Springfit’s flagship venue at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley is in desperate need of scrubbing the decks.

The school and Sports Centre management have agreed to give the gymnasium a lick of paint if something can be done to seal the bare brickwork which is suffering with a case of damp in the corners.

So far the quotes they have had run into the thousands and the school and Sports Centre are both unwilling or unable to provide the money for this, so instead are choosing to leave the gymnasium in the state it is in, which we consider unacceptable.

As a room we use five days a week for classes for children from age 2 years up to adults, we are embarrassed by the state of the gymnasium, as I’m sure some parents are too, and all our staff at the club have offered our help to get the situation sorted.

The expense is the prohibitive factor, and we are convinced there must be something that can be done to help make the hall look more presentable. It is approximately 21 x 12 meters and 10 metres high.

We have been told advice such as that a coat of PVA will seal the walls sufficiently, plastering or plasterboarding may be an option, a special paint will do the trick, and the source of the damp is easy to fix, but as we are not qualified builders or decorators or plasterers, our suggestions will not be taken on board by the school who own the building and want to make sure at least a semi- proper job is done.

We would like to call upon our members to please get in touch if anyone knows of a builder or decorator that would be willing to provide a competitive quote to Oakwood school / Sports Centre for the sealing of the walls using any suitable method.

We can then get the walls painted and make our gymnasium a much more welcoming place to be.

Of course if anyone is available to lend a hand with the painting then any offer of labour is very welcomed too!


Ever wanted to come along to Springfit classes but can’t commit to regular attendance and monthly subscriptions?

We now offer a fantastic alternative option for those who want to join our sessions on an occasional basis.

If you are unable to reserve your place in one of our classes permanently, we are happy to cater for those who work shifts or would like to drop in to classes when they are able to by providing a voucher card worth nine hours worth of lessons. It costs £65.00 and means you are able to come along to any class that has availability.

To check availability please visit www.springfit.org/classes before every class as the information gets updated regularly.

To buy a card please complete the form at www.springfit.org/voucher-card.

You may want to contact us first so we can allocate you a member number if you do not already have one.

Then follow these two simple steps:

1. Visit www.springfit.org/PAYMENTS and make a payment for £65.00.
NB. Under the “Class Venue and Details” section please note the next session you expect to attend and we can have your card ready for you to collect.

2. Visit www.springfit.org/contact-details and supply the contact information.

Your voucher credit will then be recorded at Springfit HQ.

Simply present your card in class and the coach will notify the office who can keep track of the amount of sessions you have used, and you will receive regular updates about your attendance.

Terms & Conditions:
Not transferable. Valid for three months from date of purchase.
Please note this DOES NOT guarantee you a place in a class. If a class is full, priority has to go to existing enrolled members.
You are welcome to turn up to any class that shows spaces available at www.springfit.org/classes.
You are welcome to check how many hours you have left by emailing the club.

Voucher Card

Springfit have a bank of over 25 coaches all looking to do one thing – bring you fun and fitness through gymnastics and trampolining!

Many of our members have requested one-to-one sessions, and occasionally an opportunity arises where this is possible on a regular basis.

On Mondays at St Bede’s in Redhill we have just had availability come up for a dedicated trampoline session for one person or more to enjoy the full attention of our fully qualified and insured, not to mention fun and friendly coach Sharley.

The session runs from 8pm to 9pm and costs just £35.00 for the hour whether you have one person or several you would like to bring along to help split the cost. This includes two high performance trampolines to help you learn skills or provide fun exercises to get fit. Your choice!

These opportunities don’t come around often, and the slot is offered on a first come, first served basis so please get in touch if you are interested in booking it for a set period or ongoing indefinitely. Perfect for a family who would like to enjoy trampolining together!

It runs alongside our private booking gymnastics class dubbed “Dave’s class” which still offers the opportunity for people to experience specialised coaching in gymnastics. Only two or three people turn up each week and there is no set cost. Do get in touch if you are interested in either opportunity!

Monday night Premier Gymnastics class activities
Monday night Premier Gymnastics class activities

Springfit’s Monday evening trampoline classes have reached a new high as members are now able to experience greater performance from the apparatus provided.

With two Olympic-quality trampolines already in use and a new bed provided for a third trampoline at the venue this week, the sessions in the Sports Hall at St Bede’s are gaining in popularity.

So much so that a NEW 8:30pm session has been introduced for adults and older children!

Led by coach Laura with supervision from level 4 coach Adam, the 8:30pm class offers the opportunity for high performance moves to be taught as well as a gentle but effective exercise class for those who wish to come along for fun and fitness.

There are still spaces available now, so get in touch if you would like to come along and try it!


Springfit gymnastics and trampoline club have been running Freestyle gym classes at St Bede’s in Redhill every Monday night for the last few months and have experienced a fantastic uptake from children and adults of all walks of life from near and far.

The session is run by four parkour enthusiasts who have attended classes at the club for a number of years and are keen to show the world how their exciting discipline is as good for you as the usual structured gymnastics activities. The boys set up stations around the gym for children to challenge themselves and fly through the air in the most fun session the club has run yet.

Since word has spread about the classes, the club  has experienced an enormous uptake from children young and old. So much so that it has been neccessary to add a later session from 8pm to 9:30pm for older children and adults.

The 8pm class is already building steadily, with dancers who come along to improve flexibility and fearless teenagers who want to let off steam on the equipment.

The club is proud to be adding the sessions to their schedule of over 50 classes in the local area and will soon be rolling out Freestyle gymnastics in other areas such as Horley and East Grinstead.

Keep in touch with us to join our ‘list of interest’ so you can be informed as soon as the new classes start up near you!

Freestyle in action


Springfit’s home at Oakwood Sports Centre in Horley is set to experience a boost as Wednesday night classes are planned to start running before the end of the year.

With waiting lists for our popular activities growing and children staying in classes for longer than many other sports clubs, the management are keen to move with the times and provide classes to meet the demand for Springfit sessions.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that we will be running classes on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS before the end of the year.

We anticipate announcing classes in one or more of the following areas:

  • Youth gymnastics (for 14 – 19 year olds of all abilities)
  • Kindertramp (for pre-school ages)
  • Beginners gymnastics (for ages 4+)
  • Premier trampoline classes (with restricted numbers for more attention)
  • Freestyle gymnastics (parkour)

Let us know what you would like to see at the club and we will add it to our list of interest so we can truly provide what our valued members want!


Trampoline class members having fun at Springfit
Trampoline class members having fun at Springfit

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Annabel Farley BSc Hons as part of the management team at Springfit.

Annabel brings a level of enthusiasm and commitment which will prove to be most beneficial for everyone involved with the club as she settles into her role encompassing coach and parent co-ordinator as well as facilitator of club projects and class development.

Annabel has a degree in Sports Science and is eager to apply her skills to the many ideas and opportunities the club has in its development plan. No doubt our members will notice improvements in all aspects of classes and communication with the office as the future vision of the club begins to take giant leaps forward.

Annabel says “I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about people progressing in classes. Competitions will be especially exciting to be part of, and my first one this November will give me plenty of ideas to work with for beneficial things to do over the next year.”

Look out for her influence in everything from eye-catching displays appearing in every venue to informative posters and emails for parents.

The future is bright at Springfit.


Sweltering temperatures brought an extra challenge to the annual Springfit Beam and Trampette gymnastics competition in July.

Over fifty gymnasts turned out to pit themselves against each other in a friendly competition consisting of two very different disciplines.

Members of local club Pointers showed their skill and determination on the extremely difficult beam apparatus, performing jumps, turns and various other moves as they linked together a routine which wowed the crowd.

Following the medal presentation for this, members of several local clubs were split into categories based on difficulty to perform four different jumps on the trampette and tried their hardest to stick the landing completely still to earn the highest points from the judges.

Each jump was judged on various factors such as flight time, contact accuracy and take-off quality. The top three highest scoring individuals were awarded medals in each category and every single person walked away with a certificate of achievement.

Thirteen out of eighteen medals went to Springfit gymnasts, with little seven year-old Isabella Gair earning special mention for her achievement of a gold medal in her very first competition.

There were some fantastic moves on show from basic shaped jumps right the way up to twisting somersaults and everyone clearly tried their hardest.

The afternoon was broken up into different heats at the last minute due to the unbearable heat in the gymnasium, but it didn’t stop those in attendance having a great time whether they were in the audience or taking part!

For a full list of results, please CLICK HERE.

Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!
Trampette dive rolls are a favourite!

Springfit are pleased to announce that we have extended the hours we are running in the Sports Hall at St Bede’s, Redhill, to be able to accommodate a second Freestyle gymnastics class for older members, and a SIXTH adult trampoline class at the club!

Mondays now hosts:

Freestyle Gymnastics classes for ages 4 and up from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Freestyle Gymnastics classes for ages 14 and up from 8:00pm to 9:30pm.

Adult trampoline classes from 8:30pm to 9:30pm in the Sports Hall.


Please get in touch if you would like to come and try it.

More Freestyle classes

Springfit held one of our popular tri-annual trampoline competitions in Oxted last weekend. Schools, sports centres and members of recreational classes from other trampoline clubs were invited along to take part in the event.

The competition proved even more popular than usual, as the format had changed to allow for more inclusiveness and better progression for advanced competitors. This was evidently a good decision as spectators enjoyed the efforts of children as young as three years old take part in the event. For those youngsters who just love the limelight, competitions such as these are a worthwhile addition to their enjoyment of trampolining, and especially if they walk away with a medal!

Parents commented on how relaxed the atmosphere was and how supportive the event is for children’s confidence and maturity. Being a local event is an obvious benefit, as parents don’t have to trek half way round the country for their chance to proudly watch their children perform.

The competition was split into ability-based levels, and then further into age categories. The most basic move performed is a front landing and the higher grades involve spectacular multiple somersaults. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for the highest scores at each level, and everyone takes home a certificate of achievement just for taking part.

Pictured below are the medal winners with age and club they represent. From top left to bottom right:

Jonathan Brown (10, Springfit), Bethany Hobbs (8, Springfit), Megan Forrester (9, Pointers.), Morgan Fisher (8, Pointers), Eloise North (7, Anti-Gravity), Shannon Stack (10, Anti-Gravity), Ellie Johnson (12, Pointers), Ella Horent (10, Springfit), Bea Torre (9, Anti-Gravity), Piya Shah (11, Anti-Gravity), Emily Reeves (11, Anti-Gravity), Gemma Denman (12, Anti-Gravity), Amber Jackson (10, Anti-Gravity), Kayla Briggs (14, Twizzlers) and Tianee Camille (13, Twizzlers).

Tramp comp 15.6.13