Preparations for our 2012 club display have begun, with all gymnastics classes at St Bede’s, Oriel and Oakwood choreographing routines to spooky music as we plan for Fright Night at the gym on Sunday October 21st.

With some fantastic raffle prizes already sourced, props coming in and costumes being created, the day looks to be a fantastic event, set to top the amazing spectacle that was our 2010 Hollywood and Broadway display.

We are asking for help from all members to provide props and costumes, manpower for the setup of the sports hall at Oakwood, more raffle prizes and any other help that you can thing of to reduce the stress on our coaching and admin team. Please get in touch with Adam if you have any suggestions or free time!

Look out for more information here and in classes as invitation letters go out in a few short weeks. Ticket sales commence shortly afterwards. Exciting times!

The results from our Members Satisfaction Survey for the first half of 2012 are in.

Congratulations to Head Gym coach Tanya Richardson, who wins with an excellent score of 9.3 out of ten.

The club’s average for the last six months was 8.86. We experienced an increase in responses, with 55 people replying and coaches being rated 118 times. The increased response is due to the expansion of the club with more classes running in various venues, and the increased rating is due to more coaches in classes and parents knowing their names.

We have aimed to increase feedback and have achieved this again with some comments pointing out that our coaches efforts have made a massive impact on some individual’s lives. All comments have been replied to personally, and fed back to coaches where necessary.
Huge congratulations are in order to all the coaching teams for their hard work and dedication.   We look forward to haveing even more feedback in another six months time.

Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club took some of it’s members to a local competition in Guildford and walked away with two gold medals!

In a busy month for the club, hosting their own events and performing at local displays, the girls didn’t get much time to practice their routines but still impressed the judges enough to earn the top spot on the podium.

The Olympic themed event was hosted by Flair club who invite hundreds of competitors from all over Surrey and the South East to pit themselves against their peers in age and ability categories. The competition consists of an individual floor routine where gymnasts perform ten skills linked by dance moves and includes back flips and somersaults as well as balance moves, handstands and shaped leaps.

They are also required to perform a vault, where the Springfit competitors chose the high difficulty level of a “handspring”, going completely upside down as they fly over the apparatus. The gold medallists got exceptionally good scores for this move and had the other gymnasts commenting on how daunting it is to be going against members of Springfit Gym club, who have a reputation of producing excellent results for the fun and friendly recreational classes they run.

Pictured here are Katie Pidgeon (14) and Zara Flint (11) posing proudly with their gold medals and certificates of achievement.

Springfit will be holding Open Parkour Sessions at St Bede’s school in Redhill for all ages and abilities throughout the summer holidays.

Running every Wednesday from 25th July to 29th August from 4:30pm to 6pm, each session costs just £6.00 to attend, with no need to book! Just turn up and join in!

The gymnasium will offer the full use of all it’s equipment including two trampettes, springboards, several horses, vaults and bucks, safety landing mats, two trampolines and a 25 metre air track!!

There are endless opportunities to practice moves that you see acrobats and free-running traceurs displaying on TV and in the performing arts.With expert coaching from fully qualified and insured Freestyle Gymnastics coaches, as well as tips on tricks from high level parkour members at Springfit club, there has never been a better chance to test yourself in the most fun and most impressive way to keep fit.

No strict form or instructions to stick to, just be yourself and let your body do the talking!


We are very excited to be able to have the use of a brand new 15 metre air tumble track at our St Bede’s school venue in Redhill!
The apparatus is not only fun but also helps members grow in confidence to be able to perform moves that seem daunting on the gym floor. From ages 4 to the adults, everyone has been flipping themselves around on the new inflatable track and achieving some great results!
Many people have has commented on how beneficial it is to have the air track in classes, but more importantly everybody has said how much fun it is!

The inclusion of this equipment in classes has led to our coaches prioritizing it above all other equipment we are fundraising for at our Oakwood, Oriel, and Jubilee venues. I’m sure you’ll see them more widely available soon…

Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club held a trampette competition for members of local clubs, schools and organisations throughout Surrey and Sussex last weekend.

The gymnastics discipline uses a mini trampoline to launch people into the air and perform moves similar to those seen in “team gym” displays and most recently on Britain’s Got Talent.

Children as young as 4 performed various shaped jumps or somersaults for a panel of judges who scored them on various aspects of the jump including height, power and strength. Those who got the best overall score were awarded a medal and everyone received a certificate of achievement for taking part.

With their dedication to fun and friendliness, Springfit provided a typically enjoyable event for spectators, and in-between rounds, coaches were inviting parents to take part in ‘trampette basketball’ – a regular favourite at the club. Those who managed to score a basket were offered rewards, and some very small children did exceptionally well as did members of some of Springfit’s nine adult classes. One lucky gymnast took home the judges trophy awarded for effort in competition as she smiled and tried her hardest throughout the afternoon.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon and many commented on how friendly and helpful the coaches from so many clubs were in ensuring all those taking part were looked after.

Pictured here are some of the medal winners, from top left to bottom right:Daisy Roadnight (14, Pointers), Abbie Clifton (13, Springfit), Lauren Murray (14, Springfit), Lily Fairhall (9, Pointers), Cara Alonso (10, Springfit), Aidan Boakes (9, Springfit), Ellie Grant (11, Pointers), Lucy Fish (11, Springfit), Rebeccca Ogston (9, Springfit), Kieran Hart (9, Springfit), Callie Smith (8, Springfit), Ellie Porter (6, Springfit), Eloise North (6, Pointers)

Springfit held another of their regular and popular invitational trampoline competitions last weekend at Moor House School in Oxted.
The superb venue saw trampolinists from several local clubs, schools, sports and leisure centres throughout Surrey and Sussex compete in various age and ability categories. Some came from as far as Brighton to enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of this unique recreational competition.

Medals were awarded in a podium ceremony that allowed the children to beam with joy, as did the many proud spectators who enjoyed the view from the balcony or from even closer to the action.
Many children were competing for the first time, and all of them said how enjoyable the experience was, with the event staff and coaching support team helping everyone out along the way.

The Winstrada proficiency award scheme provides the grades that each child performs in class and the routine they take to competition. With much less pressure than at other events, the youngsters were able to enjoy the experience of performing the best ten-jump routine they could for the judging panel.

The advanced section followed, with routines involving multiple somersaults from older gymnasts who train at a higher level. There is often an adult section too, as the event really does cater for everyone!
The synchronised section is always a spectacle, with two gymnasts performing a routine at the same time as each other. A treat to watch at all levels of competition, and the results were very close.

Pictured below are the medal winners from the Grade 8 section of the competition.
From top left to bottom right:

Alexia-Jane Armitage (13, Springfit), Jenni Roberts (13, Stanley Deason), Jessica Fry (14, Springfit), Izzy McCarthy (11, Pointers), Danielle Lloyd (High Vaultage), Elizabeth Mesher (High Vaultage), Clarity Kennedy (High Vaultage), Caitlin Ford (10, Springfit), Shannon Stack (9,Anti-Gravity), Ella Horent (10, Springfit), Bea Torre (8, Anti-Gravity), Olivia Wright (High Vaultage), Fearne Hole (High Vaultage), Kip Cheema (6, Springfit)

Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club held class displays for the parents of each of their twelve ability-based gymnastics classes last week. All members performed routines and demonstrated impressive gymnastics moves on various apparatus to show what they have learnt in the six months since the last displays.

One proud gymnast was chosen from each class to receive a gold medal for progress.  This award is handed out to the child who has shown most effort and enthusiasm in their weekly training sessions at the club and improved in the eyes of their coaches.  It is not always easy to single out one person who deserves the award, as the recreational members all enjoy the classes and get stronger and more flexible each week. Even improvements in co-ordination and balance are noticeable by the grateful parents who herald the classes as important parts of each of the children’s lives.  Those who struggle at first quickly warm up to the friendly environment, and demonstrations from the coaches are always a highlight!

The club is pleased to put on these displays as a way of helping children get used to performing for an audience, which can help prepare them for Springfit’s fun local competitions run throughout the year. It also provides parents with a great sense of pride at watching them enjoy their sport and understanding how the coaches get such good results. Lots of Mums and Dads have even gotten involved themselves, joining in one of Springfit’s nine adult classes!

Pictured here from top left to bottom right are all the March progress medal winners at Springfit club:

From St Bedes, Redhill Wednesday boys class – Jacob Mizon (8), from Oriel, Maidenbower: Friday beginners – Charlotte Brine (7), improvers – Mahek Gada (7), advanced – Lauren Spiers (11). From Oakwood, Horley: Thursday boys class – Aadam Khan-Turner (6), Friday beginners – Rebecca Hamson (6) [absent], improvers – Leon Andrews-Speed (8), advanced – Lucy Parker (11),Saturday beginners –  Emily Lane (8), improvers – Annie Charlesworth (11), advanced – Alayna-Marie Perretta (11), Sunday beginners – Ellie Porter (6).

On Sunday 25th March members of local gymnastics club SPRINGFIT joined several other clubs throughout the Surrey area to compete in an Acrobatic and Tumbling event in Warlingham.

This year was the largest turnout the host club has ever seen and plenty of friends and families waited excitedly for their child to perform. Judge Sefra Crilly said “It was a huge success with a lot of new competitors who came along to prove themselves. I was very impressed to see the improvement in strength, flexibility and confidence from all of the gymnasts, and was very entertained by the well choreographed acrobatics pair and trio routines.”

The competition consisted of two disciplines, first being tumbling including novice grades of forward rolls and cartwheels, to the advanced grades of front and back somersaults. This was followed by some very diverse and well performed acrobatic performances to finish off the competition. Acrobatics is a discipline which uses no apparatus but only the strength and trust of each other to balance, performed to music with entertaining dance moves linking elements.

Special mention should go to Springfit’s Lucy Pidgeon (11yrs) who took home three gold medals after competing in all three disciplines. Showcasing her exceptional telent in all areas of gymnastics, she had the biggest smile of all those attending. Congratulations go out to everyone who competed.

Pictured below is proud Lucy Pidgeon and the tumbling medal winners. From top left to bottom right:Zoe Burcombe (Pointers), Megan Davies (Pointers), Lucy Parker (Springfit), Lucy Pidgeon (Springfit), Abbie Clifton (Springfit), Lily Fairhall (Pointers), Ellie Grant (Pointers), Rebecca Froud (Pointers), Becky Barker (Pointers), Chloe Froud (Pointers), Gabriella Bailey (Springfit), Grace Thomas (High Vaultage), Millie Grice (High Vaultage), Eden Kilgour (High Vaultage), and Daniel Brigden (Springfit)


Lucy Pidgeon and her medal haul
Tumble competition winners