Level 1 UKCC Trampoline coach ( Working towards completing her Level 2)

Trampoline Judge.

Safeguarding and Protecting children.

First aid at workMegan Snow with AED. 

I came to Springfit nearly a year ago now so I could have experience coaching in a different environment where I would be challenged more! And I’ve just found it so rewarding because I love seeing the faces on  the children and adults as they progress during the classes, but also I just love coming into a place of work where everyone’s always so happy and full of energy because it just completes my day knowing everyone’s so happy that they often turn around say they “can’t wait for the next class” which is what I love about Springfit because it’s all so welcoming and enjoyable no matter of the age or if you’re a coach or participant in the classes.

I’m currently a level 1 coach but soon to be level 2 🙂 I currently still compete trampoline and DMT for Gatwick Flyers  at both regional and national competitions and have only done DMT since summer 2015 and am already getting prepared for the national league.