Sunday 10th July saw the Beam and Trampette phase of our annual gymnastics competition program and it was a fantastic day! It was great to see some many parents, grandparents and siblings coming along to support the boys and girls. There was a fantastic atmosphere which embodied what Springfit is all about – we are so glad to have you all as part of our club.

The first half of the competition was for the Beam and we had competitors in both the Intermediate and Advanced Level using both the medium and high beam. There was some nerves but with their coaches Georgie or Plamen close by to offer moral support these were quickly overcome and everyone put in good solid performances.

Ella Kola mid routine watched by Coach Plamen and the judges.

The first Gold Medalist of the day went to Hattie Williams (Jubilee) who after a nervy start nailed the rest of her performance to edge out Ella Kola (Oakwood) who took silver in the Intermediate 10-13 years category. In the 9 year old category Oakwood’s Eloise Murphy took Gold with a great routine ahead of Neve Thornton (Jubilee).

Next up was the 8-10 year olds and only 0.1 of a point separated Kate Timbrell (St Bede’s) and Daisy Maclay (Jubilee) for Gold and Silver respectively.

The final category in the Intermediate Level was 4 girls attempting routines on the high beam and they all put in a magnificent routines and completed some tricky moves. Congratulations to Jazmine Hogan who trains in one of our Advanced Gymnastics classes at Oakwood who took Gold and Meritia who trains in our Youth Gymnastics class took a well deserved Silver.

Finally was the Advanced Section – Elite Gymnastics Katie Vaughan took Gold with an amazing performance full of character and topped off with a front flip dismount on the High Beam followed by Sophia English(Oakwood)  and Olivia Gleason-James (Jubilee) in Silver and Bronze respectively on the medium beam after both completing difficult routines. Picture below are all of our Beam Medalists.

Beam Medalists
Beam Medalists

After a short break and a chance to refuel for those gymnasts taking part in both parts of the competition we moved onto the Trampette section of the competition. It was amazing to see all the gymnasts flying through the air completing various different jumps and moves off the trampette. We had three age groups in the Grade 1 category – in the 9-14 year olds Olivia Gleason-James added a Gold Medal to her earlier bronze by executing her 4 jumps near perfectly. Sienna Excell (Jubilee) got Silver to add to her Bronze from the beam competition. In the 8 year old age group it was another Jubilee gymnast who took Gold – Millie Bassett followed by Oakwood’s Jasmine Keane and Caitlin Taylor in Silver and Bronze respectively. In the Final Grade 1 group (6/7 year olds) Daisy Maclay took Gold closely followed by Oakwood’s William Parsons and Phoenix Hogan respectively.

Very Happy Trampette Medalists!

As we moved up the Grades the jumps and moves got more difficult and it was thrilling to watch the gymnasts show off their skills. For the 10-12 year olds in Grade 2, it was a clean sweep for Oakwood gymnasts with Maya Rogers in Gold, Emma Burridge in Silver and Amy Lee in Bronze. Next up where the 7-9 year olds and we had a tie for the Bronze medal between Jubilee’s Georgie Davis and Elena Chater. Eloise Murphy added to her medal haul with Silver and Joshua Hebert was our first male Gold medalist of the day.

Grade 3 saw another boy take Gold as Oscar Staples (Oriel) completed the following moves – Half Turn Jump, Full Turn Jump, Dive Forward Roll and Front Tucked Somersault with ease. Jazmine Hogan took silver and Lauren Scrivener took Bronze. In Grade 4 and 5 we only had one competitor in each section Katie Vaughan and Ruby Charlesworth respectively – who both dazzled everyone with their Barani’s and Somersaults amongst other moves to close the competition.

Well Done to everyone that took part and it was great to see such a great friendly competition. Full Results are avalaible here: RESULTS!