Springfit Gymnastics classes are suitable for children aged 4½+ from complete beginners level to advanced.

For class days and times please see our CLASS SCHEDULE page.

Please note that we are able to cater for any ability and age. The class levels are a guide only.

Gymnastics is a great way to keep fit, and learn about how the body can move. It can teach you skills so beneficial to every day activities that can even SAVE YOUR LIFE! From the relaxed style of our “open” Freestyle (parkour) classes to the discipline of vault and beam, there are so many varieties of gymnastics that everyone can take something from the sport.

At Springfit, we use elements from rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, acrobatics, tumbling and the Olympic disciplines to create a varied class experience.

Getting to know your body, pushing its limits and challenging yourself is encouraged through all levels of classes, and regularly evaluated.

Most importantly, we think gymnastics should be fun. There is so much enjoyment to be gained from jumping over things, springing up, rolling around, twisting away and generally tumbling about in a safe environment, that we pack as much fun into classes as we can.

Our coaches will work with individuals to attain nationally recognized awards and build their skills base to as high level as possible, but only if it can be done while having fun!

We run regular gymnastics competitions against other clubs and organisations in the local area for those who are keen to compete without having to travel all over the country. See our Club Calendar page for details on our next event.

We are keen to promote gymnastics to boys, and have several dedicated boys classes to help them develop skills specific to their needs.


Beginners Classes

Introducing children from age 4½ to gymnastics. Using basic skills to build balance, co-ordination and agility.

Intermediate/Improvers classes:

Building on members’ existing gymnastics experience. Developing moves such as handstands, cartwheels, round-off, squat-through on vault and introducing higher level acrobatics skills.

Building strength and flexibility through appropriate drills to enable bodies to be able to withstand the demands of more advanced moves.

Advanced classes

Developing gymnasts towards advanced skills and expanding overall capabilities and attitudes to training. Progressing onto moves such as flics, walkovers, handsprings and somersaults.