British Gymnastics Level 1 Coach

NRG Developmental Gymnastics (plus) Coach

Rebound Therapy Qualified

First Aid Trained

Enhanced DBS


I love gymnastics as it is a unique display of physical and mental strength formed by developing your own limits and abilities. I have found in my own training a love for the challenge of defeating my own mental and physical barriers.

The most rewarding thing about coaching is seeing the people I teach progress and achieve what they previously thought was impossible for them. I’ve seen people struggle on a specific move over a period of time, people who go from thinking it’s certain they won’t be able to do the move. All the way to getting to the point where they can do the move on their own.  The sense of achievement that they get is amazing to me as a coach.

I enjoy teaching all age groups and seeing the progression in an individuals abilities. In particular I enjoy seeing our Adult Classes achieve their goals.