. The disciplines of individual floor routines and spectacular vaults were scored by a panel of judges, and medals were awarded to those who performed the best in their age and difficulty category.

The standard of competition was raised once again, with children performing handsprings and somersaults on the floor to some fun and inspiring music. They also had a choice of vault to add to their score, and points were given for how well they overcame the apparatus. The audience provided much applause and encouragement for the young athletes, some of whom were competing for the first time.

The intermediate level competitors opened the show – for those who train up to 1 ½ hours a week. Those who train 1.5 – 3hrs a week are considered in the advanced section, where routines are longer and more complex, and the vault is higher. The competition is open to all recreational level gymnasts from clubs all over Surrey and the surrounding counties. The Redhill Donyngs representatives put on an excellent performance again, narrowly missing out on the medals, and members of Caterham based Pointers club took some of the podium spots.

Everyone went away from the event with huge smiles, especially the gold medal winners and those awarded the Judges Trophy Award for Effort.

Pictured below is 11 year old GOLD medal winner Zara FLint from Springfit, performing her floor routine.

The final Springfit Invitational trampoline competition of 2011 brought together many excited children and their parents on Saturday 12th November at Moor House School Sports Centre in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from various local clubs and schools throughout Surrey compete in various age and ability categories, and provided many happy children with winners medals.

The amount of children competing in the beginners ‘Grade 8’ category was a record high for the tri-annual event, providing many first-time competitors with a chance to pit themselves against their peers, all of whom train only one hour a week, in an invitingly fun and friendly competition atmosphere. The youngsters showed fantastic spirit and determination to perform the best routine they could for the judging panel, and enjoyed the spotlight with smiles of confidence and pride. The medal ceremony had some delighted winners skipping up to the podium.

The advanced section followed, with more complex routines involving multiple somersaults and far more difficult moves. There were some spectacular demonstrations of strength and control on display, and some drama too, as the clear leader after the first round of advanced grades lost out on the gold medal to her sister. With an almost flawless routine, the brave 10 year old saw off some stiff competition from older and more experienced gymnasts but struggled with the more difficult voluntary routine in the second round.

Head judge Adam Reynolds said of the competition “Everyone has been so positive about the whole event and it was great to see such progress in the popularity and performances.”

Pictured below are the medal winners of the earlier grades and advanced sections.
From top left to bottom right of the entry-level grades:
Ashleigh Suddell (13, Springfit), Olivia Mullan (9, Springfit), Chloe Legge (10, Springfit), Ashleigh Davies (10, Pointers), Clarity Kennedy (9, High Vaultage), Amy Sweeney (6, Pointers), Lily Edwards (6, Springfit), Jessica Butler (6, Springfit) and Millie Grice (8, High Vaultage).

And of the advanced competitors:
Emily Reeves (9, Pointers), Jemma Belton (7, Anti-Gravity), Rebecca Morris (9, Anti-Gravity), Lauren Bridson (14, High Vaultage), Niamh Ryan (10, YMCA), Madeleine Field (11, High Vaultage), Lauren Bridson (14, High Vaultage), Kayleigh Dalton (14, High Vaultage), Abigail Moore (9, Anti-Gravity), Ella Price (9, Anti-Gravity) and Piya Shah (10, Anti-Gravity).

Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club recently held class displays for the parents of each of their twelve ability-based gymnastics classes. All members performed choreographed routines and exciting gymnastics moves on various apparatus to demonstrate what they have learnt in the six months since the last displays.

One lucky gymnast was chosen from each class to receive a gold medal for attainment.  This progress medal is handed out in recognition of the effort and commitment to gymnastics training shown by the children who take part in weekly classes at the club. Chosen by the coaching teams who run each session, the decision is often difficult to make, as the enthusiastic youngsters put so much effort into improving their strength and flexibility every week in order to achieve new moves.

Those receiving the reward were understandably pleased to be singled out, and their parents who were watching were just as proud. Many commented on how they could see their child’s confidence was boosted through recognition of their efforts, and explained how their individual development had increased through participation in the sport.

The club is pleased to offer these sessions as a way of helping children get used to performing for an audience, which can help prepare them for the fun and friendly competitions run throughout the year, as well as providing parents with a great sense of pride at watching them enjoy their sport.

Pictured here from top left to bottom right are all the November progress medal winners at Springfit club:

From St Bedes, Redhill boys class – Aidan Boakes (7), from Oakwood, Horley: Boys class – Jonathan Brown (8), Friday beginners – Carla Wells (9), improvers – Ellen Paterson (15), advanced – Beth Whitmore (8), Saturday beginners –  Lara Hill (6), improvers – Emily Marti-Cornish (6), advanced – Elise Fry (8), Sunday beginners – Ella Mullan (7). From Oriel, Maidenbower beginners – Daisy Findlay (5), improvers – Holly Haisell (6), advanced – Zoe Smith (9).