Springfit recently held gymnastics class displays for parents of all members of their 7 different classes. Parents were treated to a show of moves that gymnasts had been learning recently, and a medal was awarded to the child whom coaches considered to have made the most progress since the last displays.

The parents sit-in sessions are arranged twice a year to showcase gymnasts’ progress and perform routines for spectators’ entertainment. They are a great way of helping the gymnasts get used to performing for a crowd, and provide parents with a great sense of pride at watching them perform.
Various apparatus is used to provide a variety of individual skills to show-off, as well as group routines created by the coaches, which everyone loves to watch and perform.
Each and every child was recognised for their excellent progress made in the last 6 months, and coaches’ rewarded one member of each class with a gold progress medal to the child they considered to have excelled themselves the most. Effort and enthusiasm was taken into account, and there was plenty of show on the day, as each child performed their best moves.

Pictured here from left to right are all the March progress medal winners at the club:
From Thursday 6:30pm boys class: Ben Langmead (9), Friday 5pm beginners: Charlotte Cain (10), Friday 6pm improvers: Sacha Copsey (8), Friday 7pm advanced: Abbie Clifton (11), Saturday 11am beginners: Katie Vaughan (5), Saturday 12pm improvers: Jess Derham (10), Saturday 1pm advanced: Lily Porter (11).

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Last Saturday 27th February saw children from clubs throughout the Surrey area come together to compete for medals at a trampoline competition held by the Saturn V Association.

Spectators on the balcony at Moor House school in Oxted showed their appreciation for the athletes as each child took their turn on the stage to perform routines to the best of their ability. Some of the eventual winners were taking part for the first time, and enjoyed a fantastic atmosphere as parents and family members cheered on the competitors.

There were seven separate categories encompassing all abilities, and culminated in a crowd-pleasing synchronised pairs routine. The gold medals in this category were taken home by members of Springfit Club
from Horley, adding to their three other Gold medals tally of the afternoon.

Members of Coulsdon-based Anti-Gravity trampoline club took home four medals as well as placing second and third in the synchronised round, and Pointers club in Caterham took away all the medals in the advanced
level group. The impressive somersaulting and tight form of the higher level athletes included a stunning performance by Abigail Barker (13yrs) who won top spot with an unprecedented score of 19.10
out of 20.

The judges were suitably impressed with the high standards on show, and offered their appreciation afterwards, thanking everyone involved, and conveying congratulations to all.

Pictured here are the medal winners and other competitors from the day, from top left to bottom right:

Whitney Todd (Pointers), Amy Hodgetts (Anti- Gravity), Amber Jackson (Anti- Gravity), Jemma Denman (Anti- Gravity), Sharley Scott-Brown (Springfit), Yasmin Anderson (Springfit), Grace Roberts (Pointers),
Chloe Collins (Pointers), Jonathon Brown (Springfit), David Bryant (Anti-Gravity), Abigail Moore (Anti- Gravity), Emma Knight (Springfit), Abigail Ferguson (Springfit), Jasmin Limb (Springfit), Lauren Acutt (Pointers), Abigail Barker (Pointers), Lauren Monk (Springfit).

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We are delighted to announce that the Tesco for Schools & Clubs voucher collecting scheme is back for 2010 with vouchers available in store and with online grocery orders from Monday 1st of March!

In 2009 we managed to collect a whopping 6064 vouchers.  This year we are hoping to reach the 7,000 mark, in order to buy even more new gymnastics equipment for use in your classes.

Please help us expand the resources available to members by collecting as many vouchers as you can, and depositing them in the box by the door at the club.

The scheme runs for only 15 short weeks, so put on your sweetest smile to the cashiers, kids…  They love it!

We have also sent the below photo in to try and win 500 free vouchers, in Tesco’s banner competition. Thanks to all those who joined in the shoot!

For further information on our equipment requirements and fundraising goals for the year, please see http://www.springfit.org/fundraising

Any fundraising proposals are always gratefully received!

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11 year old Francesca Bagley from Redhill has been awarded the coveted “Fay Greene Award for Progress in Gymnastics” trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout 2009.
The trophy is the top honour at Springfit Gymnastics and Trampolining club, and is awarded annually to the gymnast who, in the opinion of the coaches, has made the most progress in the previous 12 months.

Chosen from over 200 club members through all classes, Francesca was selected as the person who has shown great enthusiasm for the sport, and has improved in every aspect over the last year. Though training only 3 hours a week, Francesca has been able to achieve new moves as well as noticeably increase her strength and flexibility, which means she can go further than ever in all disciplines that she takes part in at the club. From performing acro pairs with her sister, to flying over the vault and tumbling advanced grades on the floor, she relishes every aspect of gym that Springfit club provides, and enjoys sharing her love of the sport with her classmates.

Here Francesca is pictured celebrating receiving the trophy during her Friday 7pm gym class.

Francesca Bagley - Fay Greene trophy winner for 2009
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Nine year old Zara Flint from Salfords has been awarded Springfit Gym Club’s Elite Trophy for her outstanding achievements throughout the last year.

The trophy rewards effort in improving flexibility, strength, attitude and performance in gymnastics.
Zara has competed in regular competitions for the club, and shown a fantastic commitment to training. Her enjoyment of gymnastics is evident with the enthusiasm she puts into every class, and her attendance record is spotless. She is now an integral part of the Elite class, which provides further hours of training to members through invitation by the Head Coach of advanced classes.

It caps a fantastic year for Zara, who won a gold medal in her age category at the November inter-club floor and vault competition, following on from a second place medal in the grade 4 tumbling category earlier in the year.

She has declared her intention to continue showing the dedication to the sport that has seen her achieve such a great deal in a short space of time, and coaches at Springfit are always excited to see her compete.

Zara is pictured here receiving the trophy in front of her peers during the Thursday Elite class.

Zara Flint - Elite trophy winner for 2009
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Two sister clubs of the Saturn V Trampoline and Gymnastics Association; Pointers of Caterham and Springfit from Horley, brought their fundraising teams together for a sponsored 24 HOUR “bounceathon” recently. Fundraising can have its challenges, but this event is by far the most challenging feat the clubs have ever attempted! From 6pm to 6pm over 29th/30th December, the fundraising teams of each club came together at the local Saturn V Rebound Hall venue in Caterham, with the intention of keeping two trampolines continuously bouncing for 24 hours!

Over 100 club members came to help out throughout the event, taking on individual challenges too, and helping raise funds for new and exciting equipment, from pre-school gym soft play through to new floor
mats and throw in mats, asymmetric and high bars for girls and boys to use in their classes.

Some changed costumes every hour, dressed up or did face painting to keep the entertainment level sky high all throughout the endurance extravaganza. Others set club records for moves and skills, and one coach achieved 4,000 consecutive back bounces, over a 70 minute period at 4am!
The enthusiastic coaches formed a core team of motivated bouncers helping the early hours disappear, along with a healthy supply of midnight snacks! There was a lot of positive feedback from beaming club members and families, who came to show their support and help the teams out. The event ended with a roared countdown to a huge celebration by all those who had helped out. No doubt it then followed by a long sleep for those who had been awake for around 36 hours.

Altogether both clubs managed to raise over £1000, and appreciate all the help from the local community. Pictured here is a collection of coaches and members enjoying the fancy dress festivities.

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Impressive gymnastic floor routines and vaults were performed last Sunday 8th November at Oakwood Sports Centre, Horley; home of Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club. They competed against their sister club Pointers, in the last event of 2009, putting on a fun and very much improved show.

Friends and family were excited to see the polished progress that was made by each gymnast. Judge Sefra Crilly said “I was so excited by the high standards the gymnasts had shown, and how disciplined they were with their skills. I hope they all continue to strive and I hope to see them next time.”

Medals were awarded in three categories, under 9’s, 10 years plus, and a new category for those who train in the Elite classes.

Zara Flint impressed in the Under 9’s category, coming out on top with a score of 16.0. Lily Fairhall performed a very impressive vault to secure Gold in the over 10’s category, and in the highly competitive Elite section, Chelsie Kilgannon was pipped to the top spot by Amber Clifton, after she led with a near-perfect handspring vault.

Pictured below are some of the competitors and medal winners, from top left across to bottom right:
Megan Davies (10), Zara Flint (9), Daisy Roadnight (10), Dominic Montgomery (10), Lily Fairhall (10), Chelsie Kilgannon (9), Lily Porter (11), Hannah Bagley (9), Maxine Coldrey (9), Kaite Pidgeon (12), Amber Clifton (14), Jessica Lawes (9), and Alisha Doherty (9).

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On Saturday 7th November, children from throughout the Surrey area came together to take part in an inter-club competition held by the Saturn V Association.

The spectators balcony at Moor House school in Oxted was buzzing with excitement as many competitors enjoyed their first competition experience. With seven separate categories encompassing all abilities, there was plenty for the medal winners to smile about.
Springfit Club from Horley took all the placings at Grade 8 over 9’s category, and members of Coulsdon-based Anti-Gravity trampoline club took home two gold and two silver medals. Felicity Gibbs (18yrs) of Pointers club shone through at advanced level to win top spot, and there were also outstanding routines performed by Jemma Denman (8yrs) and Lauren Pettifar (14yrs).
Judge Adam Reynolds was very pleased with the quality of the competitors, and commented afterwards: “I can’t believe how well all the first-timers did. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in future!”

Pictured here are the medal winners and other competitors from the day, from top left to bottom right:
Katie Reddington (anti-gravity), David Bryant (Greenvale), Sophie Hunt (Springfit), Jemma Denman (anti-gravity), Jasmin Limb (Springfit), Emily Reeves (anti-gravity), ***** *******-****** (Springfit), Ellie Clements (anti-gravity), Felicity Gibbs (Pointers), Hannah Reilly (Springfit), Emily Quixley (Springfit), Nicole Miles (Greenvale), Kelsey Gyimah-Williams (Greenvale).

Members of Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club were invited to compete at the largest recreational gymnastics and trampoline competition in the UK last week.

Over a dozen clubs from the South East came together for the annual Flair invitational competition held at the Walton Xcel Leisure Centre, Surrey, and the local club walked away with many of the top honors. The Disney themed occasion was well received and provided spectators with entertaining routines, as well as the proud parents witnessing superb routines from their children, on trampolines and the gymnastics floor. The judges were impressed with the overall standard, and some impressive vaulting wowed the crowds.

In all, Springfit club took home 25 medals, including 8 golds!

The impressive Katie Pidgeon (12) took first place in both the highest levels of trampolining as well as gymnastics. There were also podium top-spots for young Lucy Fish (7), Abbie Clifton (11), Aylish Moore (8), Alex Alpe (15), Kayleigh Donovan (18) and a birthday gold for Holly Bird, who turned 15 just the day before.

Of the numerous second-place finishes, a special mention should go to the wonderful efforts of Chelsie Kilgannon (9), who did superbly in performing a flawless gymnastics routine and excellent vaults. Plus Lauren Monk (8) who shone on the trampoline in her age category.

The club is especially proud of Lucy Fish for earning the highest scoring floor routine and vault in her age category, taking Gold from 11 other eight year olds in her group, as well as Maxine Coldrey who also earned the highest floor score in her group of 16, only missing out to Kaitlyn for our sister club; Pointers.

Photos and some video of the event is available here:
with the access code “flair2009”

Well done to everyone who took part.

Pictured below are some of the trampoline competitors from the day; Lucy Pidgeon, Aylish Moore, Katie Pidgeon and Abigail Ferguson with coach Kayleigh Donovan.

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Local gymnastics and trampoline clubs Springfit and Pointers joined together to host their first club display on Sunday. The event was 80’s themed, with over 150 children turning out in vibrant neon colours and funky hairdos, to show off skills they have been learning at their weekly classes.

Every class at each club had a part to play, as well as a group routine to perform to a classic eighties song. Each of the many proud family members in attendance were treated to a variety of performances, from floor and vault skills to acrobatic and beam routines.
In the first half the younger beginners classes showed particular aptitude in performing for the crowd, displaying great joy and pride in their dances and moves. After the interval, the advanced levels were on show, with their big moves receiving gasps and ovations from the spectators in attendance.
Pictured here is Dominic Montgomery performing a front somersault over the vault and over coach Chris’ legs.

There was so much happening in the large sports hall, that the gym floor had to be split into two for all the events to fit in, and trampolinists provided somersaulting routines to entertain the crowd during breaks. Everyone was kept entertained and enthralled for the whole show, and had much to say afterwards.

Coaches even joined in the fun, with daring displays and more outrageous costumes. Club manager and announcer for the day Adam Reynolds, said: “There were smiles everywhere, it was just infections. I really got into some of the routines, and I’ve only seen them from behind the trampolines! I think everyone involved did a great job and I’m very proud of all the coaches at the club.”

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