Calling all Adults!!

Bored by boxing? Zapped by Zumba? Jarred from Jogging?
Try something new that you will not want to give up….
Gymnastics and Trampolining!

If you lift weights at the gym, you can add flexibility to your muscles with our dynamic and fun training sessions. Experience the joy of weightlessness and learn how to control your body in the air.
Even if you have never tried gymnastics or trampolining before it is never too late to start!
Trampolining and Gymnastics at Springfit could be the sport you’ve be trying to find.

Here’s what to expect:


Our adult classes are split into groups to suit all abilities, and are designed to offer every person no matter how experienced a chance to build on core aspects of physical development in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our experienced coaching team will guide you through moves you never thought you could do. We try and tailor classes to meet your needs and bring out the smiles by helping you have fun and achieve progression.
Classes start with a pulse raiser and a stretch preparing you for the main bulk of the session which could be anything from:
Floor – working through basic and advanced progressions from forward rolls to backflips.
Beam – allowing you to improve your balance by walking or even cartwheeling along the beam.
Trampette – testing your sprinting and jumping skills getting you to manipulate your body to form straight jumps to somersaults.
Vault – again testing your sprinting and jumping skills forming different shapes up to handsprings over the top of the vault
The classes then finish by testing your mettle in some fairly gruelling conditioning exercises, and a slow paced cool down.

•    Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health)
•    Increases energy and sense of vitality
•    Firms and tones the muscles
•    Improves concentration and mental focus


Trampolining is an individual sport with one to one coaching.

Running in much the same as our other classes you will work your way through a range of skills with an experienced coach working with you one to one, with time to practice and play around with the moves on other trampolines alongside your peers.
Depending on what you would like to get out of your classes you could come along and perfect all your basic skills which incidentally would make the more advanced skills easier to learn, or you can just come for the enjoyment of being in the air and improving your fitness at the same time.

•    Reduces cellulite,
•    the only other sport aside from swimming that uses all the muscles in your body
•    mentally and physically challenges you to learn new skills
•    helps with coordination

Both activities help keep you fit, and you will find new ways of moving the body you may never have experienced before.
Take a look at our benefits of trampolining and ‘benefits of gymnastics’ pages to see all the advantages.
For our full list of classes see our CLASS SCHEDULE page.

Classes available on Mondays and Wednesdays at St Bede’s, Redhill, Thursdays and Fridays at Oakwood, Horley and Friday evenings at Hazelwick, Crawley. Free trial classes available. COME AND JOIN US!