British Gymnastics Level 3 Coach

First Aid Trained

Enhanced DBS & Safeguarding Trained


I think I must have gymnastics in my blood! I trained as a gymnast from the age of three until I left the Sport behind at the age of sixteen. Back then, I loved the camaraderie, the mental and physical challenges. In the gym more than anywhere else, I could be myself.
After a career in the city and one daughter later, it seemed a natural choice to put my own child into a gym club, and I was hooked again! This time, from a parent’s standpoint, I saw the pleasure and benefits the children were gaining, as well as the rewards and challenges faced by the coaches, and I wanted a piece of the action! From simply lending a helping hand at my local sports centre to becoming a Head Coach, I have loved every moment.

There is something very addictive about seeing a child master a new skill, and knowing you helped them achieve it. Gymnastics is a slow and steady climb for most. If the children leave the gym exhausted, but with a smile on their face, I feel it’s a job well done.

The range of personalities and abilities you see from class to class is vast. There is no single age group I prefer to teach, although I enjoy those rare moments when self-conscious teenagers are so excited about what they have achieved, that the usual cool façade drops away and they are all smiles!!

I was drawn towards the ethos of personal achievement through fun and enjoyment that Springfit promotes. You don’t have to be an amazing gymnast to enjoy gymnastics. This sport has something to offer everyone, and at Springfit, I genuinely feel there is a place for anyone who wants to give it a try.