British Gymnastics Level 1 Coach

Enhanced DBS & Safeguarding Trained

My love for gymnastics spurs from my natural love for movement. Curiosity drives me to find out what the body is capable of and how far we can push our limits. I believe gymnastics gives individuals confidence and a greater sense of well being.

Seeing gymnasts progress physically as well as overcoming mental barriers makes what we do very rewarding and fuels me to continue. I enjoy teaching all ages and abilities, but the younger boys in particular are a fantastic challenge, and therefore the most rewarding.

I found Springfit about 3 years ago through a Parkour club that started at my school. I had previously done Parkour but had nowhere that provided a safe indoor training scene until Springfit came along. The classes had me hooked from the word go and I eventually progressed to become a coach and becoming qualified.

Springfit has given me the opportunity to get more involved in the sport, and allows me to enjoy participating in the movement I love, as well as being able to see it from different perspectives. Springfit has also provided a positive place for me to socialize and make friends as well widen my knowledge within gymnastics massively.