Springfit specialise in getting youngsters involved in the joy of sport and physical activity.

Our ‘Kindergym’ classes cater for toddlers around age 1-3yrs (from walking age), and provide a fun learning environment to give children the best start to life.

Increasing confidence, spatial awareness, mobility, interaction and social skills are just some of the many benefits to getting involved in sport from an early age.  Studies have found that children exposed to such interactive environments during the early stages of life fare better as they grow up, in many aspects of their individual physiological and sociological development.

Using a combination of fun floor activities and ‘assault course’ style circuits, our coaches provide varied and dynamic exercises to help and encourage members to overcome obstacles, copy shapes and follow instructions.  Structured tasks and challenges keep children engaged and learning, while building a foundation for gymnastic ability.

Parents are encouraged to join in the class, to gain an understanding of what movements are suitable and will benefit their children, as well as getting involved in the fun of gymnastics themselves.

We run Kindergym sessions at various venues near you. Please contact the club management on 0203 4780203 to find out which class would be most suitable for your child.