British Gymnastics Level 2 Trampoline Coach

First Aid Trained

Enhanced DBS & Safeguarding Trained


Trampolining is my life outside the home…. I love being a mum and wife but you need something that’s ‘yours’ and trampolining is that for me. It takes me out the ‘day-to-day’ happenings and allows me to use different skills. It’s great about challenge: mental & physical.  You can also progress at your own pace.  It’s a great social yet individual sport where every time you jump you have to face a challenge. Where else can you feel like you’re flying?

I love watching people’s confidence increase. Watching someone master a skill is priceless, especially after hours of trying.  When a skill gets performed well is magical.  I work with all ages and enjoy each for different reasons: toddlers are full of excitement,  are so resilient & ever so eager to please, with children/teenagers: it’s all about figuring out what ‘makes them tick’, harnessing that and allowing/showing them how to have fun while learning new skills and with adults classes are more relaxed and they often try help each other along the way.